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Hi guys! So, I'm making this fan fiction that I mentioned before on my home page, Kingdom Hearts Reconnect (the one done by my alias, Kyle XY). I have gotten as far as publishing and submitting the first two chapters (which aren't much, considering that the first is the opening movie and the second is an extention of the last KH2, KH Coded, and KH BbS secret ending scenes). I want this to sort of feel like a "nerve cooler" until the true Kingdom Hearts III comes out in, how many years again, 2, 4, 20? But, considering how KH 3D was announced around the time I started, that just completly threw me off my "game" and now I feel pressured to keep this alternate fan-based timeline/universe to the real one as possible. So I decided to make it a trilogy, each one with a "D" word in the title having to do with the story (this first one is called "the Deity"), eventually compiling into what will be called the "3D's Saga". So my order is this: Beginig of Sora's new adventure with a new foe, Sora's defeat leading to the adventure of another (this is where my soon-to-be famous Original Characters come in, or infamous if you, like me, don't care for other people's O.C.'s too much), and my version of a KH3 where Sora is back putting an end to my 3D saga and the Xehanort Saga (in my universe, though it won't nearly be as epic as what Nopmura has got planed for us I'm sure). So I'm stuck on the first story. I was originally going to make it a KH/Super Smash Bros. cross over (based off of a pretend game that me and my little brother play) but after considering how clitche' we made it and how long the story goes (I don't even think we are at the middle yet, we have been playing it for at least 4 years now, talk about time) I've decided that instead of having it be a total "pick-up-S.S.B.-characters-and-travel-across-the-entire-universe-with-them-in-search-of-a-giant-pair-of-gloves" story like we have it, I'm trying to go in a more "Kingdom Hearts direction" with it. So I'll just cut the long banter and give you what I have so far (this is bold incase you just wanted to get to this point and skip the long intro above):

Sora and Riku decide to leave the islands and speak to King Mickey about their quest using the Star Shard (that the king just so happened to have left in the secret place when they were last there) to meet with him, Donald, and Goofy at Disney Castle. Once there, the King uses the Star Shard to take them to Mysterious Tower to talk to Yen Sid, while Donald and Goofy would arive later to pick them up in the Gummi Ship. Once there, Yen Sid explains to them the states of the worlds, their duty to save "those who need healing", the threat of a new group of video game based villains led by none other than the Master Hand, and the imposing threat of Xehanort's return. It is then that he informs Sora and Riku that they must go on their quest to save the worlds and eveyone else, but also insturcts Sora and Riku that in order to prepair them for the threat that is Xehanort, they must take a Mark of Mastery Exam...

And pretty much I'm stuck on what to do after that. I already have all of the worlds and characters to be introduced, but I don't know what to do with the main plot as far as the mark of mastery exam goes. So here's where I need your guys' help. What do you think I should do with the Main Plot/Mark of Mastery Exam? Should I have Sora win but not Riku and a whole sub plot based on Riku's hidden shame and jealousy towards Sora (again); or should I have Riku win and use the Kingdom Key to find his precipiet, Terra, while at the same time trying not to fall down the same dark path as he did, while Sora tries to save eveyone while trying to cope with still wielding a Keyblade (either Kingdom Key D or Star Seeker, possibly Way To The Dawn, but that would be weird) , but not being a Keyblade Master; or should both pass and progress with their journy while at the same time discovering their duties as Masters; should neither succeed and they try to prove them selves again; or should the Exam take course over the whole story untill the bitter end? And what of their journies? Should they embark to save eveyone, should anyone be saved yet (this is a three-story plot line you know), will some be saved, or none, and if anyone, who should be saved first in order for everyone else to be saved, too? I can follow with what ever you guys think is best, I just need a single board build off from so that I continue the track of this "Ghost Train" of a fan fic. Please leave sudgestions, and do try to bear with me and my overly long Xemnas-like speeches (I've never divided into parahgraphs before). Thank you! AROS 11:10, November 13, 2010 (UTC)

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Oh yeah. This should be on the Fanon wiki.

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Even if I'm asking for sudgestions, because I'm not posting it here or anything, just And it would really suck to type this ALL over again (serves me right for always typing so much on these forums).

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you can copy-paste it you know -.- and Maggosh is right, you should ask this on the KHWiki Fanon. Which is right here>>

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Yeah, but I would still have to make a new profile to edit on that site wouldn't I? If I would, that would seem like a waste of time (even if I alredy did that once). Then again, maybe it doesn't really matter.

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Actually, your account for here is basically your account for all Wikia. All you have to do is go to the URL Ventus mentioned, and re-post your question there.

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Allright, it's all done. But I still feel like an outsider over there with my username in the red, but what can you do? I hope I can get some sudgestions now (but not too many, because I'm not sure I am too keen on my fan story being intertwined with someone else's).

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Ahah! Maggosh has a different profile on Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki! You lie Blackhearted Knight, YOU LIE!!! Now I feel like I REALLY DO have to make a new profile for KHF Wiki, at least a new AROS one (though I guess I could just copy and paste).

...What? maggosh has the exact same account, under the name "maggosh". Are you saying that because he has more edits there than here? Edit counts are independent on each wiki. What do you mean that your username is red? Just make a userpage, then. Oh, and your story is your property... kind of. Nobody else can use it without your consent. KRCCFNF is tired of being STEPPED ON.

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Um, ok. I was just refering to the fact that Maggosh just has another account there, I didn't even bother to look at the edit count. And by this time I have already made a userpage (copy & paste, GOD's gift to ALL!), and I almost have my template copy & pasted as well, the problem now is that I can't upload my talk-image (the one right there) due to copyright realated stuff. I didn't know where to correctly find one in the first place because Redeemer & Destroyer made my talk-bubble and talk-image, and since the only way I can copy & paste this image is by doing so from someone else's similar image (which I'm not sure is excepted but for me thats a big no-no). I guess I could as R&D to help me with that again but I don't want to be burden and it might take a while. Still, what else do I have to do (I guess I could go several days without a face, just like the Sorcerer Nobody!)? On the bright side, at least two people responded to my forum (though only one of them actually answered my question, well, the first question anyway), so that's a start.

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