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Okay, so me and my brother love the Kingdom Hearts games... And we were just talking about what worlds and characters would be cool in a Kingdom Hearts III. And I just realized that the Marvel Comics characters could be in it, because Disney bought Marvel! How cool would that be if like Spiderman and the X-Men were in it????

That sounds like it would actually be pretty terrible. It would clash horribly with the style of the series, and would make it really illogical that the X-Men weren't already saving the universe, instead of Sora.Glorious CHAOS! 22:35, January 15, 2010 (UTC)
I agree with Kryten. Marvel and KH would just destroy both series, mainly KH. Disney is losing the "Disney" part of it, not to mention Walt's original beleifs and such about his company. Also, I just noticed this is in the World That Never Was, when it's better suited in the Twilight Town Library. Would someone mind moving it? - EternalNothingnessXIII 22:37, January 15, 2010 (UTC)

I would like it if characters from the gargoyles show were in it. At first it would be nice to see them in The World That Never Was, but now that it's destroyed, they could be in Hollow Bastion (excuse me, the Radient Gardens). Xanatos could be the new manager or leader, taking over from Ansem, and the Gargoyles at first would be seen as statues in the day, but in the night you interact with them more. For the night-day transition, it could be like in the more recent Zelda games or something. As for the marvel characters...I'd wouldn't mind seeing Deadpool and Doctor Strange, Deadpool for giggles and pointing out every plot hole and stuff for these games, and Doctor Strange could be with Yen Sid and Merlin or something. I also would love to see some guys from the Hayao Miyazaki movies, like Howl, Totoro and Chihiro! 16:59, March 31, 2010 (UTC)

In my opinion, worlds that are WAY overdue are those based on Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Atlantis. The Princess and the Frog wouldn't be too bad either. As for Marvel, I think with a summon from the Marvel universe it would be enough (maybe Hulk or Iron Man). EnglishJoker 17:28, April 9, 2010 (UTC)

Personally, although it would be cool to see Sora and Spidey fight back to back, I'm pretty sure that having the Marvel heroes play big roles in the game would make things complicated. But I think that they would probably put them in as Summon Characters, you can't go wrong with a Spider-Man or Hulk Summon spell. AROS 22:26, April 10, 2010 (UTC)

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Vsymbol1.pngthe pride lands based on the lion king II: Simba's pride with Kiara as a party member and a fight against Zira and her pride would be nice. as for marvel charactars i think its best if their left out
Well, I personally think that Atlantica by now is due for a reappearance. I mean, Sora did state that they will meet Ariel again in the ending of the Atlantica chapter. Also, seeing how Ursula is dead now, I think that a new villain is to be in order. Morgana's fine, although I think a new villain would be nice that is not related to the sequels. However, in my mind, the new villain's design should be based off of Vanessa, only with some minor changes (like red, reptilian eyes, wearing an overall black outfit, like a cloak, and an overall otherworldly appearance. Also give her an overall cold, ruthless, possibly demented personality.). Also, possibly make her an even bigger threat than Ursula, so as to outclass her. Maybe make her one of the hardest bosses in the game to replace Sephiroth (Given what happens when you have Cloud encounter Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts II, I doubt that Sephiroth will reappear in this game.). I think a boss fight with Vanessa will make up for the minimal appearance of Vanessa (I know that the Atlantica world in KHII was primarily a Kareoke world, but still, a boss fight would have sufficed.).
Maybe also explain completely how Ursula was revived. I mean, I still don't buy the whole "she came back with the Powers of Darkness" excuse that Jiminy's journal had mentioned, as Maleficent, who would be classified as a Mistress of the use of the Powers of Darkness, needed peoples memories to even come close to reviving, and even Oogie Boogie, the closest to actually using the Powers of Darkness to reviving himself, needed Maleficent's help, and even then, he wasn't completely revived (he had become amnesic).
Other than Atlantica returning, I think have other worlds appearing would work as well. Maybe a Rescuers world, and possibly also an actual Final Fantasy world appearing. Weedle McHairybug 01:29, April 22, 2010 (UTC)

Burai97: i think since pixar gave Square Enix permition to they should have worlds like wall-e, Monsters inc., up ect. it just sounds cool to me to go into a factory of monsters or a giant blimp, or a ruined planet earth.

