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Hi everyone.

I was wondering if anybody had some information that I needed. I am currently going through Prima's 1.5 HD guide and have been making numerous corrections to it. I am currently making corrections to the Gummi Ship section of the guide but I need some help from you guys in order to make it like I want it.

-Pictures of the new Gummi Ship Blueprints, preferably in high resolution and in the same style as this site for consistency (Need to be no bigger than 100X100 pixels as I will be putting them into an Excel spreadsheet. If they are too big, they won't fit)

For reference, these are the new ones:

Moogle Valefor PuPu Cerberus Tonberry Ixion Pandaemonium Gilgamesh Phoenix Eden Bahamut

-The size of the new gummi ships (and the old ones if they changed in Final Mix) as well as the required parts to build all the the blueprints from Final Mix and Vanilla (I hear the required parts changed from Vanilla to Final Mix)

-A basic description of what the Thunder/Thundara/Thundaga/Comet/Meteor/Ultima Gummi Blocks do when used.

Also, just so I know, do the Gummi Ships that come from blueprints have any special properties to them that are unique to each blueprint, or are they just like normal ships in how each of the blocks used to build them function?

I would do this myself, but I lack a PS3 and a copy of 1.5 HD in order to do so. I would really appreciate the help, and the pictures would really benefit the wiki.

As far as I know the special blueprints don't have special abilities, these are coming solely from the blocks. You can find the images LexisMikaya already cropped here and the topic where we talk about the stats and other things here. If the images are too big for your purpose you have to resize them, something that even Paint is capable of. ShardofTruth 20:52, 26 February 2014 (UTC)