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Fire Blaster

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Fire Blaster
(ファイアブラスター Faia Burasutā?)
Gif of Fire Blaster
Snipe enemies from astride Tatsu Blaze. Use Circle Pad to turn and hold A to fire a barrage of bubbles.
Attack Element Power Reaction
Status Link Gauge Use
Bullet Attack Command Fire 0.4 1 1.1%
Burst Attack Command Fire 3.0 4 1.1%
Link Gauge Usage Combo Length
6.6% per second

Fire Blaster is a technique in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It allows the user to fire volleys of bubbles at targets.


Fire Blaster is a Link Attack that drains the Link Gauge by 6.6% per second. The Spirit can be turned with Circle Pad and fires when pressing or holding A. The bubbles have a chance of trapping enemies, with the exception of bosses, in bubbles, which burst when attacked or after 2 seconds, damaging enemies around it. Both the shots and exploding bubble deal Fire-elemental damage.

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