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think they should make a KH game for the Nintendo Wii? I do! Here is what my ideas would be: It has been almost 1 year since the events of Kingdom Hearts II. Sora, Riku, and Kairi are relaxing at the beach on their island, when they notice a familiar darkness; The Hearless have returned! Sora, who dosn't have his Keyblade anymore, finds his toy sword lying in the sand and decides to use that. Kairi and Riku also try to help. But the Heartless are outnumbering them, so Sora decides they need some backup. He releases Roxas, his Nobody, While Kairi follows suit and does the same whith her Nobody, Namine! That's a power I think should be introduced in this game, that whenever a character has a Nobody form, the have the ability to spit and reunite with it at anytime. Anyway, after figting the Heartless, Sors and Friends stop for a breath. but that is soon interrupted by the most evil Heartless of all; Darkside! He knocks out the boys with a brutal blow, and when they wake up they see that Kairi and Namine are gone. Suddenly a flying ship appears. Sora instantly recognizes it as the Gummi Ship. It crashes and out comes: Suprise! It's Donald and Goofy! After happily hugging each other, they then suddenly look worried. Sora sk what's wrong and what their doing here. Donald and Goofy explain that Disney Castle was attacked by Heartless and Queen Minnie and Duchess Daisy were kidnapped by Heartless! They then pull out a letter from King Mickey that states that the Heartless are back and are no kidnapping maidens all over the face of the Earth and other realms as well. The letter also claims that the King sent Donald and Goofy to help, abd went out on a topsecret invatagte and rescue mission himself. Sora is concerned because he dosn't have his Keyblade. Suddenly his toy sword undergoes a drastic transformation, turning into Sora's trademark weapon! He hears Mickey speaking in his mind and telling him it is once again time to release the hero whithin! So Sora, Donald, and Goofy set out on the biggest, most dangerous, and most epic adventure yet! Now here are some of the controlls: You play with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. To move Sora, simply push the control stick in the direction you want him to go. Pushing the stick a little will make Sora walk and pushing it in all the way will make him run. Press the A button to make him jump The game also lets you search for hidden secrets using the Wii Remote! simpily use point the remote at the screen to reveal the pointer at any supicous object and press A. To activate Keyblade mode, press the + button. To use the Keyblade, you need only swing the remote! To put it back...Well... think about it! If + draws out the weapon, what button would you press to put it away? Hmm? anyways that's all I got! I hope i didn't get too overboard here!

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You're all morons.

Talk_Bubble_Legend_zpsa9c4698c.png I do NOT think Kingdom Hearts should be on the Wii. It's a good console, but Kingdom Hearts is too good for the Wii. Also, Sora would never lose his Keyblade.

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You're terrified, aren't you?

For Wii? No. Any other console BUT.

But what if you don't have a PS? Then what... I... Um ... Uh... AARGH! My mom won't let me have a Playstation 2, alright?! I want one so badly, but no! "There too expensive" Mom says. "We can't afford one now" she says. You think I would request for this if I had one? I only have a Wii, so that's why I hope they make KH for the it!

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You're terrified, aren't you?

You DO realize PS2s are down to, like, 60 bucks apiece, right?

I know! I know! I'm sorry! It's just that I...I just thought It would be easier than having to pay for a PS2. Besides i thought it would be a good iea at the time. Oh and about Sora's Keyblade; I never said he loses it. I said he...Well; have you ever heard of hammerspace?

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You're terrified, aren't you?

I'm pretty sure that's in the Keyblade's article.

And how would buying a Wii be easier than buying a PS2? A new Wii costs 220 bucks.

I dn't say buying a Wii! I have a Wii! I meant that it would be easier if they I could get KH for the Wii, instead of having to spend 60 dollars on a PS2 then having to pay another big fee for Kingdom Hesrts! If i did that, I'd be in the poor house!

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Now, about the whole Wii idea, definately not. Wii was popular for about the first year and a half its been released, but I havent touched my Wii in a year. Kingdom Hearts should just stick to Sony in my opinion. ANd now for you're story, Im not trying to be mean, but EVERYTHING in your story sounds really bad. Obviously Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be related to the note they receive in the ending of KH2. Also, Roxas and Namine cant just fly outta Sora and kairi's bodies like "Hey Guys! Whats Gewd!" I highly doubt that there will be anything big to do with Roxas and/or Namine in Kingdom Hearts 3. And then for the whole sword thing, you cant flippin defeat a heartless with a toy sword. Plus, if Sora didnt have his keyblade with him, he could just summon it like every other time in Kingdom Hearts. As for the Kairi and Namine kidnap thing, Nomura wouldnt do that. Period. Its waay to stereotypical with games lately, and Nomura's games are more than unique, so just no on that. So that takes out the whole Minnie and Daisy thing. And as for Donald and Goofy, I have nothing to say because every other part of he story has holes in it. So....sorry to be rude, but I had to say it.
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I'd just like to say that the whole "Wii is no longer popular" is absolutely incorrect.
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You're all morons.JFHavoc 07:52, December 8, 2009 (UTC)

Talk_Bubble_Legend_zpsa9c4698c.png I agree. The Wii is still very popular, but I think Kingdom Hearts would suck for the wii. It's like a whole other dimension. The GBA and DS were able to pull it off but the Wii cannot.

