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Please listen to what people are saying. When someone says they aren't done with a page/template, it means they aren't done, that it's incomplete. If someone says that it's not fanon, it's most likely not fanon.

In the Bleach Wiki, I found a nice template used for the Espada that would work perfectly for Organization XIII. It had just the right amount of spaces for all of the categories (Rank, Name, Original Name, Epithet, Attribute, Weapon Type, Main Weapon, and Subordinate Nobodies). I copied the template over to KH Wiki and began changing the Espada information to the Organization information. However, half way through, I had to go and so it was saved, though not posted on any page, incomplete. Since then I haven't had much time to work on it. When I finally got enough time to complete it, it was deleted. Why? The admins' reasoning was because 'it was fanon'. No, if you had listened to my previous replies to your questions about the template, and used the reading capabilities I'm asuming everyone here has, then you'd have realized that I was replacing the Espada stuff with Organization stuff and wasn't done. So, for the love of all things pure and holy, LISTEN TO WHAT PEOPLE TELL YOU. And please, don't tell me to "calm down" because I have the right to be angry for having a project I thought would improve the Organization XIII page deleted because admins can't comprehend information. No, I don't want everyone to think I'm just bashing the admins out of spite. I'm not. I'm just wanting to remind everyone, admin and otherwise, to actually listen to what people are saying instead of just going with your original assumption.

Thank you.


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Keyblade-Blk.png The Kingdom Hearts Wiki's team of administrators, and regular community, has absolutely no trouble distinguishing between in-game and fanon material. And, quite frankly, we all have the ability to read. We're aware when a template is incomplete and what makes an article fanon.

When an article like "Kingdom Hearts 3", "The Angry Video Grame Nerd Saves Kingdom Hearts!", "Kingdom Hearts Headquarters", "Groudon Fire", or any other fanon articles, they are very simple to identify. A page is not deleted for lacking in information; similarly, a page is not deleted for not having enough or all of the information concerning its subject. If an administrator deleted an article you were constructing, it was for good reason. We also have a handy-dandy Under Construction template for these situations. A template, on the other hand, should not be directly created incomplete. Not only do we already have an infobox for Organization XIII that contains those statistics (and more!), but the template should have been modified on another wiki or your userspace. Also, I do not identify any qualities of this template you were constructing that is superior to the current one.

The Kingdom Hearts Wiki is also a wiki that has a large, friendly community that is nonetheless of a lower age demographic. Because of this, and our of sheer respect and common sense and manners, you should not come on to this wiki, or any wiki, and start telling the administrators what to do. Administrative functions are a hard thing to earn; if a user have them, they know what they are doing. We have a low-tolerance policy for user-bashing of any kind, including insulting a large group of users for their judgment and actions.

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I didn't leave a deletion summary, so please don't make claims on why I deleted the template.

To be perfectly honest, when I deleted the template, it wasn't because it was under construction or in the wrong space. I deleted it because it was never going to be useful, and there was no conceivable place to use it. Although, as far as I can see, nothing on that page said that it was under construction, and I'm not going to check every talk page contribution you've made to see if you might have explained somewhere else why we should keep a useless template.

BebopKate - This one is Zazzles...because he's Zazzy!
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I'm sorry your first experience here had to be such a negative one. That said, you seem to have enough experience at other wikis to know that each wiki also has its own rules and etiquette. Just to check, did you look over any of the links in the welcome template someone places on your talk page, for example? We have provisions in place (including a Manual of Style) for large projects such as the one you attempted. We also believe strongly in community (not just admin) input before massive changes are made so that the pages remain consistent and work for as many members as possible. The Forums or the Organization XIII talk page would have been excellent places to receive input and assistance from other editors on such a project before you even started all that work.

If you would still like to help us out around here, you're certainly welcome to. If you're ever unsure of how things operate around here, all you need do is ask another editor or a staff member for assistance, and we will be glad to give you a guiding hand.