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That's not becoming available at rank up, though, that's becoming available after a mission. The official guides say pretty explicitly that they all become available at that rank, and the fact that you had to lump the Crisis Gear like that indicates how wishy-washy the component-based determination would be.Glorious CHAOS! 01:57, June 13, 2010 (UTC)

I don't understand how that would be at all helpful. The reader would look at it and think they can put it together at so-and-so rank, when they can't, while in this manner, it's just covering when the synthesis recipe is made available. Thus, "Rookie" is the legitimate (i.e. correct) information.
If someone is actually looking to make the gear, which would be a more practical way of looking at it, giving an approximation of the rank isn't as useful as just saying where and when you can get the ingredients - which we already do. Furthermore, to do it your way, we'd have to have someone going through for each recipe everywhere and figuring out when the last ingredient can be found earliest, which is inordinately time-consuming.
From the very nature of synthesis, as would be obvious to most readers, you have to have the ingredients. So, a reader looking to build the item would already know that, no matter what the page says, they need those ingredients in order to do anything. Therefore, giving a false approximation of when you can first make the Gear would not only be incorrect, but also largely useless.Glorious CHAOS! 03:11, June 13, 2010 (UTC)
Oh. Well, in that case, it's an incredibly bad idea.
For it being "useful" - just because it's "possible" to farm the ingredients at that earliest point doesn't mean that it is at all wise, and so if we wanted to replace the canon stats in order to best hand-hold the reader, we'd say "Wait until the end of the game to synthesize this, and even then only if you are a completionist." Pandora's Gear+ is pretty much the only Gear worth synthesizing, and possibly the only ITEM worth synthesizing, in the entire game. The rest of the gears are not at all worth the time and effort required to find the ingredients and munny to make them.
For it being time-consuming - yes, it is. I can speak with personal experience that it will be a hassle to go through, build the remaining synthesis pages up enough to find the earliest drop point, and then actually go through for every recipe in the series and list when they are first synthesize-able. And then to go through with the Japanese game and check that, since the placements and some recipes are different.
As to the information being "legitimate" - what if someone changes the mission listed there? Either as vandalism, or because the Japanese game has different ingredient placements, or because the gamefaqs guides list something else? Right now, an editor can simply check the official guide, say "Nope, that's wrong", and revert the false edit. With your system, they would have to first notice (!) that the number was wrong, then go through all of the above checking, and then (if they are responsible) get paranoid and check everything else. Again, this is incredibly time-consuming, and the only way to prevent it from happening in the first place is to totally lock down the articles from all editing, which is against our mission statement.
Next, if we wanted the synthesis sections to be a walkthrough on how to create the item, we'd have bits on "Oh, you need the Dark Crystal for this recipe? Set up the Lucky Lucky combo, then go to Land of Dragons and fight Air Pirates." We don't, (1) Because that would be messy, and the articles are aesthetically served by having formatted, regular text, not an assortment of varying and random tips, and (2) because the pages are not walkthroughs. We have actual walkthroughs if people want to be taken through the game. The articles are meant to give all the official information on the topic, so that the player understands it better.
Finally, and this is more just a personal annoyance, why are you even critiquing my perceptions of what would be "an inordinate amount of time" for a wiki task? Honestly, what giant amount of work have you done to help out that would give you such arrogance?
However, if this is an idea you are truly committed to, why place it on the Gears page (I'm assuming you were just going to do it here, and not finish the job you'd be creating everywhere else on the wiki, I may be wrong), when it would be better suited for the Missions pages? Those are actual walkthroughs, and it would be entirely appropriate to have a paragraph on a mission article saying "You can now synthesize X and buy Y, I recommend one or the other."Glorious CHAOS! 05:06, June 13, 2010 (UTC)