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Hello I have a question to ask the KH team about the games in general

First off all we the KH fans are well aware that the KH 1 north American release as well as the KH 2 American release was remade into something else

KH 1 final mix and KH 2 final mix plus chain of memories

Know I don't mean any disrespect to the creator of this grand series but i don't think that it is right that japan has a copy of these two games while we don't and the reason why is that the ones japan has, has English voice acting throughout the game, i mean whats the point in that if it's released in japan only and people from japan buy it why have English in it, there really is no point

Know first off why can't America get a English version as well, you already have all the voice files prepared all you would have to do is change the lettering on the menus and etc.. and walla you have a English version, pretty much what im saying is that there is really no excuse why not to

you have the resources to do so, all you need to do is change the text to English and that's pretty much it as well as with the programing it isn't really that difficult to change it over so it can work with our ps2

lets face it it's a good idea, with the new games announced and inside KH fans heads you can re release these two games for us as a sort of consolation package give us something while we wait for the new games to come out to tide us over, it's all planned out and you have the resources to do it there really isnt any problems you would run into

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I do have to agree on you on that part. Nomura did say that the final mixes can be released outside Japan but only as a "trump card". But I would really like the Final Mixes in America and other PAL regions but it just depends on Square-Enix's descisions, etc. But just to compensate for that, you can just buy the Final Mixes via Ebay or something like that since it already has English Voice Acting so if I were you I would go for that.

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Vanitas Sprite KHBBS.pngto be fair though, the only scenes in the final mixes with english voice acting are the scenes that appeared in the originals that we recieved, so to release them in english it would take some considerable time and money, but you're right it would be nice

well it is true that i can always buy it but then i have to buy a japanese console to play it and not even that i wouldnt be able to play because all the menus are in japan so i would not know how to get anywhere

anyways all im saying is that the final mixes have more battles and a ton more scene to boot as well as a better understanding of the storyline i think we should have a copy to we are KH fan's

Luna XIV High school never ends! Or so I thought... — 23:06, June 30, 2010 (UTC)
Well, considering that there have been a mulitude of fan reactions towards having the KH final mixes being released outside of Japan and the increased costs of getting a Japanese console plus T.V etc...we should be at least thankful that there are some remakes of the original KH games (like Re: Chain of Memories and soon to be released Re:Coded for the DS) that are available in the US and other PAL regions. Though I do think it is unnecessary to go out to extra expenses just to get a full understanding of KH and KH2. Like I said before, the only time that Nomura will be releasing both Final Mixes in other countries will be used as a "trump card".

ALl im saying is that it is really ironic because the final mix really does not make sense the actual ts already recorded in english all they have to do is just translate the text it makes no sense, especially english voices for the japanese, its like they'll release in america with japanese voices and english text lol and lets face it the final mix comes with a lot more, i mean if its japanese release only it's not making sense why they botherd to put any form of english in the game

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FA icon.png To answer your question (since I play FM and FM+ myself) :

The English versions of the voices are mainly because of the Disney feel that it originally gives - Japanese voices would not do the trick. However, KHIIFM+ is in Japanese/English, in that the player can hit L2 and R2 to switch between English and Japanese voices.

As for the additions, many of the Japanese additions, which we appreciate here on the wiki, are not appreciated by the general American/European audience. Like, the Pink Agaricus in KHFM for example. Now that's one addition which I consider plain irritating. The Japanese love quirky stuff, they've been known to love things which we ourselves find hard to appreciate.

Note though, that not all of them get their hands on the Final Mixes. The first ever KH release is a beta, which comes out in Japan, then the full version is released in America and Europe, and finally, Final Mix is released, albeit the American/European version with a few more additions. So if they had already finalised all voice acting for the US/EU versions, then I doubt they can ever change it.

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