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I know that Kingdom Hearts III is on the rise, and that Master Xehanort and the Organization XIII will end up being the main focus, but I really want something to come up that makes Maleficent a threat again, because as she is now she seems more like a joke compared to the real bad guys. This is my beginning to how I'd like to see Kingdom Hearts III play out:

Pete arrives in the lowest level of the Villains Vale, anxious over Maleficent’s new plan. Drifting down as a will-o'-the-wisp, Maleficent materializes with Diablo, and alongside them, a mysterious cloaked figure. Maleficent asks Pete if everything has been set according to plan, which Pete frightfully confirms as Maleficent makes her way through the dungeons. Running up alongside her, Pete questions whether Maleficent is sure that they can trust “him”, with Maleficent assuring Pete that there’s nothing he needs to worry about. Coming to a seemingly dead end, Maleficent casts a hand over the cold stone, revealing a circular portal, smooth, reflective and viscous in texture, to which Maleficent asks if “they” have made their decision. The portal vibrates as a voice comes through and explains that “they” are intrigued by Maleficent’s offer, and so they accept. Smiling maliciously, Maleficent nods to her cloaked companion, who summons his Keyblade and shoots a beam of light into the portal before him.

Meanwhile, at the Mysterious Tower, Kairi and Lea are undergoing trials to sharpen their skills as Keyblade bearers while Yen Sid, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Jimminy observe. Sora returns, having finished his journey to distinguish who he is, claiming that he’s ready to undergo the Mark of Mastery once again. However, Yen Sid denies Sora such a right; claiming that his heart has weakened and he’s too vulnerable to risk becoming one of Master Xehanort’s acolytes by attempting the Mark of Mastery once again. Suddenly, Riku feverishly enters the room, explaining to Yen Sid that new creatures have started spreading across the worlds; explaining that they’re much stronger than Heartless and that he’d almost been overpowered by them when they attacked him in a large group. Mickey wonders if the Unversed have returned, or if Riku had faced a new kind of Nobody, though Yen Sid denies both of Mickey’s hypotheses; revealing that from Riku’s description, the Krawl have entered to the Realm of Light. Yen Sid explains that he’d read of an ancient race of dark beings called the Krawl that had existed prior to the Keyblade War. While the Krawl had never invaded the Realm of Light as the Unversed, Heartless and Nobodies had, they sought to shatter the veils between the realms in order to reign dominant over them as one collective dimension. The Krawl were ultimately defeated and banished to a realm called The Claustrum, where they’ve remained ever since. Lea asks how the Krawl could’ve escaped if they were locked up so tightly, prompting Yen Sid to explain that a Keyblade must be used to unhinge the locks of The Claustrum. Hearing this makes Sora wonder if this is another part of Master Xehanort’s plan, though Yen Sid believes this to be wrong; as Xehanort was never taught of the Krawl.

Sora is eager to set out and destroy the Krawl, but Yen Sid stresses how unprepared Sora is and how they need to focus on putting an end to Master Xehanort’s plot for the time being. Yen Sid then tasks Riku and Mickey to venture into the Realm of Darkness to retrieve Aqua to further their cause, while he asks Sora, Kairi and Lea to remain at the Mysterious Tower in order to strengthen their training. Riku and Mickey leave immediately, making Sora jealous and prompting him to defy Yen Sid and set off on his own in order to deal with the Krawl. Donald, and Goofy attempt to stop him, but Sora refuses to sit by and do nothing when the worlds are in so much danger. Unable to persuade Sora otherwise, Donald and Goofy decide to journey alongside Sora in order to ensure his safety.

Kairi searches the Mysterious Tower for Sora so that they can spar, however she instead comes across a man in a black coat, who explains that Sora went off on his own to fight the Krawl. Furthermore, the man asks how it must feel to always be left behind, so helpless and weak when the world needs its heroes the most. Kairi denies that she’s weak, summoning her Keyblade and challenging the man to battle. After a while, the man praises Kairi’s strength and says that she’s more than what she appears to be, encouraging her to try and return to her roots to seek the answers she desires, before the man disappears through a Corridor of Darkness. Confused by what the man was getting at, Kairi wonders if he meant that she needed to return home in order to help her friends. Concerned, Kairi ventures to the Destiny Islands to seek enlightenment. Yen Sid summons Lea and explains to him that both Sora and Kairi have disappeared, charging Lea with their retrieval before Master Xehanort can get to them. Lea laughs as he reminisces about his promise to always bring Roxas back before setting off toward the Radiant Garden, believing it to be the place where Sora would’ve gone first.

