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Template:WelcomeIPHey everyone! As most of you probably know, Square Enix has recently anounced that Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep will be released in the U.S. this comming Summer! Along with this, Nomura also revealed that the N.A. & P.A.L. versions will have new features on it, similar to changes in over-seas KH and KH 358/2 Days, except BbS will have a whole bunch of new stuff! These things include but might not be limited to: Crown Stickers, new options in Multi-Player Mode or "Joint Struggle", new Deck Commands, and quite possibly the best out of this package - a new Hidden/Secret Boss, new Cut-Scenes to further the story, and NEW KEYBLADES! All of this has been confirmed by Nomura in his most recent interview and the interview with 20 Q's in the recently released Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Ultimania. If you all just found out about this and are just as excited as I am, then one of the things you might be thinking to your self is "'Gee, I wonder what new Keyblades they could've made" (Well, that and "Gee, I wonder what Ganon's up to, hayuck!" : ) ). Well, when I think of that question, the mystery that really plauges me is "Oh, I hope they are going to give Ven his Keyblade the way it looked in the secret movie", because I have seen his gameplay keyblade that way in early demos, and plus, it's so unfair that Terra and Aqua's keyblades transform into the way they looked in the secret movie but Ven's doesn't! So, if you all share the same or simillar thoughts, tell me what you think so we can all post our ideas on potential new keyblades or other new stuff. AROS -- March 26, 2010, 5:08 PM