Anway if they put marvel in Kingdom Hearts III expect wolverine with wings !!!!!!!! and also Kingdom Hearts III is coming out. Square Enix is working on it! User:Dynamite Dialga 7:06, June 7,2010
I actually think Pixar in kingdom Hearts 3 would be a great idea. I reackon that they should have an incredibles world. The incredibles could be having a bit of trouble on the island, then Sora appears. He could include Mr. Incredible in his party and go and whoop syndromes but. Maybe he could even wear the suit. That would be cool. I agree that Marvel should not be in Kingdom hearts 3. The world of Marvel (in my opinion) is too expanded and there could be no real story that Tetsuya could include. The storylines of Marvel characters are way to long and complex. Just so you know, Square enix are not currently working on Kingdom Hearts 3 and Tetsuya has not yet confirmed it. He said that he has an idea but not yet decided if that idea will just stay with him or be shared with the world.He is sure that there will be one though. They are currently working on KH 3D and Re:Coded and of course translation for BBS!! Clemstar6 7:23pm 16th July

I got some ideas for worlds. Toy Stories, Hunchback of Nortredom, Lilo and Stitch, Chronicles of Narnia, Spirited away(Disney owns Studio Ghibli so maybe). I refuse however, to let them have a Walle world. It would ruin any love for the game. Naruto195 10:22, July 16, 2010 (UTC)

I agree X-Men and all marvel should be left out. They've all been either expanded too much by themselves or dropped because they were stupid. Monsters Inc. and The Incredibles might work but Wall-e didnt have that much of an actual conflict who would we fight?--Memorized

You would fight Auto, the computer who attacked the captin.(Spirited Away was a bit…bloody. Unless, they take all the blood out, then maybe, it could be a world. Though, I don’t recall that Disney made that movie) I think it'll be great if marvel came to KH.Then again, it might not work so well...Keyblade0 18:47, July 17, 2010 (UTC)Keyblade0

KrytenKoro - Click
Re:Dialga - KH3 is not being worked on. They haven't even done ideas yet, and they have no official plans to do it.

I think that a Lilo and Stitch world could really work. The timeline could fit perfectly. Forget all about the stuff with him as a summon. Around 13 or 14 years ago, Stitch left his planet with the red hovercar or wateva. Then 13/14 years later he meet Lilo. When Sora, Donald and Goofy arrive at World Lilo and Stitch, Stitch recognises Sora because of his connections with Ven. Or you could have it that they remember each other because Sora used him as a summon (like mushu and Simba before) :p Do u guys think that this would be good? Clemstar6 9:32, July 19, 2010 (EST Aust.)

hmm that could actually work.--Memorized

I also think that a lilo and stich world would be a great adition to the vast array of worlds that are in the game. I also think that if there was a lilo and stich world that 2 things would happen, first thing sora might say is how much this world reminds him of his home world of destiny island and second there would be a scene where stich remembers sora just like mushu and simba did but I think it would be more like mushu's scene. Now on a different topic, (which is an idea I had since KH2 came out), I think that there should be a high resolution cut scene (just like the first and last scene of the game) the first time you enter a world and at the end of the actual movie based storyline in KH3, excluding worlds not based of of movies like radient garden and twilight town which would have there first and last scene as high resolution. For an example of what I mean I will use the land of dragons as a reference. The first movie as you may have guessed would have been the first high resolution scene of the land of dragons. the second one would have been the scene just after you defeat Shan Yu, the actual ending of the storyline based off of the movie "mulan". And just like most people I think that Marvel characters in the game would be stupid, lame, and complicated. stuffz0rz 3:24 pm, August 16, 2010 (Eastern Time)
Yeah,having anything other then the Kingdom Hearts characters,Final Fantasy,and Disney characters would just ruin the series.Even spider-man or iron man as a summon would ruin it because of two reasons.The first is the Kingdom Hearts series has only shown Kingdom Hearts characters,Final Fantasy Characters,and Disney characters.Which the series has to uphold.The second reason,is that if they were as a summon,then they would have to have their worlds in a later Kingdom Hearts game.Even though the director(I forgot his name and I might be wrong about him choosing the world,though i am 75% sure,another position might choose)has permission to have any word in the games,he wanted to stick to Disney worlds.Another thing I wanted to say was it isn't all true that Kingdom Hearts III isn't being worked on right now and there are no ideas for it.Right now it is in the conceptional stages.To read about Kingdom Hearts III,click on this link,Kingdom Hearts III.And at first I thought Wall-e would be a good world but when I heard of what boss you would face for that world,I thought it would be a very bad world.And a Lilo and Stitch world would be of the best worlds!Simply because he was a summon and personally,I love the summons'(the ones that you used in Kingdom Hearts)worlds from Kingdom Hearts II.Matthew26 04:00, August 26, 2010 (UTC)



