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TheKeyofDestiney Moon, shine down! — 22:25, October 27, 2010 (UTC)
VenCharm.png has anyone beat vanits sen ? he is super poweer full and he is very resistint. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I beat him easy with Ven. First, take a hit then immediatly cast Tornado. Do this twice, then lay some mines. Heal of course. --Evnyofdeath 22:27, October 27, 2010 (UTC)

hmm ok but what about healing moves like faith and salvation? User:Thekeyofdestiney/Sig

KrytenKoro - And when you see me standing there, you'll know you've got a friend with a rock, I mean a big-ass rock.
With Ven, go for the first hit immediately, swing twice, and then use tornado. You can either run away after that ends, and wait until he does a Blind Maw attack and is running towards you, or press your luck and mash triangle to immediately put him in another Tornado. As soon as you land the second tornado, bring it towards you and mash X so that you can Keyblade him as soon as the Tornado ends. Easy in.

And no, no healing moves. Potions only.

Uh, shouldn't this be in the Twilight Town Library? This discussion seems to be more about the Kingdom Hearts universe than the wiki. SeanWheeler 01:08, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

Falcos - Ah, yes. Ventus.
TALK - Tell me something, has he learned to put up a decent fight yet?
My strategy was use Mines (If Aqua, Seekers, if not, Squares) and dodge everything while trying to get him to run over them. Also, when he does his Dark Splicer attack, where he teleports about? Block with Renewal Guard/Barrier, and then counter. Run, rinse, repeat until dead. Also, a move like Faith or Salvation won't trigger him healing himself, but they're still a really bad idea, as they make you stand still.