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Look at all the pretty flowers![edit]

NëA 思い切って言う
I'll only say this one time: Marluxia's element is FLOWER or DEATH? Make your final decision, choose one and prove it after that, I think pages connected to Marluxia and Marluxia's page itself will have to be protected.

It's flowers. People likey get it wrong because of the scythe. --Hecko X 08:15, 8 January 2008 (UTC)

Likely, but it may be Death because sakura petals symbolize death in Japan. Then scythe supports it. . .but all his attacks are flower based. So it could be either. I think someone should question Tetsuya Nomura or something because this is getting ridiculous. Hibryd 23:16 11 January 2008

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Go to Talk:Marluxia and you'll know it's "flower" (hana) according to the official guide.

Second "Element" Conflict[edit]

Since there's another conflict, figures I might as well put this here, In this case, Xemnas's:

  • Void or Nothingness?--N/A
Nothingness. The Hexed
You claim this ridiculous information, like Marluxia's element being Flowers, is official. Please show me your source. Flowers and Moon aren't elements. If Marluxia's element was Flowers, he'd use more than just one kind. And tell me how exactly the element of Flowers allows him to create three giant pools of darkness on the ground (circles of Hell, anyone?). The plants he manipulated in the manga, you ask? The KH manga was originally a fan-made doujinshi, officialized by Square because they were too busy to make one themselves. Moon, an element? Maybe Lunar energy, hence ENERGY. "Moon" makes no damn sense. And why the hell does everyone thinks Saix's weapon is a Claymore? Anyone who says that has never frickin seen a Claymore. The weapon is known as a WAYAKIN. It's a kind of hammer that has a circle of spikes at the end. His Berserkers use hammers, so why shouldn't he? I'm just oh so sorry if I know more about weapon types than most people. And NOTHINGNESS???????? That's not even a word. VOID means the same thing, and it's an actual word. Xemnas's element is, pardon my not-real-word-using, "Nothingness" because he can cast his enemies to that void and summon anything he wants from it as well, hence why he's capabe of using all of the other Organization members weapons and elements in the final battle (during the first fight with his armored form).

This stuff makes perfect sense. The stuff you have, doesn't. But man, if you're gonna be stubborn and not change anything, at least capitalize what needs capitalizing (like Lexicon).

signed, Sephiroth7734
quote taken from Sephiroth7734(obviously)

ok...... The Hexed
piss off-ness and headache rising.....--N/A
W'pedia has nothing on Wayakins or w/e they are. The Hexed
To kill off the most part quickly, they don't control elements, they possess attributes. So any reasoning that goes "impossible, because it isn't an element" is now garbage. The Kingdom Hearts Ultimania states that Marluxia's attribute are flowers (花), that Saïx's is the moon (月), and that Xemnas' is nothingness (無), which is a word, thank you very much. Further more, on the page that shows Saïx, you will notice that for weapon, he has クレイモア listed. To help you off, クレイモア = kureimoa = claymore. Thank you for playing our game of wits, you've failed miserably. Should you however decide to have another go at it, we can overlook this as a newbie throwing a tantrum of ignorance and pretend it never happened, meaning you'd start off with a clean slate. Welcome and I hope to see useful contributions from you in the future. --Hecko X 13:22, 24 January 2008 (UTC)
Well he said something correct, a claymore really doesn't look like that, it's a sword and it's really thin but i have been officially stated that is a claymore Pablo618 14:20, 24 January 2008 (UTC)

Not Again...[edit]

Another conflict seems a to appear again in the members of Organization XIII(who else?) viewing Xigbar's history, his weapon(s) has been changed from:

  1. Crossbows
  2. Gun Arrows
  3. Bowgun(s)
  4. Sniper Arrows(!?)

...and this topic is getting more and more on the nerves---N/A

Guns is what i'd have him with. The Hexed
ガンアロー = Gun Arrow(s) --Hecko X 14:09, 25 January 2008 (UTC)