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I like looking over the block logs, but if I ever go to a blocked person's page, I see no template there. Also, the Template:Sock has never been used, when there have been multiple socks. If someone can explain this, I would be very thankful. User:ZexionTheGamer/Signature

In my case? I honestly just forget they're there. We have a lot of admin templates to keep track of. I'm lucky if I can remember the correct one for warnings. Wikia also kindly lets you know if you've been blocked, so I feel the block template is a bit, well, redundant. BebopKate 22:20, April 11, 2010 (UTC)

I am just thinking for other users, I mean unless we check the block logs Something I enjoy we won't know if a person has been blocked or banned. I understand it is forgoten, but shouldn't we at least go through the block logs for those that havent' expired and put the block or ban template on? User:ZexionTheGamer/Signature