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First Meeting

First Meeting
[13:59:35] troisnyxetienne [] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[13:59:36] <LightMouse> OH,great,without the burecrats we can't start
[13:59:37] <Caelum|Waiting> i KNOW he'll be her
[13:59:38] <the17master> He is now
[13:59:40] <maggosh> trois!
[13:59:40] <the17master> TNE!
[13:59:41] <Caelum|Waiting> TNE!!!!!!
[13:59:42] <maggosh> :D
[13:59:42] <LightMouse> hi TNE
[13:59:44] <troisnyxetienne> ^_^
[13:59:47] <the17master> And we were just talkinga bout you XD
[13:59:48] <troisnyxetienne> EVERYONE
[13:59:49] <troisnyxetienne> SALUT
[13:59:51] <LightMouse> YAHOOOOOOOOO
[13:59:51] <troisnyxetienne> :D
[13:59:52] <Dan36> TNE =D
[13:59:54] <Caelum|Waiting> we were just talking bout u like 2 min ago
[14:00:00] Caelum|Waiting hugs trois
[14:00:05] troisnyxetienne hugs Caelum.
[14:00:08] <Dan36> It's time!
[14:00:10] <Dan36> Go Go Gadget Meeting!
[14:00:18] LightMouse glomps TNE
[14:00:20] Caelum|Waiting [46fd27d1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as Caelum_
[14:00:24] <troisnyxetienne> *nods*
[14:00:31] <the17master> The <s> court</s> meeting is now in session
[14:00:33] <troisnyxetienne> Now who might be more well versed in this subject than I am ?
[14:00:57] <Caelum_> right now we're waiting for kryten
[14:01:09] <troisnyxetienne> I see.
[14:01:10] LightMouse [bd6b08d5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as LM|Waiting_KK
[14:01:16] Auror [4c696ece@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[14:01:17] <Asif> Alright, I'm in too.
[14:01:19] <ErryK> I'm pretty sure Kryten knows the most about the whole audit thing. :/
[14:01:21] <Caelum_> chitalian, roxas, and soxra aren't here but, knowing them, they'll most likely come
[14:01:22] <the17master> Hi Auror!
[14:01:23] <LM|Waiting_KK> hi Aurorrrrrrrr
[14:01:28] <Caelum_> auror!!!! :D
[14:01:29] <ErryK> But he's not here so...
[14:01:33] <Auror> Hey guys, maggosh just told me about the meeting.
[14:01:36] <troisnyxetienne> Well, we'll have to wait.
[14:01:49] <LapisScarab> Hi Auror. DTN's here, so could probably start, but we really should have a B-crat too...
[14:01:56] <LM|Waiting_KK> 17,drugggggggg
[14:01:57] <troisnyxetienne> We'll wait for Kryten.
[14:02:02] <Caelum_> does any1 know if shard or ninja's comin?
[14:02:09] <the17master> Can anyone contact him somehow?
[14:02:09] <ErryK> Shard's here already.
[14:02:10] <T_I|Crappyarticl> Shard is here already
[14:02:22] <Caelum_> sorry my bad
[14:02:26] <Caelum_> ninja then :)
[14:03:07] <Caelum_> gee i hope one of the admins have a checklist of the members or something :P
[14:03:23] <T_I|Crappyarticl>  <---Kryten's not on the wiki at the moment.
[14:03:31] <LM|Waiting_KK> drug
[14:03:31] <troisnyxetienne> RND toldm e about it, but I was called here at the last minute.
[14:03:34] T_I|Crappyarticl [18a7f435@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as KRCCFNF
[14:03:43] <troisnyxetienne> told me*
[14:04:04] Randomnessity [d07bf059@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[14:04:05] <Caelum_> you don't neccessarily have to be on the wiki to be on the irc
[14:04:06] <the17master> It's 2PM in his place, right?
[14:04:10] <Caelum_> RANDOM! :D
[14:04:11] <LapisScarab> Hey Random
[14:04:11] <the17master> Hi Random!
[14:04:22] <Randomnessity> Oh, hey, it's TNE and Lapis.
[14:04:22] <Caelum_> heheh said it first
[14:04:25] <troisnyxetienne> Random
[14:04:27] <troisnyxetienne> SALUT
[14:04:27] <KRCCFNF> I know, I'm just saying that if he isn't there, then he isn't here.
