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Cure Potion

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Cure Potion
(キュアポーション Kyua Pōshon?)
Use potions packed with Cure effect. [Defense skill. Cost: 1 MP.]
Attack Element Power Crit
Deflect Recoil
(Cure) Max MP x3 +9[KH I]
Max MP +15[KH I FM]
(Cura) Max MP x3 +27[KH I]
Max MP +27[KH I FM]
(Curaga) Full HP restore[KH I]
Max MP +36[KH I FM]
AP Cost 3 MP Cost 1
Cure Potion
(キュアポーション Kyua Pōshon?)
Restores the Party's HP. MP Cost: 99
Attack Element Power Drive Value Deflect Finishing
Cure Potion
AP Cost 3 MP Cost 99

Cure Potion is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. It allows the user to use a special potion that casts Cure magic.


In Kingdom Hearts, Cure Potion is a combat ability exclusive to Ariel that casts Cure magic on a single party member. It is a Defense skill that costs 3 AP to equip and 1 MP to use. Cure Potion becomes stronger when Sora obtains the second and third power of healing.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Cure Potion is an action ability exclusive to Riku that restores one party member's HP by 60% of their maximum HP. When Item Boost is equipped, the recovered amount is increased by 1.5 times. It costs 3 AP to equip and 99 MP to use.

Learning Cure Potion[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • Ariel has Cure Potion as a default ability.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • Riku has Cure Potion as a default ability.

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