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I can make talk bubble images, but not with any kind of Adobe Photoshop. If you want to make simple, beginner talk bubble images, feel free to follow this guide.

Let's get started. Obviously, open up Fotoflexer. Link: and click upload a photo.


Let's make a Jeremie avatar. Let's see the images I have for Jeremie. Simply click on an image you want to make into an talk bubble image.


Next, let's see which tool to use. Click on the Geek tab. Then click Smart Scissors.


Use the Smart Scissors and create the section that the smart scissors will "cut out" the image for you. Make sure proportions are right, because I guarantee you don't want to use the eraser tool to get rid of huge spots you don't want. When you are done, click Create Cutout.


Now you have your cut-out. What to do next? Click Load Another Photo.


Open up the image background for the talk bubble image, if you have it.


So now you have the Jeremie cut-out picture and the talk bubble image background. What to do next? Well, if the talk bubble image background appears too small, change the zoom to 100. Then, click the Decorate tab and then click Fill.


See all of the color choices. Choose any color you want. Then, when you pick your color, make sure you click the gray part of the talk bubble image background to make the gray the color you want. Then click done.


What you wanna do now is shrink the Jeremie picture to see if it fits and get rid of the extra spots using the eraser. If the photo is behind the background, click Layers and move the image in front of the background. The Erase option is in the same tab as the Fill option.

step9c.jpg step10.jpg step11a.jpg

Not quite done, but you're one step away! Simply just save the image! Anywhere you want on your computer or laptop! My files are very organized, and it helps to have folders and folders in folders.

step12.jpg step13.jpg step14z.jpg

All done! Here's the finished image: jeremiepeaceout.jpg

TIP: You may have white spaces on your final result, which causes the image to shrink a little. In order to keep the image its original size, make sure you use the Crop tool on Fotoflexer to crop the image to original size.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you need any specific details, contact me on my talk page.