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Here's the idea : fan-made Drive Forms. Make as many as you want but don't modify other's Drives without authorization. Xelias0 10:39, January 20, 2010 (UTC)

Dawn Form Sora[edit]

A drive form Sora/Riku. Sora gains a dark blue costume with a "Heartless Emblem", but without the cross, as seen on the Way to the Dawn keychain. He floats, while wielding only one Keyblade. An Anti-Sora is seen behind his back, in an Ansem's Guardian fashion, and wields another Keyblade. This is a reference to both Riku summoning Anti Sora and Ansem's Guardian.



Ability Description
Twilight Spiral Performs combos born from Light and Darkness. Deals a powerful combo finisher to one target.
Chaotic Finale In the middle of a combo, when surrounded by enemies, deals an immensely powerful combo finisher to all targets.
Dark Deluge Enchants spells with the power of darkness, increasing their effectiveness.
Dawning Strike Unleashed a powerful ascending combo finisher to one target.
Mobile Action Actions will be enabled while moving.


Ability Description
Dash and Slash By pressing Square while attacking, Sora dashes towards the opponent before striking. Higher versions allow a quicker dash and a better range.


Ability Description
Synch Blade Allows Sora to wield two Keyblades at once.
Critical Boost Increase Sora's attack, defense, jump and speed when at low life.