[14:04:29] <troisnyxetienne> :D
[14:04:30] <LM|Waiting_KK> Caelum_: I agree
[14:04:32] <Randomnessity> SALUT
[14:04:32] <Randomnessity> :D
[14:04:37] Auror [4c696ece@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as Asorailahd
[14:05:10] <LM|Waiting_KK> if KK appear ,please ping me
[14:05:21] <Asif> tick, tick, tick... oh, hi everyone. </awkward>
[14:05:33] <Caelum_> nice :)
[14:05:34] <the17master> Ohai thar
[14:05:45] <LM|Waiting_KK> yahooooooooooo
[14:05:47] <LM|Waiting_KK> hi
[14:05:55] <LapisScarab> I give it five more minutes before we should panic and start eating each other and setting fire to things.
[14:06:13] <Randomnessity> What is going on? :|
[14:06:22] the17master sharpens pitchfork
[14:06:32] <LM|Waiting_KK> Random ,A MEETING
[14:06:34] <LapisScarab> Meeting of the Wiki editors about the direction we're going in.
[14:06:41] <Caelum_> i hope we can use this meeting to beat the record
[14:06:43] <LM|Waiting_KK> but we are waiting for the burecrats
[14:06:45] <LapisScarab> We're waiting for Kryten or Neumannz
[14:07:02] <Crono|Away> TNE 8D
[14:07:04] <the17master> wait, wasn't the meeting is to decide KHWikia's future?
[14:07:08] <troisnyxetienne> CRONO
[14:07:09] <troisnyxetienne> SALUT
[14:07:10] <troisnyxetienne> :D
[14:07:13] <Caelum_> yeas
[14:07:14] <LapisScarab> *LM Jinx, you owe me a soda.
[14:07:22] <Crono|Away> Alright.
[14:07:27] <Crono|Away> So.. what do we talk about? >_>
[14:07:27] <LM|Waiting_KK> I own?
[14:07:31] <Caelum_> On March 5th, 2011, at about noon MST (standard afternoon), a meeting shall be held on the #KHWiki-noticeboard IRC Channel to discuss the current status of the transition away from Wikia, what is left to be done, affiliations, changes to still be made, and so forth. Logs will be made available to those who cannot attend, though it is strongly encouraged that every active editor of this wiki attends this meeting. The meeti
[14:07:31] <Crono|Away> FUCK
[14:07:34] <Crono|Away> I HAVE TO GO NOW
[14:07:35] <Crono|Away> ;-;
[14:07:37] <Asorailahd> I don't think we need another record at the moment
[14:07:37] SDC|Away [d07f13c8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as PhilosopherSDC
[14:07:40] <the17master> NOOOO CRONO D:
[14:07:41] <Crono|Away> I'll stay and keep logs, bai~
[14:07:42] <Caelum_> ;_;
[14:07:44] <LM|Waiting_KK> bye Crono
[14:07:44] <Asorailahd> See ya Crono.
[14:07:45] <Caelum_> byes
[14:07:48] <LM|Waiting_KK> ;-;
[14:07:49] <the17master> Byw Cronoh
[14:07:51] <Asorailahd> I'll keep you updated with a log.
[14:07:52] <Caelum_> good luck with watever
[14:07:59] <Asif> Bye.
[14:08:26] <LM|Waiting_KK> guys,this can make me tired
[14:08:48] <Randomnessity> NO TIRED
[14:09:01] <LM|Waiting_KK> why no tired?
[14:09:07] <Randomnessity> 'CAUSE I SAY SO
[14:09:10] the17master sharpens axe
[14:09:12] <Crono|Away> Before I go...
[14:09:12] <Asorailahd> I'm guessing you could become tired by looking at the laptop screen, but---
[14:09:16] <Crono|Away> My client keeps logs
[14:09:23] <Crono|Away> When I get back, if it's over, I'll post them
[14:09:27] <maggosh> *sigh*
[14:09:27] <Crono|Away> So you guys don't have to worry about it
[14:09:30] <LapisScarab> Neato.
[14:09:32] <Crono|Away> Alright, gtg now, see ya
[14:09:36] Sato123|Library [41cc0372@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[14:09:38] ChanServ [ChanServ@services.] has set mode +o maggosh
[14:09:38] <the17master> Nice
[14:09:40] <Caelum_> byes
[14:09:41] maggosh [461f4cc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has set mode +o troisnyxetienne
[14:09:44] <Randomnessity> maggosh, don't be so depressing. :|
[14:09:50] <the17master> ._.