Look,at I( a few weeks ago,up to a month)I searched for KH3 and it redirected me back to the Kingdom Hearts series page,which I had searched for before,and therefore have seen everything in it before.I then went down the page to a section called "Future Titles" and I looked at Kingdom Hearts III which I had already looked at.I guess there is so little information about it that they didn't need a whole page just about IT.So if you are this not believing me,then go to the website,search for and type in "Kingdom Hearts III" or "Kingdom Hearts series" and it will redirect or take you to the series.Scroll slowly down the page until you see the section called "Future Titles".If you have any problems tell me on my talk page.

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To be honest,I agree with the guys who say that marvel should be summon characters. I would love an Iron Man summon and maybe even Captain America or Ghost Rider. BUT i don't want them having their own world or story. Im fine with cameo appearances and temporary party members like the FF chars in KH 2 but no big roles for them.

Even as them having little roles would ruin the series..I know who Iron Man is but like who the heck is Captain America?!(don't answer that)I have also heard of ghost rider but that would seem too freaky for the style in Kingdom Hearts.You see,even with small roles,it WOULD RUIN THE SERIES.Kingdom Hearts is sticking to Disney characters,Final Fantasy characters,and Kingdom Hearts characters!It would really ruin it because the idea was to stick to Disney characters as having them as summons and even having their worlds after being summons.If they were to put them in there as summons even,it would ruin the point of only having Disney characters.Matthew26 19:10, August 26, 2010 (UTC)

Wait, then where did that part about Nomura saying that we will fight Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts 3 come about if no one was working on it? Weedle McHairybug 02:15, August 27, 2010 (UTC)
That interview does seem to say KH3, but Nomura point blank said in the professionally-translated GameInformer interview that he was mistranslated by fansites, and that there were no plans or info whatsoever for KH3.
I trust the GameInformer interview much, much more, since it was professionally translated and more recent, but this is honestly something where I would want to look at the original interview myself. Unfortunately, I don't have time to any day soon.Glorious CHAOS! 04:43, August 27, 2010 (UTC)

Did you do what i told you to do?And what do you mean "point blank"?I just heard of a KH 3 game from the page for the series on the website humor me and do the steps I told you to do.And if you believe so much that they aren't even having any ideas about a KH 3 then you can edit it so it doesn't say anything about it.And you can't just say you aren't wrong.Everyone is wrong at least a few times in their life time.I am simply relying on a reliable source that is extremely accurate(I know so because everything they have on the website is true,at least the things I already know that is true,and anyone can edit it,and why lie and ruin a good thing?).Matthew26 00:50, August 29, 2010 (UTC)

No I did not, because wikipedia is often a pile of shit edit-warred-claptrap-with-admins-who-care-more-about-bureaucracy-than-defending-the-truth-or-even-the-sources, and it is very, very unreliable as a source. Nomura, that's the guy who COMES UP WITH THE SERIES, has said that as of now, he has no plans to make Kingdom Hearts III, in a professionally held and translated interview with GameInformer. It is also the second-most recent interview with him.Glorious CHAOS! 01:39, August 29, 2010 (UTC)
Dude,you said a really bad word,so I edited it out and replaced it with "crud".They really shouldn't allow that on this wikia.Just use crud.It is much better then using the s word.It mean just the same as using a bad word.I mean we ARE on the wikia all about the Kingdom Hearts series!Did any of the characters use bad words?NO!Anyways,the only thing that isn't reliable on wikipedia is things that have to do with politics.And I believe you.I guess the person who put KH III as a upcoming knew exactly what to say to make to seem true.And as a matter of fact it is VERY reliable.There are rare occasions where people have edited it and lied about something.For example,some one put in the "Future Titles" section that yet ANOTHER KH was going to come out at some point.He said it currently had NO title.When I heard that I knew that wasn't true.Then when I returned at some point it was gone.I came back to the website and it was BACK.And when I came back yet again it was gone.Some one was editing it out because it wasn't true I guess.Tell you what,I will let you have the honor of editing it out and in the Future titles section you can type in what Numura said about KH III.Oh btw I remember the guys name name.To prove it to you I know he is the director of the series.Just humor me and do these steps.1.Go to in Kingdom Hearts (series) or Kingdom Hearts III.3.Scroll down the page to future titles.4.Edit KH III out and replace it with what Nomura said about KH III.Matthew26 02:36, September 2, 2010 (UTC)

