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Sora, as we know, goes through changes like his clothes but what I want to know is why his hair is lighter in KHII and his face is slightly more rounder in Re:CoM, Re:coded and the KH3D Pics. Would someone enlighten me or throw theories around? Thanks.
Infinity KHD.png I've seen some people say his hair got lighter when Roxas was created, but personally I think it's just because he aged. He had a growth spurt, his features changed, and hair changes color with age. One year passed between KHI and II, with Re:Com bridging the gap; teenagers can change a lot in one year. The Sora in coded isn't the real Sora, it's data of him prior to KHII. As for 3D, we don't know enough about what's going on in that game for me to guess, but it's probably a memory or data-related thing to.

From a development standpoint, I like to think they just realized Sora looked like a moron in KHI and made him look a bit less ridiculous. ...A bit.

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Artwork render for Sora
Kingdom Hearts.
Post-Kingdom Hearts II.

Well, about the change in Sora's appearance from KHI to Re:CoM; I believe he underwent a minute facial redesign. As shown by these images, you can see the difference. And it was for the better, in my opinion. The smiling scene in KH outright just...bleugh. Now I feel his face is easier on the eyes.

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Game Clear Data KHRECOM.png The right Sora was designed by Team Osaka (Re:CoM, BbS, a little bit Re:coded and KH 3D in the future).