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Something very odd has happened while fighting Sephiroth on Kingdom Hearts II. As a personal challenge to myself, I'm using the Circle of Life instead of Ultima Weapon. However, something odd has happened. In all the times I've faced Sephiroth, this has never happened.

He's stuck.

He leapt over me after attack during his second phase, as he does, and got stuck in the wall. Sephiroth is currently hovering just above the ground stuck in mid-jump, his hair and cloak flying as they do when he's jumping. But he hasn't landed yet, he's just stuck. He's been like that for a while. How long? Long enough for me to let my MP charge, cast Curaga, and let it charge again - remember, no Ultima Weapon, no MP Hastega, so figure how long that would be. I attacked him and he was freed and the battle continued normally. But still, I've never had this happen. Here, it's not the best quality but I snapped a picture - it looks better moving, but he is stuck!

Anyone else ever seen or have this happen? Drake Clawfang

Just FYI, I beat him with CoL. But I got intensely lucky sometimes in avoiding his moves. In particular, he used Flash half a dozen times in his final form and used Shadow Flare once or twice, which you can imagine made it a lot easier. Drake Clawfang
I've never had that happen, but it amuses me. Unless it makes you reset the game, I love glitches like that. BebopKate 21:19, 3 September 2008 (UTC)