maggosh ...the flint is struck. "Maybe I should punish you after all."

"Come on! Show a little backbone!"

You do realize, of course, a) you edited another user's message, which is wrong, and b) you're talking to an admin; Kryten for that matter. He's a force-a-nature, and you just can't stop him. I suggest you apologize.

Matthew26: You must be really really new to the internet. Wikipedia is one of the worst places to look towards for reliable info on things, be it games, movies, etc. Also, Kryten is right about KHIII not being in development. -Azul81677 02:54, September 2, 2010 (UTC)

No no, he doesn't need to apologize. Itsa cool, (mario), to disagree with an admin. I was only using loudspeak to make it clear what I was saying - I ain't mad. I struck out the word "shittake mushrooms" for your benefit, Matt, and corrected the article.

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Well, I don't believe half the stuff that's on wikipedia, all I can say this that we need to listen for more announcements from Nomura and interviews to find out more on KH 3 for now. Then we could try to upload the info straight onto the wiki.

Sorry for causing so much trouble.i just hate bad words.I mean their BAD.That's why their called bad words.And half of it(then again I don't look up that many things,and there are a ton of things on it).Well all I know the stuff I HAVE looked up IS true(only the things I know were already true).Although my dad told me wikipedia is reliable (don't call him stupid,i guess the things he DID look up were correct) and most of the stuff I look up IS true,I will take your advice about half the stuff not being true.Only because so many of you think its a bunch of crud(see?Much better then using a bad word).And sorry I didn't know you were an admin.Again,they REALLY shouldn't allow bad words on this wikia.FOR CRYING OUT LOUD ITS ALL ABOUT THE KINGDOM HEARTS SERIES.Did any of the characters use bad words?NO!And I am not new to the internet.I just looked at the things looked up on wikipedia and assumed they were true.There IS a 50/50 chance it is.The stuff about game play and plot for the Kingdom Hearts WAS correct(i already knew most of it).I can also prove that wikipedia and wikia MIGHT be somehow connected.If you want to prove me wrong or just want to see if I am right do the following steps.1.go to in "Pirates of the Caribbean Online".3.scroll down the page a bit and look right above before the section for the on one of the links with a small arrow/square.5.It will then take you to wikia.If I am wrong then (I don't know if it is possible) whoever edited it some how made a link to wikia.And finally,I know I edited some another users message but it was WRONG to use a bad word.All I did was replace it with the right word.Matthew26 08:11, September 3, 2010 (UTC)
This HAS to get all of you people's attention who are talking on this forum.Guess what!There IS ANOTEHR FORUM ABOUT KH3!THE ONLY TWO DIFFERENCES IS,ONE,INSTEAD OF USING THE ROMAN NUMURAL III,ITS THE ACTUAL NUMBER 3,AND TWO,THEY BELIEVE THERE IS A KH3 COMING UP!!!!!!So I suggest switching over to that forum.Any questions or anything else?Matthew26 08:11, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

Belief and fact are two different things. and if you have problems with how we run the wiki, then take them up on our other forum, The World That Never Was. KKDf51ce887-d120-4b89-8cff-afbff03976aa_zps7f114bcc.png

