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I have BBS now. And here's my opinion on it.

Super great game I LOVE it. But here are some things I want to throw out there.

I don't think its good to compare Aqua and Kairi anymore. I know that it was probably Nomura's intention to make them alike but he made their face so different.... just in case anybody doesn't realize Kairi has her set facial features now because well I mean seriously how much more is she going to grow...... and her face is just to...round to compare to Aqua's and the hair style is way to different. The most that their hair is the same is the bang in front and that's it..... gameplay wise. Aqua's the in between one in my POV. She's got some great combo attacks that can cause enough damage. But unlike Ven her combos aren't as many.

On Terra. He is awesome. I didn't really like him when I first saw him but having the game makes me change my mind soooo much. He's cool. ;) And gameplay wise he is powerful when you start off with him. But you have to remember as you continue the game the items and attacks you equip on you characters will determine who is more powerful.

Ven is just Ven. He's sweet he's innocent very much like a kid compared to the other two. In game he's got a lot of combo attacks. Unfortunately as usual combo attacks won't cause as much damage and larger attacks but it will afford more hits. By the time you get around level 9 or so though you should be fine.

SOME HELPFUL TIPS Well I only got the game about five days ago and was on vacation so I didn't play it much. Now that I'm back home and still have summer vac I can play it a lot I would think. So far I've learned that the lock on attack is VERY helpful in leveling up and good with the larger enemies. For example with the Bruiser its better to use a lock on attack. To fill up your focus bar target the smaller easier to take down enemies I.E. the Flad or at times the Scrapper. With such an easy way to level up it would be a good idea to level up quite a bit before facing a boss which can cut down the amount of time you spend on that boss quite a bit.

The whole age thing. Aqua is most probably the SAME age as Terra. Why? Because the scene showing Ven first being introduced to Aqua and Terra show clearly that Ven started his training about a year or maybe the same year as the events of BBS and also show that Aqua and Terra have been training for quite some time together. Also another proof is the Master Qualification Exam. It probably only seems that Terra is the oldest because of his height but the maturation and more adult attitudes of both him and Aqua suggest otherwise. Therefore Ven is definitely either only fourteen or fifteen but the ages of BOTH Aqua and Terra range from sixteen to eighteen and most likely the latter or so. The only problem. It's true she treats both guys with a brotherly relationship but I guess....well I forget when or where I heard it but I heard something about Nomura keeping space open for love relationships so their are 'possibilities' or something like that. And while he may have failed concerning Sora and Kairi he made quite a good attempt with these three. Aqua show a bit of affection for both guys. But I would think that she would more likely go for Terra because the age difference wouldn't be so drastic(depending on how old she really is. She still has a chance with Ven I THINK.....) but I'm pretty sure Terra has something against her for becoming a Master when he didn't.....still though they show a similar range of affection and understanding for each other and I think its hard for Terra to dislike Aqua because she likes him as a best friend and wouldn't harm him...But she does show a good deal of affection and worry for Ven...I haven't finished the game so we'll just have to see when I do...

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how could u get its not released in america

Importing from Japan. Same way that people here can play the Final Mixes. BlackSoulBlade 21:54, July 29, 2010 (UTC)

Yeah you could import from Japan but the way I see it since the game is coming out in English and I'm getting that as well I have the iso of the Japanese one....Aerith Zack 04:23, August 18, 2010 (UTC)

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I got mine 2, 3 months ago! I used game patch to make the game work on any CFWs and english patch to understand some things there! It may only be me but playing Ven kinda reminds me of Sora, but with a little more speed and it's awesome. Aqua and Terra are both awesome too! I can't wait for the NA Release!