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Since it seems that the 7 guardians of light mentioned by Mickey are going to be an actual organization of sorts, should we have a page on them, to complement the page we already have on the Second Organization XIII? We know 3 of the lights for sure - Riku, Mickey, and Sora - and it seems pretty clear from the discussion between Mickey and Xehanort that Aqua and Ven are lights but Terra is not. I can see how this might be construed as speculation, but our goal is to provide the most comprehensive information on the series that we can, and I find this to be an interesting tidbit of data.
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The seven guardians of the seven lights might be worth enumerating on the page for the seven lights, but without an official group name there's not many responsibly ways to give them their own page.
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Well, there is kanji for both the seven guardians of light and thirteen seekers of darkness.

"Seven guardians of light" (7人の光の守護者?)
"Thirteen seekers of darkness" (13人の闇の探求者 Jūsan-hito no Yami no Tankyūsha?)