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Okay, maybe this is just my opinion but i guess from the nomura interview he said that two more spin-offs and finally kingdom hearts 3 will be announced. I was estatic when i heard that kingdom hearts 3 is finally coming out, but 2 more spin-offs? I mean i love the series to death but there has been 5 games released so far plus birth by sleep and coded. I mean unless the two new spin off titles are birth by sleep and coded. I just hate how they have taken a series and are milking it for all its worth. Tell me if I am wrong, but am i?Spanky92090 16:40, March 27, 2010 (UTC)Spanky92090

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i agree with oddish if they put in kh3 and in the opening amv it shows stuff that was suppose to happen in the spin offs but the spin offs were not created we would say "where did that come from"
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Vsymbol.pngI disagree. If they jumped into Kingdom Hearts III right now, it would be a huge mindfuck and disaster. They can't wrap it up in KHIII, in my opinion. The next two games are supposed to connect everything, which I want. And who cares if the series is being milked? As long as the games stay good, I really don't give a crap.

I agree with Oddishh, too (except I'm responding underneith his bubble *a little confusing-much, eh Khruler?*). Releasing a #3 before the two spin-offs would be really confusing and frustraiting (trying to translate from cuss to friendly-disney-language style), especialy if the two games lead up to KH3, although for all we know, they could be yet even more redone versions of the current spin-offs, but that's not likely, so they are definatly new games. I really hope there are no final-mix's for the spin-offs because swap magic only works for PS2, and lets face it, any spin-offs are most likely going to be on a hand-held system since the main-games thus far have been on the PS2 (although this creates a complex for whether or not KH:CoM/Re:CoM can be considered a main-game or a spin-off). As for a PS3, if they made a game and a final-mix for it I would probably live, but I still wouldn't know what to do. Also, I think Utadda Hikaru would have to make a new song or two because the opening movie for KH3 would have to be very long to show snippits of the entire series, plus we pretty much due for a new song that isn't "Simple and Clean" or "Sanctuary" for once (why doesn't KH:coded have an opening movie?). Please bear with me and my long comments. AROS 15:05, April 3, 2010 (UTC)