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Light, Darkness, and both combined


All are deceased


Counter Part)

Home world

Destiny Islands

Other residences

KeybladeWarrior Academy


Keyblade Wielder


Kingdom Hearts Legend's Quest

Keyblade Masters

Master Xehanort, Master Xesthan


Kingdom Key, Kingdom Key D, Oath Keeper, Oblivion, Ultima Weapon, Fresh Breeze, and Lost Memory


My Youtube account, SSJProtecter can be found if you copy and paste this:

It would be great if I spent time talking to all of you on Youtube, so send me a friend invite.

Now I'll say things about myself: Favorite Kh Characters:Sora 1, Roxas 2,Ventus 3, and Vanitas 4. Favorite Kh I own: Kh2Fm+ Favorite Kh game I like: KhBBS. Favorite Disney Characters: You've got to be kidding me! If you knew me I don't like disney! But, I do like Beast,Jack Skellington. and Tron. Favorite FF Characters: I don't know that much FF ,but I know some. Anyways they are Squall or Leon(same person),Cloud,Auron, and Zack(since I have a friend named Zack I call him Zack Fair for fun sometimes and he's ok with it which is why we laugh about the subject). I'm 15 years old. My birth date is 10-14-1995. I'm male(it's not so hard to figure out. This is just for idiots who find my user page). Relationship Status: Must we get into this! I don't like any of the sexes, but I'm straight(weird huh?). One could say I'm a non-sexual. I like being alone. Anyways here it is, Single.

Death Roll

1: Your sibling dies 2: Your teacher dies 3: Your friend dies 4: Your parents die 5: a random person dies 6: *multiplies into 3 dice, making 666* You will die! *kills you* 7: The last person you were thinking of dies 8: Your best friend dies 9: The mailman dies 10: You die, but get brought back to life 11: You live, for now! *licks knife and laughs evilly 12: Your boyfriend/girlfriend dies

Death Roll V-2 There are rolls 1-12 If you get a 2, flip a coin, and if it lands on heads, it is 1.

1vs com Each side picks 5 numbers that decide which kill them, the 2 unchoosed will be safety rolls both live.

2 Players- Same as above

3-Players Each Player picks 4 rolls that can kill them

4-Players Each Player picks 3 rolls that can kill them

5-Players Each Player picks 2 rolls that can kill them, the one not chosen is the safety roll.