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Terra, Ventus, and Aqua each have different capabilities, and can only use a poriton of the game's commands. In the following tables, an "0" appearing under a character's name in a given entry signifies that the character can buy, equip, and meld that command. If there is no "0," the command will never appear during that character's quest.


Most commands take only a single space in your Command Deck, but a few ultimate commands take two or even three.

Damage Type[edit]

Many abilities deal damage of a certain elemental type. If you can pair the right elemental type with your foes' weaknesses, you can deal additional damage. Commands with no type listed either deal damage of a non-specific type or no damage at all.

Max Level[edit]

Most commands gain levels as they earn CP. They beocme more effective when their level increases, dealing slightly more damage or having longer durations, for example. Most ocmmands can be melded only when they reach their maximum level.

Command Gauge[edit]

Like basic attacks, most offensive commands offer a boost to your Command Gauge, and some of them can be quite sizeable.

Reload Time[edit]

This stat shows the amount of time, in seconds, that a command must reload before it can be used again.


A command's class (basic, advanced, or ultimate) typically comes into play only when melding. The recipe items that can show you the results of melding are divided by class. You can meld commands without them, but you'd need the Mega Attack Recipe, for example, to be able to preview a melding that would make an advanced-class attack command.

Shop Level, Buy Copies, & Value[edit]

Many commands can be purchased at Moogle Shops, but certain conditions must be met before they appear on the shelves. You begin the game at Shop Level 1, and your Shop Level rises by one each time you complete a world's main quest. So, you won't see commands listed as Shop Level 4, for example, until you're into the fourth world of your adventure. Items with no Shop Level must be found or created through melding.

Some commands have the "Buy Copies" box marked with an "0." In those cases, the command appears in the shop as soon as you acquire a copy of it through some other means, allowing you to sell or meld your copy and buy a replacement later. Copies of commands are added to the shop's stock immediately, even if you haven't yet reached the command's Shop Level.

An item's value determines the price you pay for it at the shop, if it's for sale at all. Even items that can't be bought have a value, which is reflected the the amount of Munny you get if you choose to sell it to the shop. Base commands sell for half of their value, but are worth more Munny if they're leveled up or have abilities attached.