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LOMI, Voice of Nothing Master of Fiction

Interesting theory, but it has already been stated by Nomura that the Nobody is made from both the body AND soul, meaning that for now, the only sides of a person are their mortal selves, their Heartless, and their Nobody. The Unversed only came from one source (spoiler: Vanitas) and they only SPAWN from people's negative emotions, becoming dark, twisted, evil, and destructive, while only being able to express emotions of anger, sadness, wickedness, etc. (pluss being the only enemy thus far that can sincerly do that). So, with all that in mind, thats what makes them the "opposite of human life". Also, since (at least up untill this point) no one can really become an Unversed (only spawn them) and that their one and only leader/source (spoiler: Vanitas) was destroyed, they can no longer exist, unless, spoiler, the same thing that created Vanitas happened to someone else with a really powerful heart, possibly a very strong Keyblade Master. Still, your theory does make a lot of sense, especially since no one else has tried to come up with theories on how people can become Unversed. I myself have a theory that if one's heart becomes hollowed or corrupted by negative emotions, they could feel almost no other emotion, their light and darkness being completely eclipsed but their darkness also being strengthened, in the proces, keeping their heart, but being completely consumed by negative emotions, their evil and darkness turning them into an Unversed. If they were destroyed, their heartless and nobody might still exist, but I haven't really thought that far yet so sircumstances might change. --AROS March 26, 2010, 6:03 PM