[14:09:52] <Caelum_> olos sato
[14:09:52] <LM|Waiting_KK> Auror , you can play something,so,when KK appear I warn you
[14:09:54] <Sato123|Library> Alright what's this about
[14:10:00] <LM|Waiting_KK> hi Sato
[14:10:03] <Asorailahd> Huh?
[14:10:06] <Randomnessity> D'oh
[14:10:06] <the17master> Ohai Sato
[14:10:07] <Caelum_> is KKD here?
[14:10:13] <Asif> not yet
[14:10:15] <Asorailahd> I can play something? You warn me?
[14:10:18] <Caelum_> :(
[14:10:19] <LM|Waiting_KK> Sato :THIS IS A MEETING
[14:10:24] <LapisScarab> @Sato: A meeting of users to decide the Wiki's future and whatnot.
[14:10:28] <LM|Waiting_KK> Auror,I warn when KK appear
[14:10:29] <Caelum_> On March 5th, 2011, at about noon MST (standard afternoon), a meeting shall be held on the #KHWiki-noticeboard IRC Channel to discuss the current status of the transition away from Wikia, what is left to be done, affiliations, changes to still be made, and so forth. Logs will be made available to those who cannot attend, though it is strongly encouraged that every active editor of this wiki attends this meeting. The meeti
[14:10:34] <LapisScarab> That's another soda, LM.
[14:10:40] <LM|Waiting_KK> you can go in other place while it
[14:10:46] <LM|Waiting_KK> ok Lapis
[14:10:47] <Asorailahd> LM, you warn me when KrytenKoro appears?
[14:10:52] <LM|Waiting_KK> yup
[14:10:55] <Sato123|Library> But I'm not even an official member.
[14:10:58] <Asif> well, it's been 5 min...
[14:11:07] <LM|Waiting_KK> okay
[14:11:14] <Caelum_> then why're you here? :S
[14:11:20] <DoorToLukahn> Oh, that meeting is supposed to be happening right now.
[14:11:25] <LM|Waiting_KK> Sato,what is a offcial member for you?
[14:11:26] <DoorToLukahn> asdfjkl;, Kryten isn't here yet.
[14:11:28] <Caelum_> hehe weird mouth :S
[14:11:28] <DoorToLukahn> asdfjkl;
[14:11:29] <Asorailahd> Well yeah
[14:11:49] <Asorailahd> It was supposed to happen after noon, presumably. So, I'm, presumably, 2 hours too late.
[14:11:50] <Sato123|Library> Someone who actually tries to help the Wiki which isn't me.
[14:12:03] <Caelum_> considering the time change
[14:12:07] <Sato123|Library> I just joined for the information on KH
[14:12:14] <Caelum_> ok
[14:12:25] <Caelum_> you can watch the meeting if you wish
[14:12:27] <LM|Waiting_KK> Sato,so neither me
[14:12:38] <LM|Waiting_KK> I TRY help everytime
[14:12:43] <LM|Waiting_KK> but I can't
[14:12:48] <the17master> ................................................
[14:12:50] <LM|Waiting_KK> but it is no important
[14:13:00] <Dan36> 'lo DTN
[14:13:12] <@maggosh> *DTL
[14:13:15] <the17master> *DTL *trollface*
[14:13:19] <@maggosh> No, wait...
[14:13:20] <@maggosh> dnL.
[14:13:21] <Sato123|Library> Like I said, I don't have KH resources that can aide me in helping the Wiki.
[14:13:28] <@maggosh> dnL.
[14:13:31] <@maggosh> It's genius.
[14:13:37] <Caelum_> when Kryten komes I'll be like "WELCOME KRYTEN!!!"
[14:13:41] <@troisnyxetienne> *nods*
[14:13:42] <@maggosh> Turn that soft drink upside down!
[14:13:53] <Caelum_> @sato: try grammer and spelling checks
[14:13:57] <@troisnyxetienne> It's a pity I can't send files through this thing.
