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Personal goodies


Whether you're contributing on a talk page, sharing your opinion in a forum post, or participating in the local Mirage Arena, signatures are one of the truest ways to express who you are.

To sign your name on a talk page post or other personal contribution outside the Mainspace itself, simply write four tildes following your comment, like this: ~~~~ . That will ensure that both your name and date are posted along with your comment.

When you initially sign up for the Wiki, your default signature will look something like this: Soxra 17:00, December 31, 1969 (UTC) ... however, you can edit your signature to be customized, to represent you and express yourself creatively. There are two ways you can customize it...

  1. The first and easiest way is to go into your preferences menu, and put the content of your signature in there. You can use regular Wiki markup here, including links to your User & Talk pages. Just make sure you check the Custom Signature checkbox in the Signature section!
  2. The other way to set up a custom signature is a little more complicated, but allows you more versatility with your signature. In your Userspace, create two pages: User:YourUsernameHere/Sig and User:YourUsernameHere/AutoSig (substitute your username in place of YourUsernameHere). The User:YourUsernameHere/Sig page contents should be exactly what you want your signature to be (without the timestamp; that's generated automatically). On the User:YourUsernameHere/AutoSig page, simply put {{User:YourUsernameHere/Sig}} (again, substituting in your own username). In your preferences menu, all you need to put is {{SUBST:User:YourUsernameHere/AutoSig}} to complete your signature. Now, whenever you wish to change your signature, you may simply edit the User:YourUsernameHere/Sig page.
    Note: If you intend to include pictures in your signature, you must use this method!

Regardless of how your set up your signature, please remember to conform to the KHWiki Signature Policy!