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So we now know (thanks to KH 2.5HD Remix) that Kingdom Hearts III is going to connect directly with Kingdom Hearts χ - which was sort of already expected because of how important the Keyblade War will be in Kingdom Hearts III. What we know so far is that one of the Chirithy wrote about how its had six apprentices, and before he vanished he entrusted five of the apprentices with the Book of Prophecies - which can dictate future events and unleash power that can create worlds and beings of its own. These five apprentices were given new names and would later become the Foretellers of the Anguis, Ursus, Unicornis, Leopardos and Vulpeus Unions. The Foretellers were shocked by what was prophesied within the final pages of the Book of Prophecies - which stated that the war in "that place" (The Keyblade Graveyard?) will lead to the defeat and destruction of Light and result in an eternal darkness enveloping the world. To prevent such a thing from happening, the Foretellers used the power of the Book of Prophecies. My guess is that since Ephemera was convinced that the worlds other Keyblade wielders had visited to collect Lux were fake, that this means that the Foretellers created those worlds to stall the spread of darkness by confusing the Heartless (maybe?) - which is why we keep seeing the same characters and worlds even in Kingdom Hearts χ despite how far in the past it's meant to be.

Next, in the cutscene released from KH 2.5 HD Remix, we see Young Xehanort talking with Braig while Dilan, Even, Aeleus, Ienzo, Isa and Lea all lay on the floor nearby. During their conversation, Young Xehanort mentions that Keyblades were originally meant to be passed down, but with the emergence of more and more Keyblade wielders came more and more Keyblades. In present day, Xehanort's Keyblade is the oldest Keyblade - but Young Xehanort had yet to obtain it. The cutscene ends with Braig asking who will be the last vessel of Xehanort's heart - to which Xehanort only replies "S-". Given that this cutscene appears to take place before KH3D it's likely that he was referring to Sora. But the real important part is Xehanort's Keyblade. It's the oldest Keyblade now, but Xehanort didn't originally own it - he merely obtained it similarly to the way that Mickey sought out the Kingdom Key-D. The only question is when? Also, noting the similarities between Master Xehanort's Keyblade and the Keyblades of the other four Foretellers (Faces of Animals + a blue eye) - it seems safe to assume that Master Xehanort's Keyblade belonged to the sixth apprentice who did not become a Foreteller and likely fell to darkness instead, who I believe was the χ-Unknown. As an added thought - is it just a coincidence that there were six apprentices, just as Ansem the Wise had six apprentices who later all served under Terra-Xehanort? For some reason I see this having been another attempt by Xehanort to carve out a nice little niche for himself in time, you know - maybe try and recreate the Foretellers under darkness rather than light and then make the remaining 7 of the 13 Seekers of Darkness their acolytes? Idk, I'm just spit balling here and that seems a bit of a stretch, but who knows. All in all though I imagine that the Foretellers' Keyblades are either destroyed or a part of the Keyblade Graveyard, master less.

Finally, we have the cutscene between Maleficent and Pete in KH 2.5 HD Remix. Here we have Maleficent and Pete wandering around the Realm of the In-Between by the look of it shortly after Maleficent's defeat (either her defeat after Re:Coded or 3D, Idk which). Anyway, Maleficent reveals to Pete that she wants to obtain the Data Worlds to potentially obtain the Book of Prophecies, as the worlds were created by Jiminy's Journal through the memory of the worlds that were ingrained within it. I think she's hoping that she'll be able to hack her way through and locate the Book of Prophecies so that she can use it to her own personal gain by locating the true Book of Prophecies afterwards. Personally I think that since the creators have been playing Maleficent up as something of a joke as of late, it seems only rational to assume that she'll succeed somehow and become the next major villain by unleashing whatever it is that shatters the light (The Krawl!? :D - I can dream). With that I think it'd be a nice little segue into the next major focus of KH after Xehanort - be it The Keyblade War or The End of Light.

As an aside, in one of the teasers for KHIII we're given two friends talking, and it's generally assumed that it's Eraqus and Xehanort in their younger years as apprentices. In the teaser, assumed Xehanort asks assumed Eraqus about the story of the Keyblade War which their master always liked to recite - yet Xehanort brings up the "Lost Masters", which Eraqus denies knowing anything about. Xehanort then quotes the Book of Prophecies by saying "On that land (again, the Keyblade Graveyard?) shall darkness prevail and light expire" - only to accuse Eraqus of having already known that. First of all, my guess is that the information about the destruction of light and the Foretellers (who I'm assuming are these "Lost Masters") is passed from Master to apprentice and that Xehanort and Eraqus' master trusted only Eraqus with this information. With that being said, how would Xehanort have known about the Foretellers and the Book of Prophecies in the first place? The only possible answer I can come up with myself is that Ansem SoD told him when they first met on the Destiny Islands - which is also likely where Xehanort was told to seek out the Keyblade of the presumed Dark Apprentice/χ-Unknown(?)'s Keyblade.

Something I'm slightly confused about however is Chirithy - a kind of Dream Eater that appears outside of the Realm of Sleep (at least I'm assuming that Kingdom Hearts χ takes place outside the Realm of Sleep - as Heartless can't enter said realm). This kind of works for me - like it means that Meow Wow can return as a Dream Eater conjured by Sora, and he'll likely stay as it seems as though Dream Eaters in the conscious realm seem to only disappear when their master does as well. Plus, I do believe the creators already stated that we haven't seen the last of Dream Eaters like Meow Wow - so I can't wait, I just want an explanation as to how.

All in all things seem to be coming together rather nicely and I can't wait for Kingdom Hearts III - and though it seems unlikely, I hope we get to see the faces and learn the names of the six apprentices (Foretellers + One)! xD (Levi657 (talk) 02:59, 4 February 2015 (UTC))

You got the gist of it and it's really coming to together quite nicely:D I'm not sure if the Foretellers will really have an impact on Kingdom Hearts III, it's more likely that their story will probably resolved in [chi].
The six apprentice and their new names may either be a sign that time repeats itself or that the Keyblade Master Xehanort uses is influencing him more than we know (or even he knows), following a plan that is much, much older than him.
Anyway there are still many unanswered questions that will probably be addressed in the coming months:
What are the Emblem Heartless exactly (are they even real, why do they only drop LUX and Guilt but no hearts)? Who are the players and are their Keyblades fake (as they can only used with fragments of the Book of Prophecies)? When does [chi] takes place exactly? With the data projections, Spirits walking around and even Mickey visiting it could be well even after DDD, even if it's hinted by Ephemera that the world is still united. Who is traitor in the ranks of the Foretellers? Who is the Unknown? Is the master of the Foretellers sleeping somewhere to create the Chirithy? Is he someone we already know? So many questions:-) --ShardofTruth 09:41, 4 February 2015 (UTC)