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TALK - 03:45, 2 February 2009 (UTC)
This is getting out of hand, so can we please clear up some inconsistencies?

First, it's "Descend Heartless Angel", not "Sin Harvest". It's also not "Sin Harvest Angel". You can understand what he's saying better in KH2, so I know some people hear "Sin Harvest" in KH1, but the attack name is Heartless Angel. That's what it's called in all the other games he uses the move in, it makes absolutely ZERO sense for it to be renamed, and it wasn't.

Second, Sephiroth's move is known as Omnislash, not "Octaslash". You know why? Because Kingdom Hearts II was released in late 2005, early-mid 2006. Crisis Core, the first game in which Sephiroth has the Octaslash move, was released in late 2007, a full two years later. It makes no sense for his KH2 move to be named for an attack he had in a game that wasn't even released yet! Plus, I have never seen anyone refer to those attacks as Octaslash, any time I've read anything about Sephiroth in KH, it's been Omnislash.

There, cleared up. So can we pleased stop the edit wars over the attack names now?