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Birth by Sleep's North American website was updated, accompanied with this screenshot:


Notice how Master is capitalized. I am well aware that in previous works, it has been spelt "master", but there the title hardly meant anything; back then, Sora was just plastered as one and we had no idea about what a Master really is. It means the most in Birth by Sleep, as it actually serves as one of its plot points, and the true duties following it are revealed; not to mention it is quite a prestigious position, and it seems awkward having one word capitalized and the other not. That is why I think, wherever possible, it should be "Keyblade Master" as opposed to "Keyblade master".

Thank you for your time.

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Keyblade-Blk.png To expand on what Maggosh has said, the term "Keyblade Master" has never been important in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, or Kingdom Hearts II. Sora was our main guy, there were very few others to fit the term "Keyblade Master". It is only recently that we figured out just what defines a "Keyblade Master" and what their duties are, I assume the term was capitalized because of this new importance.

What also must be taken into account is that the Kingdom Hearts series has been conceived as it has grown. We know this from Nomura stating that he came up with Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep during the end production of Kingdom Hearts II, it was never planned from the beginning. Furthermore, Kingdom Hearts II was never planned during the development of Kingdom Hearts. Because of this, I think we should use the most recent form of this term, since we should be keeping up with whatever Nomura is going to throw out at us with this type of growth for the series.

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Isa_bbs.png so... Keyblade Master it is? Sounds good to me.
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Vsymbol.png It didn't really matter that much in the first place. It's always been a title, and titles are always capitalized. Sounds fine to me.
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I was watching the scenes in Re:chain of memories, and I noticed Vexen saying Keyblade master, not Keyblade Master
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....right...That's not what the point of the discussion is, though.