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Items-44-Herc's Shield.pngI was thinking about the last two absences left, Riku's and Mickey's. I'm kinda obsessed with those because they have sort of been announced in the Director's Secret Report XIII. Nomura said that Mickey's absence will be in the Realm of Darkness. In A fragmentary passage, The King was in his Chain of Memories outfit with the Star Seeker in the Realm of Darkness which could hint to his own game. Nomura has also said the Mark of Mastery will only be part of KH3D:DDD. See here for evidence [1] (10th paragraph-ish). If Mickey goes to worlds in the Dark Realm, he'll probably go to remnants, like when Aqua found the Castle of Dreams, doing something like help repair it somehow. For some reason, I think they may make a movie for this one like FFVII: Advent Children. My other idea is that since the Mark of mastery doesn't span out the whole game, and since it is Dream Drop Distance, Riku may remember/dream when he was with Maleficent which is why he is in his KH1 clothes. These are just theories with backup evidence. Feel free to speculate or expand on the idea.