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Keyblade-Blk.png So, since we follow many of the things that the Final Fantasy Wiki does, I would like comments on this idea. I noticed the other day that the FFWiki has a page on Kingdom Hearts, because of its connections to Final Fantasy. So, would it be a good idea to, in turn, create a page for the Final Fantasy series? Personally, I'm a little iffy on the idea. My issue is if the page started to have too much content that din't relate to the Kingdom Hearts series. What do some other Users think?
TALK - 19:14, 9 July 2009 (UTC)
Well the Final Fantasy wiki is a bit more open on their articles while this wiki is more centered in the Kingdom Hearts Universe, that's why they have articles for people like Amano and Nomura like we don't, so it's natural they have KH article while we don't have a FF article. I say no, but that's just me.