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I like Ven better.

VenKhruler 00:39, June 27, 2010 (UTC)

I like Sora enough to put him up there with Spider-Man on my list of Heroes, but since people like Roxas and Ven are all essentually Sora, that means that I like them all! Sora's the best hero there ever was and is everything I would want to be, Roxas has the Duel-Wield action and he has been through a lot so I kind of see myself in him, Xion is the tragic memory who wishes for a meaning much like me, Data Sora, well, who wouldn't want a digital counter part of themself, Sora's Heartless/Data Sora's Hearless is pretty much the enemey we have all been expecting but never seen in a big role yet, Vanitas may be a bad guy, but you gotta admitt, he's pretty B.A., and Ventus, I'd say welcome to the family, because he already looks awsome. So that's about it. AROS 20:04, June 26, 2010 (UTC)

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Pea14733 Freeze! — 10:17, June 27, 2010 (UTC)
BlizzardRCOBlue.png Equal. But hate Sora

HOW DARE YOU!!!??? Sora is the Hero of Kingdom Hearts! Who else are you going to play as, besides Riku, or Xion, or Terra, or, uh, Aqua, or ... Roxas, ... or ... Ventus, ... or ...... OK, so Sora isn't the only option, but still. I guess it's not my place to tell you who you can or can't like, but come on! Hateing Sora, the MAIN protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series, is like being a member of the Mickey Mouse Club and hateing Mickey himself! If you prefer someone over Sora, I understand, but don't hate a character for being absent in three games and only appearing as an unlockable that doesn't make any sense. I'm sorry, but I'm a HUGE Sora fan, so you should expect me to be this defensive. AROS 11:27, June 29, 2010 (UTC)

Zipaxz says Roxas.


Luna XIV High school never ends! Or so I thought... — 3:32pm EST Australia
I have to agree with AROS,I mean, Sora is the main hero of the KH series but with the inclusion of Ventus and Roxas and several other cool characters (especially Xion) that are somehow a part of him is not really hard to miss, of course I'm a Sora fan too, but you shouldn't hate Sora just because he's either away from three games or the other characters are way cooler than them. But, I understand that you would prefer another character but you are entitled to your views.

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Pea14733 Force! — 13:08, June 30, 2010 (UTC)
Magnet KHREC.png Well, I'm sorry. I just think he's too easy-going while everyone else is serious. :(

JT2DO says The fact that Roxas defies the definition of a Nobody by actually having emotions makes him better than Ventus. Not to mention that when he is at his full power he gets my vote for the strongest indivisual Keyblade wielder protagonist. His limit break and those crazy light blasts during his boss battle are so much cooler than Sora's ability to call the Keyblade back to his hand.

Ventus wins this hands down. Roxas is merely a mopey doppleganger of Ven. Generally, Ven is a happy kid, except when the moment calls for it, which is completely understandable. Roxas is too depressing and whiny a character for me to possibly prefer over Ven. Don't get me wrong, I love Roxas, but I believe Ven is the one that has more overall strength and shows much more character growth when compared to Roxas. Anyway, that's my two cents. Ven's my absolute favorite in KH, so I am probably a bit biast because of that. --oddishh 03:06, July 1, 2010 (UTC)

Well thanx for not calling me a "Sora-Nazi" everyone, I can just be very passionate for something I believe in. But I think Ventus is awsome, too (and Vanitas for the reason stated in the first comment). Infact, I've kinda been noticing how on par and natural a reverse grip is compaired to a normal "Sora-stance" (I play with a toy-sword from time to time, arieal combos are hard XD). I've sceen videos on youtube, and personally, I think that Ven's story is what I will look forward to the MOST in Birth by Sleep (that and if they ever give Fresh Breeze it's secret movie design ever again as a new keyblade, I'm hoping that they do). So, Sora is still my #1, but Ventus is also half of what makes Sora awsome, the rest Sora already had, but without Ven, Sora might have never have gotten the Keyblade, and then where would we all be? AROS 23:10, July 2, 2010 (UTC)