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TALK - Don't Fall Asleep. --19:35, February 21, 2010 (UTC)
how did you get invovled with kh and ff? i got invovled when my uncle got the first kh game and it seemed amazing to me so i bought it myself and then i found ff series with cloud when it showed final fantasy VII at the top in kh2

My first FF game was Final Fantasy VIII. I was pretty much surprised to see Squall in a crossover, though at first I didn't recognize him till there was mention of his original name. I hadn't gotten into KH up until KHII

Me, well, its sort'a complicated. See, I remember seeing a commercial about it when I was somewhere between 6-10 years old, when I was living in Caralsbad. I was a kid, I played with my best friend a lot, and I didn't watch Disney Channel as much as Cartoon Network (before it was RUINED!) or Nickolodian, exept for Playhouse Disney, you know, that old Preshool Program block from morning till noon that we all saw as kids at some point? Still, the point is that I didn't get into Disney much except for the movies, so I wasn't really intrested in the commercial, plus I couldn't remember what it was like at the time (Still cann't) because I was an absent-minded, fun-loving, adventure-seeking kid, like Sora was when he was 4-5, so I couldent have cared less. I also remember seeing a commercial and Disney 365 anouncement about Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (Gameboy) along with Tron 2.0 Killer APP (I think) and it kind of grabbed my attention for a second (I think I got confused between adds where the kid playing Tron is having his arms digitized) but I later passed it off. Some years later, a year or two after I moved up to foggy Monterey Bay/Pacific Grove, I was reading an issue of Disney Informer Magazine (I miss it so) when I noticed in the gaming section that some 10 or 12 year old girl from Ohio was featured for her outstanding play of Kingdom Hearts 2 (which was weird because KH2 wasn't even out yet, maybe an inported version, but hardly worth mentioning in an AMERICAN magazine). Suddenly I was impressed with the screen shot and I remembered (faintly) those adds I saw from my past childhood, and decided it would be neat to play that game (KH2, which I didn't know was not even out yet), so I bought Kingdom Hearts first, played it, and I LOVED it! I couldn't wait to play KH2, until I disocvered that Chain of Memories came before KH2, so I tried to get that first. Unfortunatly, my younger brother, who didn't quite understand that 2 dosen't always come after 1, rented KH2 before I even ordered KH:COM, and since he was bad at it, I just had to help him, and eventualy I got emersed in it instead (THANKS FOR THE SPOILERS, BRO! DX). So, by the time I got KH:COM, I already knew who Axel, Namine, and everyone else was, but I played it anyways (well, I got stuck on Riku Replica IV, but who didn't? So I watched the ending on Youtube, that spoiler was my bad this time, but eventualy got back to it and beat the game!). And then I pretty much followed KH2FM+ (which, ironically, I played BEFORE KHFM! XD) and every game afterwards after that and here I am now! AROS April 1, 2010, 09:32 (UTC)