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  • translated by KKoro
    • Nomura "would not necessarily say the monster is Terra's Heartless", even though it does imprison his heart.
    • The Ultima Weapon-looking dudes are "Replica Xehanort"s.
      • Techs include:
        • Combo Attack (連続攻撃 Renzoku Kougeki?, lit. "Continuous Attack") (physical)
      • 振り上げ (physical)
      • 縦回転突進 (Vertical Spin Rush) (physical)
      • 横回転突進 (Horizontal Spin Rush) (physical)
      • something (thunder)
      • something that 6/7 bodies do when HP is 75%: 波状雷撃 (Hajou Raigeki, lit. "Waves of Lightning")
    • One of Ansem's techs is "Dark Laser"
    • Ultimania calls them "Form in Toy Box" (トイボックスでの姿), "Form in The Caribbean", "Form in Monstropolis"
    • Concept art lables them "KH2 Form", "Guard Form", "Magic Form", "Power Form", "Speed Form", "Ultimate Form", "Anti Form"
    • The suitcases are called "Trunks holding new clothes". Kairi's has pink emblems.
    • Marluxia and Larxene's "names from when they were human" are Lauriam and Elrena.
  • Mickey has lucky emblems on his soles.
  • Mickey's new Keyblade takes design cues from the Star Fragment and Kingdom Key
  • Riku's new Keyblade takes design cues from the Kingdom Key
  • Chess Wind pieces (these are guesses based on the clear pics of the pieces, or confirmed by trailers, they are not labeled in ultimania):
    • Sora (Oblivion token), Riku (WttD token), Kairi (Namine's lucky charm), Mickey (KKD token), Terra (EotE token), Aqua (Stormfall token) Ventus (WW token)
      • Also, light of the past was Starlight tokens
    • Master (No Name sigil), Ansem (Monster sigil), Xemnas (Interdiction), Xion (Final Boss Xion sigil?), Saix (Lunatic sigil), Young (No Name token), Marluxia (Reaper sigil), Vanitas (VG token), Larxene (Foudre sigil), Xigbar (Sharpshooter sigil?), Vexen (Frozen Pride sigil?), Luxord (dice sigil), ?? (weird spiky V)
      • Also, EotE token is Terra-Xehanort
      • Very unclear whether Dark Riku or Demyx maps to the spiky V.
  • per tiny robot
    • Saix "rejoined the organization to atone" -- implying he is the one who helped Vexen's plan
      • PA: Full text states he is the one who started the plan to revive Roxas and had that goal since he was brought back into the new Organization. He invited Vexen into the Organization so that he could make a replica body for Roxas.
    • 9-12 were invited in order to find an ancient keyblade wielder
      • PA: Keyblade wielders. They're getting confused because of the Japanese lack of singular and plural distinction.
    • Eraqus's ancestor is one of the dandelions
    • Demyx's replica was used for Roxas
    • The lady of magic from the future in secret report 11 is Maleficent
    • Final boss is "Armor Xehanort". No explanation of design cues
    • Sora's statement of "they can take your world" is from the end of KH3, and shows his mental state
    • "the person who Namine most wants to see" is Riku Replica
    • Namine was sent to Final World with Kairi, then left Kairi's body when Kairi was executed
    • Nameless Star is implied to be someone who Sora already knows
    • Sora misused the power of waking to pull his friends' hearts back to the realm of light, isntead of merely waking a sleeping heart, causing a singularity that overwrote reality and made it as if it never happened
    • The new Roxas is Roxas's digital memories within a replica, with Roxas's heart
      • PA: More that they used the data from Twilight Town to create a better replica for Roxas. Priming it.
    • Marluxia finally recovers his KHUX memories
    • Larxene is drawn to Marluxia, and joined the new org to follow him
    • Xemnas was looking for the chamber of waking NOT because of Terra's bond with Ventus, but because Ventus was an ancient wielder (also implied that Xehanort knew this too)
    • Recovered Terra is the past heart of Terra from the past, within the current Terra's body
      • KKoro: Nomura, please remember this means Terra's heart has to go back. Please stop forgetting your own rules.
      • TSH: If Terra-Xehanort was recompleted, so was Terra's heart.
      • PA: The heart from the past is Xehanort when he was controlling Terra's body. Terra's heart is from the present and is stuck in the guardian, allowing the Organization to stuff past Xehanort's heart into Terra's body.
        • KKoro: That would mean little robo mistranslated that bit, so we should confirm it, but that also fails to explain why Terra is not older, and why Terra's Nobody(?) body would still have the monster attached to it. Nomura chose the messiest solution to this debacle.
    • Terra's heart traveled between the monster and body over and over. Monster's real name is "うしろの人" ("the one behind")
    • Lingering Will disappeared after Terra was recovered. Suggested that Terra regained his armor and Keyblade together
    • New org does not have numbers, but if they did Master would be 1, Ansem 2, etc.
    • Young Xehanort predicted Sora would disappear for misusing power of waking
    • Maleficent used a similar method to travel from KHUX to KH2 as the ancient wielders did
    • Maleficent thinks the Book of Prophecies is in the black box
    • Scala ad Caelum is Daybreak Town
    • "Lost Masters" are the MoM, Foretellers, and Luxu
    • the "Wild Card" is the key to Sora's revival
  • Dengeki (per goldpanner)
    • While Anti Form is Sora getting completely stained by darkness, Rage is just him in a rampage state
    • Nameless Star already appeared in the series
    • The Replica Xehanorts are replicas

It's not even funny how little of this actually makes sense... Even for Kingdom Hearts standards. Part of me is glad I'm done with the series after KH3.  :| --Samoa Joe (talk) 17:33, 28 February 2019 (UTC)

Nomura-sensei really needs to stop making the series so convoluted. He's making more work for us. T_T--NinjaSheik 22:09, 28 February 2019 (UTC)
One part of me wants KH to go back to the simple ways of KH1, while another part of me is real eager to find out how Nomura is going to make this impossible mess even messier. There are just so many nonsense twists upon twists within this series. - Joseph Thorn Dalton XCVSymbol Character - Vanitas.png
Thing with KH1 though was that Sakaguchi was around for it. He was both producer and mentor to Nomura at the time, so he could easily reign him in. Since he's gone, Square is just continuing to enable his incomprehensible, unfiltered imagination because it prints money. --Samoa Joe (talk) 23:01, 28 February 2019 (UTC)