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Earthshaker Keychain KHBBS.png When I attempted to create a KH game and send it to Nomura, I had the idea of putting Davy Jones and the Kraken in KH as the villain and final boss fight for that world. What do you think? Should he appear with the beast in a future KH title?
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A Kraken-like Heartless would probably work better, but Davy would be a good boss for the pirate world.

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Earthshaker Keychain KHBBS.png Well, in my original concept, the Nobodies had taken over Port Royal. Since Davy Jones cut out his heart after Calypso's betrayal in the movie and is now, in his own words, a "heartless wretch", Davy Jones would be commanded by Luxord (believing him to be a Nobody) as Lord Beckett did in the film. And The Kraken would be something extra. It was a Davy Jones Fight then the Kraken battle. I can describe these if you want, as I created a move list for them...
  • Disney world - Disney Castle
  • Final Fantasy world - Traverse Town, Hollow Bastion
  • Cartoon world - Wonderland, Timeless River
  • Coliseum world - Olympus Coliseum
  • Jungle world - Deep Jungle, Pride Land
  • Desert world - Agrabah
  • Spooky world - Halloween Town
  • Underwater world - Atlantica
  • Pirate world - Neverland, Port Royal
  • Ultimate world - Hollow Bastion, Twilight Town
  • Broken world - End of the World, Castle Oblivion, The World That Never Was
  • Minigame world - 100 Acre Wood
  • ??? world - Monstro, Space Paranoids, Beast's Castle, The Land of Dragons

I think Disney Castle, Radiant Garden, Olympus Coliseum and 100 Acre Wood are going to have to stay in future games, but the rest of these types are good for replacement. Pride Land is the only one which has any story left to cover, and Lion King 2 wasn't that great anyway.

And actually, I disagree with you. Port Royal could still have a story...we'd just have to think of a way to bring Davy Jones in....I had the idea of Jack continuing a search for his heart.Endless Oblivion

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that would be cool

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TerraCharm.png Thanks.

I think that there should be. And you could have Vaan + Penelo or Balthier + Fran from ffXII as partners.

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If they're going to include Port Royal odds are they're going to follow the movies. So most likely it's going to be the first trip will be focused with Dead Man's Chest with the boss being the Kraken. Bottom-line: Jack and so when you return to the world before the 2nd visit you cannot enter him in your party. Then they do At World's End with the 2nd visit and Davy Jones will be the boss and I think Lord Beckett will be teaming up with the bad guys (Organization or otherwise).
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i agree a cracken nobody or heartless would be awesome

Davy Jones and the Kraken? Sounds like a great idea, although I would prefer if they were either natural enemies that wasn't influenced by anyone or pawns of Sephiroth.--Pkthis 18:56, September 13, 2009 (UTC)