[14:14:00] <LapisScarab> And ruiin the soft drink? BLASPHEMY
[14:14:02] <@troisnyxetienne> *grammar
[14:14:12] <Sato123|Library> Wait whe
[14:14:14] <LM|Waiting_KK> maggosh and TNE are blue for me,and they are on banhammer form,I like it
[14:14:16] <Dan36> 'lo DTL*
[14:14:18] <Caelum_> :( wat irony
[14:14:19] <Sato123|Library> why*
[14:14:20] <Dan36> Better?
[14:14:21] <Dan36> =P
[14:14:27] <@maggosh> dnL.
[14:14:29] <the17master> What is this I don't even
[14:14:32] <Caelum_> if you wanna edit
[14:14:35] <DoorToLukahn> I'll be right back.
[14:14:36] <@maggosh> It's 7up upside down.
[14:14:38] <Sato123|Library> Oh
[14:14:43] <LM|Waiting_KK> maggosh what is dnL?
[14:14:45] <the17master> ...............
[14:14:51] <the17master> Wow I just noticed that
[14:14:54] <Dan36> Igetit.
[14:14:56] <Dan36> =P
[14:14:56] <LapisScarab> Just a venial sin then.
[14:14:59] <DoorToLukahn> ALSO
[14:15:01] <DoorToLukahn> "Do not socialize; the KHWiki's socialization channel can be visited at #KHWiki-social."
[14:15:03] <DoorToLukahn> "Do not socialize; the KHWiki's socialization channel can be visited at #KHWiki-social."
[14:15:03] <the17master> dnL... brilliant!
[14:15:04] <DoorToLukahn> "Do not socialize; the KHWiki's socialization channel can be visited at #KHWiki-social."
[14:15:05] <Sato123|Library> But like I said, I only have two KH games since BBS was stolen thanks to my bro
[14:15:06] <DoorToLukahn> "Do not socialize; the KHWiki's socialization channel can be visited at #KHWiki-social."
[14:15:07] <DoorToLukahn> "Do not socialize; the KHWiki's socialization channel can be visited at #KHWiki-social."
[14:15:09] <@maggosh> Stop spamming.
[14:15:10] <@troisnyxetienne> You don't have to spam thatl.
[14:15:11] <@maggosh> -_-
[14:15:18] <LM|Waiting_KK> DON'T SPAM
[14:15:19] <@maggosh> We can all read the topic.
[14:15:26] <Caelum_> no need to do that 5 times doorsey
[14:15:29] <DoorToLukahn> Evidently not if the rules aren't being followed.
[14:15:33] <@maggosh> We're not illiterate apes.
[14:15:35] <KRCCFNF> Besides, this IS about editing.
[14:15:35] <Asif> Geez, we heard (err... read) it the 1st time.
[14:15:35] <@troisnyxetienne> It's been said thrice - let's keep calm and carry on ! >_>
[14:15:43] <LM|Waiting_KK> Sato,you at least played BBS
[14:16:04] <Sato123|Library> Not much since my bro kept hogging the PSP
[14:16:12] <Asif> Sato, you could be a WikiGnome, and correct for spelling/grammar mistakes.
[14:16:20] <Caelum_> oh kryten. wherefore art thou kryten?
[14:16:26] <the17master> Lol
[14:16:32] <Sato123|Library> Oh shoot, what am I saying? I have a series to write.
[14:16:35] <@troisnyxetienne> :D Come he shall.
[14:16:38] <Sato123|Library> Signing off
[14:16:43] <LM|Waiting_KK> and me can be a wikitroll,because my grammar is horrible and confuse
[14:16:51] <Asif> no.
[14:16:57] <LapisScarab> "Wherefore arte thou" means "Why" not "Where are you".
[14:17:02] <LM|Waiting_KK> why no?
[14:17:12] <@maggosh> Actually, it's justified, Lapis.
[14:17:14] <the17master> LM: You can undo vandal edits
[14:17:22] <@maggosh> "Why are you not here, Kryten"
[14:17:51] <Caelum_> it could still be used in the same manner
[14:17:56] <Asorailahd> ._.
[14:18:10] <LapisScarab> [concedes defeat] Shooud he have a cut off point where we just start the meeting even if KK's not here?