In the Realm of Darkness, Riku and Mickey find themselves constantly overwhelmed by Heartless as they try to continue down the path toward the Dark Margin; where Yen Sid had determined Aqua was. Skulking in the shadows however is a cloaked figure, who confronts the two just before they reach the Dark Margin, revealing himself to be one of the members of Organization XIII, The Phantom Blot. The Phantom Blot summons his Keyblade and separates Mickey from Riku, attacking him viciously. Though The Blot makes a point not to kill Riku, at the same time he takes a sample of Riku’s heart before disappearing into a Corridor of Darkness. Worn out from his battle with The Blot, Riku falls to his knees, leaving Mickey to attempt to run to his aid. Unexpectedly, Mickey is stopped by an ambush of Heartless and caught off guard, making him unable to fight off the hoard. Luckily, three figures swoop in and destroy the Heartless, saving Mickey’s life before tending to Riku. These figures reveal themselves to be Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (Mickey’s brother) Kilala (a Keyblade wielder Oswald had discovered after her world was consumed by an cyborg working with Maleficent named Valdou) and Tippe (Kilala’s pet). Oswald reveals to Riku and Mickey that Maleficent is the one behind the return of the Krawl, having found a rogue Keyblade Wielder to unlock The Claustrum after making a deal with The High Krawl so that she could spread her darkness and rule all in a joint leadership with The High Krawl. In addition, Maleficent has been recruiting more and more people to join her cause, making her an unimaginable threat once again. Unsure of what to make of Oswald’s grave announcement, Riku and Mickey suggest that, for now they carry on to the Dark Margin in order to save Aqua. Together, Riku, Micky, Kilala and Oswald make their way to the Dark Margin, where they find Aqua and an amnesiac Ansem the Wise. Returning to the Mysterious Tower, Riku, Mickey, Oswald, Kilala, Aqua and Ansem learn of Sora, Kairi and Lea’s departures. Though Riku is concerned, Yen Sid assures him that Lea has the situation under control, and that right now they need to focus on saving Ventus. Aqua explains that she hid Ven in the Chamber of Waking in Castle Oblivion after he’d lost his heart, volunteering to lead Riku and Mickey there. Riku, Aqua and Mickey leave for Castle Oblivion immediately, while Oswald and Kilala stay behind to deal with Ansem.

Please let me know what you think. In my version of the game, the Org XIII would still be a main threat - but not the only one. I imagine most of the new Org would be defeated in this game, and the concept of the Krawl and Maleficent could carry over into its own saga. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Levi657 (talkcontribs)

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Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png This is a very interesting idea. I agree that Maleficent and Pete need to pose as a bigger threat then they have been in the last several games. I would imagine that she'd eventually try and break into Disney Castle, since she learned in KH3D that what she wanted was within the Castle. I'd imagine that, like you said, Maleficent's plot would carry over into the next saga (or at least, that's what I hope). The Organization would definitely be defeated in KHIII, so I wouldn't be surprised if Maleficent gets away with whatever she's planning (she can't be the main threat in KHIII, but she ought to be it again).

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For my idea to be a game though it'd take a lot given that Sora, Lea, Riku and Kairi would be playable characters in story mode (while I've want to work out a way to play as all my Keyblade weilders through multiplayer mission modes or something like that so that Aqua, Ven, Oswald and Kilala can join in as well :p ) To be honest though, when I came up with the idea, I pictured it more as a movie or Anime than a game. All in all I'm glad you liked the idea, I'd really like to see the Krawl join in somehow, because I loved Krux, Maja, Jado, Gelberus, Gronos and Jado's Symbiote/Shadow (Symbiote sounds better), and while I wouldn't introduce the Spectrobes because that would just further complicate things, thoughcI'd have Rallan appear with his komainu sidekick just by his side eventually (Levi657 (talk) 02:02, 10 September 2014 (UTC))

I remember hearing that only Sora is playable in KH III. RikutheBloody 18:27, 13 September 2014 (UTC)