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Everyone who's played 358/2 Days and has read the translated Ultimania on Birth by Sleep probably knows what I'm referring to, but I'll summerize it for those who don't fit that category. In Days, when Roxas and Axel go to Castle Oblivion (C.O.) to find The Imposter (and Xion), Roxas begins having a headache of memory flashes and soon passes out. In the Birth by Sleep Ultimania, Nomura states that this is because Roxas was too physicaly close to his two "true selves", Sora AND Ventus. Now, this theory made sense to me at first glance and it stayed that way for a while. But I have recently been playing through Days again (as part of my intire KH series playthrough before BbS quest that I mentioned in a few other forms) and suddenly a thought occurred to me. How is it that Roxas fainted in C.O. from being in the precense of BOTH Ventus AND Sora, when earlier on in the game, Namine and Diz had already moved Sora's body and sleeping chamber to the Old Mansion in Twilight Town? Plot whole, anyone? If what Nomura said was true, then how come they moved Sora so early in the game? This doesn't make any sense! This is just as confusing as the whole Donald and Goofy at Yen Sid's Tower complex, except this is even more frustraiting! If anyone else has noticed this and has a reasonable theory or conclusion, could you please coment and post it up, because I along with a few other observant fans out their are very confused, and I doubt they will go to the trouble of making a remake just for the sake of one or two scenes. AROS 13:04, June 1, 2010 (UTC).

I think it may be an unclear translation. It seemed when I read it that it may have been calling Ventus the original self of both Roxas and Sora, somehow.Glorious CHAOS! 23:33, June 1, 2010 (UTC)

But is Sora the original one? Or Ventus? Ventus is in the Chaimber Of Awakening in Castle Oblivion, may it be mentioned. Maybe Roxas's memories rushing to him are from Ventus's memories? 17:40 June 2 Key of Hearts