[14:18:16] Sato123|Library [41cc0372@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #KHWiki-noticeboard
[14:18:18] <LapisScarab> *Shoul
[14:18:20] ErryK summons forth the demon master KrytenKoro
[14:18:23] <Caelum_> "Why are you not here, Kryten" can still be used in this situation
[14:18:25] <LapisScarab> Double fail  *Should
[14:18:27] <LM|Waiting_KK> *should
[14:18:34] <the17master> I'm sure you'll know that if a person wrote "I LIEK MUFFINS" he/she is a vandal
[14:18:37] <Asif> I wish we had a KK Batman signal or something.
[14:18:42] KRCCFNF [18a7f435@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as T_I|Zork
[14:18:49] LM|Waiting_KK summons KrytenKoro's cats
[14:18:51] <Caelum_> @17masta yup
[14:19:00] <the17master> I wish someone can contact him...
[14:19:04] <T_I|Zork> I'll be being eaten by a grue.  Ping me when he gets here, please.
[14:19:08] <LM|Waiting_KK> 17m,the peoples don't make it everytime
[14:19:20] <Asif> *people
[14:19:39] <the17master> Well, yea. But better than nothing, right?
[14:19:45] <Asorailahd> It's more likely that he won't appear until the late evening, or nighttime.
[14:19:52] <@troisnyxetienne> Well, whoever would like to know what my question is to everyone, please PM me.
[14:19:53] <the17master> ......Are you serious?
[14:19:55] <DoorToLukahn> Kryten said he would be here.
[14:19:58] <LM|Waiting_KK> 17m,yup,but only it
[14:20:02] <DoorToLukahn> I don't know why he isn't.
[14:20:07] <the17master> Question is, when?
[14:20:15] <DoorToLukahn> Hopefully soon, he's on rather often.
[14:20:21] <@troisnyxetienne> I hope so too...
[14:20:21] <Asorailahd> I think we should just start now, and hope that he will appear in the 15 minutes or so.
[14:20:25] <LM|Waiting_KK> good question,when
[14:20:34] <the17master> I don't mean to be selfish, but it's 2:20 in the morning here, so....
[14:20:35] <Asorailahd> * next 15 minutes or so
[14:20:48] troisnyxetienne has a question, but needs to be PM'ed
[14:20:48] <LM|Waiting_KK> calm down guys,maybe in 1 hours in max
[14:21:00] <LapisScarab> Neat, it's 2:20 in the afternoon here.
[14:21:09] <Asif> same here.
[14:21:11] <@maggosh> Hey, same here!
[14:21:15] <the17master> That must mean you're in the USA, right?
[14:21:19] ErryK summons self
[14:21:24] <the17master> *you guys
[14:21:33] <LM|Waiting_KK> I'm on GMT-3
[14:21:35] <LapisScarab> Yup
[14:21:38] <Caelum_> oh right 17masta your in taiwan right?
[14:21:40] <LM|Waiting_KK> ErryK in GMT+3
[14:21:49] <the17master> ....No, I;m in Indonesia XD
[14:21:51] <LM|Waiting_KK> and others in GMT -5
[14:21:56] <the17master> *I'm
[14:21:57] <Caelum_> hmm
[14:22:06] <LM|Waiting_KK> 17m,GMT +HMM,5
[14:22:07] <Caelum_> didn't you tell me your from taiwan?
[14:22:08] <the17master> Mine's +7, actually
[14:22:10] <LM|Waiting_KK> or more
[14:22:18] <LM|Waiting_KK> almost
[14:22:24] <the17master> ...I'm pretty sure I've never said Taiwan before ._.
[14:22:33] <Caelum_> hmm. who was i talking to?
[14:22:52] the17master barrel rolls for no reason
[14:22:56] <LM|Waiting_KK> 17m,yeah,you never said you are from TAIWAN
[14:22:57] <the17master> Me?
[14:23:01] <@troisnyxetienne> He isn't...
[14:23:13] <Dan36> GMT ±0 =)
[14:23:14] <@troisnyxetienne> He's Indonesian, and I know because of the language of some of his Twitter updates, which I understand.
[14:23:16] <Randomnessity> .-.
[14:23:18] <ErryK> I'll be back.
[14:23:22] <Caelum_> i musta been talking to another 17master
[14:23:25] <the17master> TNE was mah neighbor XD
[14:23:31] <@troisnyxetienne> Indeed.
[14:23:36] <the17master> ...Is there another 17master?
[14:23:41] <@troisnyxetienne> Eh?
[14:23:44] <Caelum_> possibly
[14:23:53] <the17master> ._.
[14:23:58] <LM|Waiting_KK> another?!
