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Sora (Final Form) KHII.png
Type Nobody
Alliegance Xemnas
Weapon Keyblade
Reaction Command Dodge Roll, Parry
Fought The World that Never Was
Drops Heartbreaker keychain

Greetings kiddies. I am Drake Clawfang. Those of you know me, it is good to see you. Those of you who do not...well, don't worry, you will come to know and fear me in time. Well, alright, in all seriousness I'm a staffie over on the Final Fantasy Wiki who has completed Kingdom Hearts I and II and decided to swing in here and say hi. I mostly just drift around anymore, rarely edit anything heavy.

Feel free to drop me a line or pop in on my FF Wiki userpage, where I've done a lot of work on the pages there.

Also, to my great pride I've completed the Kingdom Hearts II journal on Proud Mode. Woot for me! I've also defeated the Mysterious Figure/Unknown in BBS using all three protagonists - I killed him as Aqua quite easily, likely due to her high magic, and even got him with Thunder Surge while he was invisible!


"Every time someone says the attack is called "Sin Harvest", a puppy has a heart attack"
—Me on "Heartless Angel"

Join the rebellion against poor hearing and help save the puppies today.

The 358/2 Days Sex Game

Found this on a forum. Go to GameFaqs' entry on 358/2 Days, and find the Diary FAQ which gives a transcript of the entries in Roxas' diary. Read them and replace "ice cream" with "sex". You get some interesting and amusing results.

"Me and Axel went to Agrabah. He seems different now that he's back from C.O. Sex was just the two of us today. I wonder when me and Axel and Xion will all get to have sex together"


The Sandbox

My original boss

Kingdom Hearts in Dissidia

Kingdom Hearts Review

Kingdom Hearts II Review

Chain of Memories Deck


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
World Hollow Bastion The World That Never Was Twilight Town Atlantica (KH2)
KH Keychain Oathkeeper Lionheart Oblivion Metal Chocobo
KH2 Keychain Oblivion Ultima Weapon Oathkeeper Photon Debugger
BBS Keychain Void Gear Brightcrest Ultima Weapon Hyperdrive
Nobody Sorcerer Samurai Dragoon Berserker
Heartless Invisible Morning Star Defender Large Body
Unversed Triple Wrecker Chrono Twister Blobmob Tank Toppler
Org XIII Roxas Xion Xigbar/Luxord Demyx
Boss Xemnas Sephiroth (KH2) Xehanort/Guardian (BBS) Phantom
Original Char. Roxas Aqua Riku Demyx
Final Fantasy Character Cloud Zack Aerith Yuffie
Disney Villain Hades MCP Maleficent Ursula
Disney Hero Jack Sparrow Beast Tron Hercules
Overall Villain Master Xehanort Xemnas Hades Ursula
Overall Hero Roxas Aqua Riku Hercules
Overall Character Roxas Aqua Riku/Xion Ursula