I'm new to this whole KH business ok? The only game i've played is CoM, so i don't know all the details! that's why my storyline is so bad! I'm not an expert like you! I'm sorry if I caused any problems. Why don't we just forget this whole subject? This topic never happened. I'm moving on to bigger and better ideas. I promise, I won't start another topic like this again! No siree bob! but I didn't cause trouble, did I?

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Lol, can you imagine how hard it would be to play Kingdom Hearts on the Wii? with all the complexe moves that they do. Hollow Bastion in kh1 would be hell.

This may be a good idea, but I don't think people would like the idea of slashing ememies almost every simgle second.(With their arms)Not everyone likes the idea of Square Enix changing between systems. If they do make a KH game for Wii, I hope that it'll have a lot of mulitplayer and wifi options.Keyblade0 15:56, June 25, 2010 (UTC)Keyblade0

(WHO ARE YOU?! Seriously guys, could we at least try to remember to log in or sign our work?) All confusion and pointless yealling aside, I'm kind of neutral but leaning towards what the "New-Guy" is sudjesting (I'm calling you "New-Guy" untill I figure out your user name so try to bear with me on the nicknames, I'm no Xigbar). I'm not to sure about the story ( pocket/hammer-space or not, his first instinct would be to summon his Keyblade, not jump for his wooden sword as if it were KH1 again) but the idea of a Kingdom Hearts game coming out on the Wii is something to consider. I'm not saying that it would have to be a main game, infact a spin-off or side-story would probably be the only way it should be alowed on the Wii, but the idea of the KH franchise comeing to other consoles is inevitable (the Wii is about, eh, semi-inevitable). I'm not sure how it would work, but if Nomura does plan on putting a KH game on the Wii, he will probably come up with an idea that would make that work some how, wheather motion controlled attacking or Wii-mote curser based reaction commands would be included though is yet to be determined (although I definatly don't want Sora to needlessly attack every time I move around or someting). But what ever Nomura plans, I'm sure he'll have function in mind, so I'll go with what ever happens in the future ( although an X-Box 360 KH game would be a nightmare for me, I'm sure), but it's not like anyone's saying that it's KH3 that's going on the Wii, that's for sure (PS2 or PS3 maybe, but nothing else). As for your PS2 delema, "New-Guy", I kind of agree with what everyone is saying. If you or your Mom had enough money to get a $220 Wii, then you would have to be in a poor-house if you don't have enough money to buy a $60 PS2 (you could probably get it for even less on amazon). And don't lie to us when I say this, because I just know that your Mom probably gave you the whole, "If you want something so baddly, then start saving up" or something, and since I don't know your age, I would guess that you're somewhere between a lemonade stand and working behind the counter of your local movie theater (that's my dream for a first job anyway). But I don't want to sound like a know-it-all (although with comments as huge as this, I probably already failed ages ago XD), so your solution is up to you, just don't feel afraid to listen to others opinions first. And sorry about the nickname, but it beats "whatshisface" (or "tiger", "kiddo", or "poppet" XD). AROS 09:39, June 25, 2010 (UTC)

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BlizzardRCOBlue.png Excuse me, there're PS2 emulators on the Internet.
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Don't worry, Mysterious Person, after a few months of saving up money, you'll be able to buy at least a PS2(Used is cheaper), and get a Kingdom Hearts game, or two. (Buy KH2 so you could understand the story of it, and improve the story you made.)

But not before playing Kingdom Hearts 1 or Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories first, if you havent watched videos of them on youtube already. And most importantly, no matter how logical it may seem, never, ever play Kingdom Hearts 2 after Kingdom Hearts 1 before you have fully played through or have seen the entire story of Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (you could even get by with the original Gameboy game, but you would really be missing out on a bunch of 3D PS2 version exclusives)!!! I swear, it would toltaly spoil it for you, well maybe not intirely, since you would be following Sora, and he will have absolutly no idea about what was going on. But, since you know about all of this with out playing the games, I guess it doesn't really matter. But you should still play all of the PS2 games (there's only three), you know, once you get you hands on a PS2 (you know, maybe we should just call you Emphatic Entity, ya know, cause some else already gave the BbS secret boss that name but the name its self might not last any longer than the page did). AROS 16:36, June 25, 2010 (UTC)

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Vsymbol.png If you ask me, I think Wii would be a very interesting and unique console for Kingdom Hearts.

...But not on its own. If Kingdom Hearts is released for Wii, it has to be a multi-platform game. Square needs more of those, anyway.

the wii's horrible all my freinds say thatKhruler 23:35, June 29, 2010 (UTC)

LegoAlchemist - They changed "Snipe Magnet" to "Magnet Grab"? Who's translating this game, 4kids?
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Vsymbol.png Well, you should stop listening to your friends and actually play one, because it's a very entertaining console. Only it doesn't have a wide variety of titles.

i did play it once an old friend of mine had to show me how bad it was i played it went through a tutorial i did all the moves it showed me and it didn't anything and his had been store bought the day before i played itKhruler 01:20, July 1, 2010 (UTC)