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I made this page to ask if any users who are familiar to japanese could help me translate some scans. I would also like if any other users use this page to post request for help in translating any other Ultimania scans.

This first request are pages form the Ultimania that details how to obtain each Dream Piece, including chests and drops, aparently. That info is needed to finish those Materials pages. What I want to ask is if someone could help translate that first box in which I put a red border, to know exactly what info is displayed, making it easier for me to translate and read the info of other pages. What I know so far, nothing 100% sure, is that the info after the Kanji symbol in a brown box are World names, divided in Sora (deep pink box) and Riku (blue box), maybe showing were are the treasures. The info after the purple box are enemy drops, but the info after the hotpink, black, and grey boxes I still don't know what are. I would be grateful of any help. - MateusinhoEX - 19:04, 07 July 2013 (UTC)

Next to the image is the Dream Piece name (Epic Fantasy).
Directly to the right of that is the list of Dream Eater recipes it goes into (Juggle Pup A; Lord Kyroo A; Sir Kyroo A; Ursa Circus (required)/C, B; Eaglider B; Cera Terror C; Drill Sye A; Halbird D, C; Staggerceps A; Tyranto Rex D; Ryu Dragon B).
The next three boxes are shop prices for normal days and bargain days (not available in this case), followed by the sell price (1000 munny).
Next line is obtainment info. First are the treasure chests (Sora can find one in SoS, in the Fields), then the drops [probably] (4% from Ursa Circus), the portal rewards (Riku gets from special portal 4-6 in PP, special portal 4-6 in CotM, and special portal 4-5 in SoS [67%]), then what drops it upon expiring (Ursa Circus), then "other" (not sure what it is in this case)
--Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 04:35, 8 July 2013 (UTC)
Thanks NZ, that will help a LOT. EDIT:Okay, I'm ready to start translating the other pages. Made a list with the Kana of all Dream Eaters and Worlds. I would print it to translate them on my tablet, but printer run out of ink...- MateusinhoEX - 14:34, 07 July 2013 (UTC)

Okay, some more help here. These are the last things I need to understand on the page. Explaining each point:

  • Yellow: Well, this is "other", so probably are other means of obtaining this material. If at least one could be translated, we could have an idea of what it is exactly.
  • Blue: Don't have any idea of what this is.
  • Green: This has something to do with the type of Nightmare that drops those items. I know the first kana means "Rare", meaning a rare Tyranto Rex drops the Savage Fantasy with a 4% rate, but doesn't know which means the other Kanas.
  • Black: On this I just need a confirmation. Since there's no SP on these Portal rewards info, what Portals give those Dream Pieces as prizes? And why in the Intrepid Fancy there are two values (33 and 67%) for the percentages of chance of being a reward?
- MateusinhoEX - 16:50, 09 July 2013 (UTC)
Yellow: first might be replaying battle portals on difficulty A or on B w/ battle rating of 5); second is using Treasure Goggles, or (I think) replaying battle portals on difficulty C w/ battle rating 4.
Blue is the Shop Level, i.e. at what point world-wise the shop begins selling it.
Green: 通信 means "communication", 基本 means "basic"
Black: can't answer w/o the game
--Neumannz, The Dark Falcon 19:12, 9 July 2013 (UTC)

Well, that explains everything. I will just need help to translate the "other" sections and will ask someone who has KH3D to confirm the Portals for me. Just to finish, "Communication" are Link Portals, isn't it? Because that would explain how some materials are drops from Rare Spirits that don't have Nightmares. Because they drop in Battle Portals transfered by Street Pass, just like Kryten said. - MateusinhoEX - 20:19, 09 July 2013 (UTC)