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Like the title says everyone, Happy Halloween! Yes, its finally here, one of the nights we look forward to the most, where we are actually alowed to let our yard and house be in such a mess that it's spooky, we get to dress up as our favorite characters without being judged (mostly) (unless you lost the bet and had to go as the 40 year old adult baby again, *shudders*, now that's scarry), and we get to go from door to door, neighborhood to neighborhood, stating our rights to the two choices: "Trick Or Treat?" By that point you will have already left that person's driveway with the biggest lolliepop or chocolate brain or whatever in your bag feeling satisfied, or you will have already left the front door covered in gooey eggness or their tree coated in so much toilet paper that it starts to resemble a ghost, wehither you feel satisfied or not, at least you get payback for not getting treats (unless you're the trippy kind who both Trick AND Treat, though at that point it's very ungreatful). Then once you get home from T-or-Ting or the neighborhood Halloween Party, you'll just sit back, watch some Halloween specials and gorge yourself into your loot untill your mouth is so full of cavities that it would take you all year to get them in prime candy-munching condition again, but you know that it was all worth it, then you discover it's Midnight and that School starts in the morning and you hit hay so hard that the only reason you are sleeping at all is the crash from all that sugar and the fact that you knocked yourself unconcious by hitting your head on the bed, waking up in the morning feeling like you have the worst hangover ever (whether it be from the sugar-coated nightmares or from, ahem, the Halloween party). And even if you make it to school late tomarrow, just remember, this night only comes once a year, so make the best of it. Whether you're Tricking, Treating, both, or even collecting money for UNICEF (Ohh ohh, I AM, I AM, MEEE MEEE MEEE), make the best of this crazy, cooky, and creepy holiday, because with the Heartless hinding in the shadows, who knows, this Halloween just could be YOUR LAST!!! MUHA HAAAHHAAAAAHHAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! But aside from that, tell everyone what your going as on this form here, if you are dressing up. I'm going as Sora this year (yeah, real surprize, huh?), but I want to know what you guys are doing, so tell us all and be sure to leave a frighteningly friendly Halloween Greatings, though I don't think anyone's gona top Jack's, he alwyas gets the best enterances. So please post, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! HEEE HEEEEHEHHEHEHEHH HHEEEH HEEEE!!! (Man, I love this holiday!) AROS 09:55, October 31, 2010 (UTC)