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Earthshaker Keychain KHBBS.png Well, the Draw-off was a huge success, and it inspired me to do my own version. An abid artist (gotta love alliteration) myself, it inspired me to make my own "Miniature version" that would be held much more frequently. Please read my update to my User Page, and contact me with any questions.
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And by some chance, I had brought my dice along! — 05:08, December 17, 2009 (UTC)

Keyblade-Blk.png I sure wish we had put a copy right on Naminé's Drawoff. I'm going to stop this before it even begins. Also, that wasn't alliteration; abid and artist have two different /a/ sounds.

The Naminé's Drawoff drawing competition was designed Yer mom and I to serve as a year's end celebration. This isn't mean to be copied, or it loses its entire value. This is an original project by Yer mom and I, and your copying and wish to have it in frequent motion actually offends and disgusts me. This competition was meant to be special, a celebration for the wiki's community. If you just keep doing it all the time, it loses its worth, and makes it worth absolutely nothing. So, if you were to do this, there would be absolutely no way the Kingdom Hearts Wiki would ever have a drawing competition again. Also, this wiki doesn't encourage fan art. You think that constantly asking people to submit fan art is helping that cause at all? No, it will make it worse. We actually had an issue with the drawoff for that very reason, and it shall not pass so easily for a farce such as this. Plus, this is a wiki. By definition, a wiki is a source of information open to the public that allows its viewers and community to help it grow, develop, and improve. Having a fan art contest for no reason will not help the wiki at all. In fact, it will draw attention to non-wiki matters when we are trying to fight them. For these reasons, I wish for this copy not to held on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki.

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Maybe, ah, have the drawing contest up on your site, ENX, and just have an external link on your user page/talk page pointing people towards it? That way, you could have monthly contests, and it doesn't make any problems here.