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Talk_Bubble_Legend_zpsa9c4698c.png I've been looking around the wiki lately, and have noticed something about the spoiler templates. They're only placed around sections for the newest game that came out, when someone who hasn't played any of the KH games could be spoiled by all of the content, not just that of the newest game. I recommend we either move the spoiler templates on most pages to cover the entire story section .(Or any other applicable sections). Either that, or we could just create a template similar to the clean-up one or the one for games that haven't been released yet telling them that the page may contain spoilers. Thoughts?
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Interdiction KHD.png People have to use some logic when it comes to these things. If you don't want to be spoiled, don't visit a website who's sole purpose is to provide information. I think the way we have it now is fine.
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FA icon.png On the subject of spoiler templates, BBS' spoiler period ends tomorrow.

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