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Hi, so Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix is available for pre-order on Aninai, right? So, eager guy that I am, I try to pre-order when I discover that not only does it sell Japanese products, but it is also INTIRELY in Japanese, which I still haven't learned yet. So, I try to use the Google Translate Toolbar but its window keeps having an error in it, so I copy the site address and paste it to Google Search to bring that site up and translate it and it seems to work well untill I click the button to order the thing only to have that page in Japanese too. And every time I try to use Translate it only translates the page that I entered on from Google and when I try to copy and paste the address into the Translation Toolbar the page goes blank and it doesn't do anything. So I need some HELP with understanding what the heck I'm supposed to do once I click the yellow button next to the image of BbS FM and what to do to go onwards, understand what they are saying, and pre-order my game. I've tried waiting for the pre-order to become available on other sites like playasia but they don't have it yet and they don't show any signs of getting it or even caring about its pre-existence. So if someone could just help me out with that, such as giving me thurough translations of the BbS FM pre-order process, telling me what buttons to click or what boxes to check, or even what information to write in, that would be SUPER! So please help. I am an impatiant guy (I'm talkin' to you amazon and ebay!). AROS 09:30, November 14, 2010 (UTC)