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Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png Chose this name, because then we can throw The Book at people.

Basically, as has been suggested before and on multiple occasions, we need to make our policies and procedures more obvious, more clear, and more user-friendly. Ideally, the goal is that we have somewhere we can point people to when we need to revert edits, so those people can not only see the reason their edits are reverted, but also learn how to edit better, contribute better, and hopefully, grow and remain a part of this wiki. To pull this off, we would need to decide what exactly we need to still make clear. Obviously, part of this is revising the Manual of Style again to determine what formats/guides are missing. I say we take everything that we find that's currently in Category:Kingdom Hearts Wiki and Category:Policies as if they are the only policies we have, and build from there. What's missing? What should be added to these existing pages? What policies/procedures/processes to we currently employ that we need to create pages for? So have at it! I'd especially like to hear from some of our newer editors, what things we could have done better to make the transition from new user to regular contributor less rocky or confusing!

Then we can throw books. Throwing's fun. Diamond Dust Keychain KHFM.png

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2YTDwh4.png I'm really interested in this! We could have a section called "So your edit got reverted" with a list of common reverted edits, then each one directs the user to the chapter of The Book that deals with that content (or this could be done in an edit summary ["see Chapter 12"]). I'd like to see some pages on the Wiki's spelling/grammar conventions (ex: oxford comma, british vs english spelling, etc) and how to write Quotes (lots of anon users here add them, but most quotes aren't the kind we're looking for). Thanks for bringing up the topic! ^_^
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If we're going to tackle these topics, then I want to address the vagueness of a lot of the old outdated and the most rigid old rules that causes a lot of conflict among us. For example, what qualifies as trivia, how we each define it, placement (main body of the article vs. trivia section), and drawing clear lines what is allowed.

I also want to improve and clarify our policies on how users should behave on the wiki, as there have been incidents where users often resort to passive-aggressive, if not outright aggressive and manipulative, language. I think we should be stricter on enforcing warnings for this sort of behavior. I would also like to recommend we include a rule where all discussions regarding the improvement take place on the wiki itself and not on Discord or chatroom, because in the past, I did not learn that certain agreements were decided upon by the community despite being a staff member or even informed of it until much later since I do not use social media, and keep in mind, not all of our active users (non-staff members and even frequent anonymous users, who as contributors should have be treated equally as members of the community, have Discord. That way, everything can be documented and everyone can be equally informed and on the same page.