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I think that Kingdom Hearts is will have a perfect series ending. I wanted to know how everyone else thought the series should end. I think it should end with Sora and Kairi in that cave in Destiny Islands kissing with "Sanctuary" in the backround.(Bananaphone1996 02:54, May 8, 2010 (UTC))

KINGDOM HEARTS...END!!!??? THROW HIM OVERBOARD! SEIZE THE NON-BELIEVER! YOU MUST...DIE! *huff* *huff* *huff* Sorry about that, a bit over-dramatic. But sereisously, how can you talk about that? The sereis has barely just begun, man. The only thing comeing to a close here is the "Xehanort Saga" that Nomura called this time-line so far. That means that more games, more mysteries, and more sagas are on the way, and hero of them all, in some form or another, is and always will be...Pinochio (LOL). Hah, JK, it's Sora. But still, the ending, as in THE ENDING, is a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG time away from now, so it's a bit early to be think'n of stuff like that. I mean, I've thought about it before, how it would end, but it really all depends on the circumstances. I thought it would end with Xehanort, but now we all know that that won't be the case. But for A ending, not THE ENDING but A Ending, I'm pretty sure that your idea of Sora and Kairi kissing would deffinatly be put in the ending of some major game at some point (It will, THEY HAVE TO!). But that aside, the Kingdom Hearts franchize is nowhere near to being over yet, it will some day, but not untill the next century or so, OR untill around the time when Final Fantasy is over (IF it is EVER OVER), either way, they will end when the situation demands it, but hopefully not unexpectedly (Dear gods, I hope not). Point is, everything is inevitable: the series ending, Sora+Kairi make-out sequence, and me blabbing on contiuously in a way where I would run out of breath and everyone else would die of boardom and annoyance. But, it's your opinion. AROS 18:29, May 9, 2010 (UTC).

Come now, all good things must come to an end. The longer you deny it, the worst it will be. I am glad you think the series will go on forever though. Bananaphone1996

Hey I never said I thought it would go on forever. A game that never ends would be tourture even if it was Kingdom Hearts. I'm just saying though that it will probably last as long as Final Fantasy depending on how things continue. Either way it's probably a 30-50 year gaurentee, all depending: if Disney goes out first (as if that would ever happen), or Final Fantasy runs out of characters and stops making games (just as unbelievable as the latter). But basicly, my poit is that Kingdom Hearts will go on for a long time. Nuf said. AROS 20:54, May 11, 2010 (UTC)

AROS has a point with the final fantasy saga, but then again it is a string of mostly unrelated series; kind of like the fire emblem series. The Xehanort saga might go on for a game or two (summarizing his time in Ansem's care) but I can't think of any new keyblade characters in the series. I mean we have the main story (KH1), the sequel (KH2), the origins (KH BBS), the "side-story" (KHCOM) and the anti-hero origins (358/2 days). I think they might make a story of Roxas's journey from the beginning of KH2 to the end, kinda like the KHCOM Re.HanXLi 04:49, May 12, 2010 (UTC)

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Okay then, perfect ending to A kingdom hearts game, anyone?
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Sora defeats the last boss of darkness while all of the other world characters help or rally around him (maybe fighting side battles like in War at Hollow Bastion). Maybe he starts falling into the draining darkness, maybe he is just about to fall over from exhaustion, but Kairi catches his hand like Namine did for Roxas. Sora looks around, sees the true door to light (with all his Disney, FF, etc. friends already going through), and Riku and all his friends waiting at it, smiling. Kairi smiles, does that head-tilt thing, and they run for the door (still holding hands), and go through.

The Unversed, Nobodies and Heartless should all gang up in order to acheive thier goals. Through some reason all past Keyblade weilders come back and an epic battle starts. After the battle, all worlds are restored and Riku Sora and Kairi make it bake to Destiny Islands.

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Roxas's Symbol small.pngFirst of all, somebody knock some sense into the non-believer. KH will NEVER EVAR end. But, Nomura has said that the end of the "Xehanort Saga" is looming, and could be as early as KHIII (whenever it's gonna happen). To be perfectly honest, Kryten's idea is exactly what I was thinking, except I'm just going to add one thing on. After the credits roll, when the reprise of "Dearly Beloved" starts playing, a picture pops up on the screen, of Sora and Kairi sitting on the Paopu tree at sunset, with Sora splitting a Paopu in half with his Keyblade.