[14:24:05] <Asif> Maybe in a parallel universe.
[14:24:14] <the17master> ^^
[14:24:19] <Caelum_> Maybe in a PERPENDICULAR UNIVERSE!!!
[14:24:28] <the17master> Perpendi-who? ._.
[14:24:29] <@maggosh> *PARALLEL
[14:24:42] <Asif> Perpendicular lines form right angles.
[14:24:49] <LM|Waiting_KK> hmm,so have another LM and DM in other parallel universe THANKS GUYS YOU GIVE ME MORE RPPPPPPPPPPP
[14:24:53] <Caelum_> i know
[14:24:54] <LapisScarab> [The more you know]
[14:25:03] <Caelum_> lol its a joke
[14:25:08] <the17master> *head explodes*
[14:25:23] <Caelum_> [The more you know, the more you grow]
[14:25:25] <Asif> Just think of a + sign.
[14:25:26] <@troisnyxetienne> *yawn*
[14:25:30] Asorailahd [4c696ece@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as Auror|Away
[14:26:01] <LM|Waiting_KK> 17m,you know who are DM,OH AND I SEE DARK_MASTER YESTERDAY,I SEE HIM I'M SURE
[14:26:02] <Caelum_> @AsIf!: I KNOW the difference between parallel and perpendicular it was a joke :D
[14:26:17] <Asif> lol 'kay
[14:26:18] <LM|Waiting_KK> in KHWiki-sociallllll
[14:26:22] <LM|Waiting_KK> I'M ALL SURE
[14:26:33] <the17master> He visited the social channel? whoa
[14:26:46] <Caelum_> The Social Network rawr
[14:27:05] <LM|Waiting_KK> yeah 17m,he visited,yesterday,I see the name,but I had to turn off the PC
[14:27:12] <LM|Waiting_KK> and you know who are DM?
[14:27:20] <ErryK> I remember he came to the noticeboard, but not the social channel.
[14:27:28] <Asif> That doesn't help us find him now.
[14:27:28] <DoorToLukahn> He goes to both.
[14:27:53] <the17master> Ugh I don't like that guy
[14:28:01] <ErryK> He's banned on the social channel though, no?
[14:28:20] <the17master> Wasn't he banned on wikia-kingdomhearts?
[14:28:30] <LM|Waiting_KK> I dunno,I HAD TO TURN OFF THE PC
[14:28:36] <LM|Waiting_KK> 17m,yup
[14:28:49] <Caelum_> wait we're talkin bout The Dark Master right?
[14:28:49] <LM|Waiting_KK> but in others he can be
[14:28:54] <the17master> Yep
[14:29:13] <LM|Waiting_KK> right
[14:29:16] <LM|Waiting_KK> for now
[14:29:22] <ErryK> You guys, are you okay with me leaving to play AC2? It's already 10:30pm and nothing about the future of the wiki has been discussed.
[14:29:28] <Caelum_> sigh its kinda sad to see him screw up all the time. He's been banned from the irc and wiki before
[14:29:46] <Auror|Away> Quick question. If a user claims that he had sisters and brothers that died in a fire last week and just jokes about it, should that user be banned or should you just delete his page entirely?
[14:29:56] <@troisnyxetienne> Erry, if you're willing to leave, you're also willing to leave the discussion when it begins.
[14:30:03] <Caelum_> i agree. i think when its :30 we should start the meeting
[14:30:07] <@troisnyxetienne> Auror : I would give the user a Warning 3.
[14:30:09] <the17master> Caelum: He IS rude
[14:30:10] <Caelum_> which is now
[14:30:15] <LM|Waiting_KK> Erryk,please don't go
[14:30:20] <T_I|Zork> ENOUGH WITH THE BASHING.
[14:30:22] <ErryK> I'm not leaving the actual chat.
[14:30:22] <Caelum_> I know I've seen him before
[14:30:26] <LM|Waiting_KK> tomorrow is a sunday
[14:30:29] <ErryK> Because I've got it logging it.
[14:30:41] <ErryK> I'm just not gonna be LOOKING at the chat.
[14:30:43] <Caelum_> I REALLY think we should start the meeting now
[14:30:47] <ErryK> Because AC2 will be taking my attention.
[14:30:48] <the17master> Auror: There's an actual user like that?
