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Keyblade-Blk.png I keep finding this ridiculous English-grammar mistake on just about every article, and it's driving me crazy. What I keep finding is that people mark a singular possessive term that ends in "s" with only one apstrophe. THAT IS INCORRECT. You only add one apostrophe to the end of a possessive term if it ends in an "s" and is plural. For example, these are correct examples:

Roxas's main Keyblade is the Kingdom Key.
The Gullwings' personalities are all derived from Final Fantasy X.

And the following examples are VERY, VERY INCORRECT:

Roxas' main Keyblade is the Kingdom Key.
Lexaeus' element is Earth.
Ventus' appearance is very similar to Roxas'.

Please, fix this across the Wiki, and do not repeat this. I understand that many of your main languages are not English, but this is a very important rule when it comes to this Wiki, and I would like this mistake to be fixed in the future. Thank you.

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True. Everyone needs to realize the s at the end of names like Roxas or Lexaeus is part of their name, so it can't be possesive. It is kinda annoying.

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TerraCharm.pngRight. It's why the name is "Roxas," not "Roxa." It doesn't just appear on Character pages, though. Other pages that fall victim to this would be weapon pages, item pages, etc. Basically anything that ends in an "s".
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Ahem...actually, it is a perfectly acceptable English grammar practice to place an apostrophe after a noun that ends in "s" and not add another "s" after it. It's one of those things that falls into personal taste in the end, unless there's an established reason for it. I personally think it looks a bit redundant and so tend not to do it, but at the same time, I can understand how it would look "incorrect" to someone else. So those of you with teachers who insist on doing it one way or the other can tell them to get stuffed.*

/teacher mode off And now...back to Kingdom Hearts (no colon) 358/2 Days. ^_-

*I cannot be held responsible for the consequences if you actually do tell your teacher to get stuffed. Most teachers, I find, generally do not respond well to such criticism.