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(Is this an eligible topic?)

Hello! I'm new, and I bear exciting news. Disney has hired there NEW Mickey Mouse Voice Actor. His name is Bret Iwan. Unfortunately, there are no audio samples floating around the internet. Hopefully, there will be soon. Now, no Birth By Sleep delay! Maybe Bret Iwan will become a legend just as Wayne Allwine was! (Let him rest in piece)

Also, sorry if this has already been touched upon

Firaga44 - Dissidia is awesome!
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wow really?that's cool but i don't think he'll be any better then wayne
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FA icon.png Finally, the vacancy's filled. Let's hope it'd be something as good as the previous Mickeys I've heard (but not the one in Re:Chain, please).

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lets hope he doesnt turn out as bad as Ash from pokemon diamond and pearl, the original ash was so good -.-'
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FA icon.png Disney = quality standards. It's always been this way, let's hope it'll be this way.

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yeah it's bad enough they changed my favorite character's voice i hope they don't ariel's or any other disney character voice

Can't wait to hear what the new Mickey Mouse will sound like. I suppose if he sounds different, it could be that much time has passed since the event of Kingdom Hearts II...--Pkthis 18:58, September 13, 2009 (UTC)