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Wind Armor

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Wind Armor
(大気の守り Taiki no Mamori?, lit. "Atmospheric Protection")
Protect yourself with a cloak of air. [Defense skill. Cost: 1 MP.]
Attack Element Power Crit
Deflect Recoil
(Aero) None 0%
(Aerora) None Max MP x2 +6[KH I]
Max MP x2 +8[KH I FM]
(Aeroga) None Max MP x2 +6[KH I]
Max MP x2 +8[KH I FM]
AP Cost 3 MP Cost 2

Wind Armor is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts. It allows the user to summon a whirl of air for protection.


In Kingdom Hearts, Wind Armor is a combat ability exclusive to Tarzan. It is a Defense skill that costs 3 AP to equip and 1 MP to use. It casts Aero magic on one ally. The effect of the ability depends on the number of times Sora obtained the power of wind.

Learning Wind Armor[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

  • Tarzan has Wind Armor as a default ability.

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