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Counterattack (カウンター Kauntā?, lit. "Counter") is an ability that appears in Kingdom Hearts. It allows the user to immediately attack after parrying an enemy's attack.


In Kingdom Hearts, Counterattack is a combat ability that costs 2 AP to equip. Successfully counterattacking restores some of Sora's MP. It also always inflicts a Critical Hit. Counterattack can also be deflected, and it can be performed from any form of normal recoil, from both an attack being deflected or successfully guarding. If Sora is wielding a Keyblade that's listed as being "difficult to deflect", he cannot be knocked off-balance when blocking/parrying an attack that would do so otherwise, and will instead react with normal recoil. This allows him to perform Counterattacks more often.

Learning Counterattack[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix[edit]

  • Sora learns Counterattack at level 15 with the Dream Sword, 45 with the Dream Shield, and 57 with the Dream Rod.

Other appearances[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Counterattack is Sora's Down special move. When used, Sora goes into a Guarding stance with his Keyblade and grounded opponents that hit Sora in this state will be staggered, and Sora will launch a swift upward slash to counter. The move can also reflect projectiles, though it does not reverse their direction. Opponents can still hit Sora from behind without triggering Counterattack.

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