1) We are not people from the game, also Axel said hell in CoM. 2) Nomura has confirmed that there is currently no work being done on KH3 3) Just because there is a link to a Wikia site on Wikipedia, doesn't mean that they are linked. wikipedia is a .org, wikia is a .com/ wikipedia is a non-profit group, wikia gets money from the ad space on each wiki. Hell, there are some wiki's that link to Wikipedia, that still proves nothing. Also, how do you know that wikipedia just get the info from here? 4) Wikipedia is mostly bad info, it has some good stuff, but don't trust everything at first glance. BlackSoulBlade 01:10, September 4, 2010 (UTC)

Hey when I said KHIII was being worked on I probably ment KH 3D User :Dynamite Dialga1.55 October 06 2010

I personally think that Toy Story would make a GREAT world in Kingdom Hearts! You could have Woody (Or Buzz) as a party member, and if there would be 2nd visits, (Which there won't be probably) the 2nd visit there could cover the event of the 2nd movie! How about that?

You know what else would be a great world? Notre Dame. For one thing, not only is it something that never happened before, but if they do it right, they might also include Kefka Palazzo as a secret boss (Hey, he at least fits into the evironment, even though he is technically Italian and not French, seeing how his outfit would at least pass as well as the fact that both he and the movie that Notre Dame world originated from are supposed to be extremely dark. Weedle McHairybug 13:02, November 14, 2010 (UTC)

Let's talk Disney movies. There are still a lot of movies to add and movie storylines to finish.

Agrabah- they have completed the original and Return of Jafar, the next storyline that should occur next would either be Nazira's Revenge (look it up if you've never heard of it) or King of Thieves...personally I would love to see Jafar's sister make an appearance in the games.
Port Royal- they still have to add the rest of the trilogy in.
Atlantica- Morgana should make the next appearance, and this time they can add Antarctica to the world, definitely would be a needed change-of-pace. Unfortunately Megan wouldn't be born yet, so how that might affect the storyline is unknown to me.
Atlantis- this is a much needed area to be explored.
The New World- both Pocahontas movies could be added, although who the party member would be is impossible to figure out exactly.
Deep Jungle- interesting idea for it to be a comeback world.
Castle of Dreams- A Twist in Time was a great storyline, and if it were to be put in the Kingdom Hearts series it would be pretty cool.
Beast's Castle- Although it looks like they completely avoided adding Gaston to the KH storyline as well as Forte, they could add both of them still.

I'll post more ideas soon. --Jacobmirror 23:37, November 17, 2010 (UTC)

I'm hoping for Space Paranoids in KH3. Tron: Legacy style. Tron could be the party member again, with a Clu-type boss. And lightcycles. Atlantis would be cool too. END OF LINE. 06:18, January 11, 2011 (UTC)

Vonfrank - Number XIII
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The worlds I expect to see are:
  • Destiny Islands - Sora and Riku are there when they get Mickey's letter so its reasonable to assume it may be the first level.
  • Mysterious Tower - Yen Sid said that he wants to hold a Mark of Mastery Exam so Sora and Riku will have to head there at some point.
  • Radiant Garden - Its probably the most visited world in the series, so it should be in HK3 somehow.
  • Port Royal - The second and third Pirates of the Caribbean movies need to be covered here.
  • Space Paranoids - Tron: Legacy. Plenty of story to go on, easy to turn into a KH level.
  • The World That Never Was - The last place that Roxas and Namine were technically "alive", so that may be where Sora has to go to bring them back.
  • Twilight Town - Overall, a very important place in the series and the last place Xion was "alive", possibly where you can bring her back.
  • The Realm of Darkness - Aqua is stuck here, so you will have to go get her at some point in the story since she is the only one who can navigate Castle Oblivion.
  • Castle Oblivion - Ventus is still sleeping here and with Aqua's help you can go rescue him.
  • Keyblade Graveyard - I can see this as being the place for the final confrontation between Master Xehanort and Sora. Xehanort has to be removed from Terra first of course.

I'm sure that other Disney based worlds would be put in there too, but I feel that the worlds I have listed are MUST HAVES in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Well, the Mark of Mastery is gonna be covered in KH3D, but I bet the Mystery Tower will be in KH3 somehow. If they do Port Royal, it should be based on "On Stranger Tides," rather than all the drama of Pirates 2 and 3. I'd love to go back to TWTNW, but does it even still exist? 17:58, January 17, 2011 (UTC)