[14:30:53] <Auror|Away> Yeah
[14:30:56] <LM|Waiting_KK> ok
[14:31:03] <LM|Waiting_KK> so stay here
[14:31:04] <T_I|Zork> WAIT, ERRY, did you really mean AC2, or did you mean SC2?
[14:31:08] <the17master> It's 30, can we start the meeting now?
[14:31:11] <ErryK> AC2.
[14:31:18] <Asif> @Auror:Wow... I don't know how to respond to that.
[14:31:23] <the17master> Why are you replaying AC2...?
[14:31:25] <Caelum_> oh Trois, officially start the meeting
[14:31:26] <T_I|Zork> Arg.
[14:31:29] <@troisnyxetienne> Now ?
[14:31:32] <ErryK> Cuz it's on my PC.
[14:31:36] <the17master> ....I say that user is a troll, warn him
[14:31:39] <Caelum_> it seems we should
[14:31:48] <Caelum_> like cue action or something
[14:31:58] <@troisnyxetienne> Everyone okay with this ?
[14:32:05] <Dan36> Yep
[14:32:06] <LM|Waiting_KK> this what?
[14:32:07] <the17master> Yes, please.
[14:32:14] <LM|Waiting_KK> start now?
[14:32:14] <Caelum_> starting the meeting now
[14:32:19] <LapisScarab> I'm good. Kryten'll join when he joins.
[14:32:20] <LM|Waiting_KK> OKAY
[14:32:21] <@troisnyxetienne> Okay.
[14:32:22] <ErryK> I'm okay
[14:32:24] <Asif> Deal.
[14:32:28] <T_I|Zork> @Auror Is this joking on his userpage?  If so, then delete it.  Otherwise, just ban him.
[14:32:30] LM|Waiting_KK [bd6b08d5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as LightMouse
[14:32:42] <Caelum_> oh i think we're over that subject now
[14:32:56] <LightMouse> Kryten don't will came now
[14:33:01] <Auror|Away> Yeah, we just consider her a troll now.
[14:33:07] <@troisnyxetienne> Alright. We are here to discuss in which direction the Wikia equivalent of KHW will go.
[14:33:11] <LightMouse> who is a troll?
[14:33:16] <@troisnyxetienne> LightMouse, please focus...
[14:33:19] <Caelum_> shh light ;)
[14:33:22] <LightMouse> okay
[14:33:30] Auror|Away [4c696ece@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as Asorailahd
[14:33:36] <Asif> I thought it was about the new wiki, not the Wikia one.
[14:33:45] <the17master> I'd like to point something out here.
[14:33:51] <@troisnyxetienne> I thought the new wiki was already decided ?
[14:34:01] <@troisnyxetienne> We are the official database, as it were.
[14:34:08] <Caelum_> yes 17masta?
[14:34:08] <the17master> Some users have been copying stuff from the new wiki to the old one, what should we do?
[14:34:10] <@troisnyxetienne> And it'd be sorta evident where we're going.
[14:34:19] <@troisnyxetienne> It's copyleft -
[14:34:23] <Caelum_> i guess we should tell them
[14:34:25] <@troisnyxetienne> They can only copy as long as they have our permission.
[14:34:37] <Caelum_> if not it would be a warning?
[14:34:40] <@troisnyxetienne> Yes.
[14:34:46] <Caelum_> kays
[14:34:51] <@troisnyxetienne> For copyleft rule infringement, of course.
[14:34:51] <Asif> And once they start "redefining", it should come to a complete stop.
[14:34:56] <the17master> Alright, thanks!
[14:35:02] <Caelum_> continue on
[14:35:11] <@troisnyxetienne> The new KHW's path has already been determined, as it were.
[14:35:12] <Caelum_> :)
[14:35:22] <T_I|Zork> WAIT
[14:35:22] <T_I|Zork> On March 5th, 2011, at about noon MST (standard afternoon), a meeting shall be held on the #KHWiki-noticeboard IRC Channel to discuss the current status of the transition away from Wikia, what is left to be done, affiliations, changes to still be made, and so forth.
[14:35:26] <LightMouse> continue,but write more slow,I need understand
[14:35:35] <T_I|Zork> That isn't about the Wikia wiki,
[14:35:38] <@troisnyxetienne> We sorta know our purpose. But what is missing ?
[14:35:40] <T_I|Zork> it's about the new one.
[14:35:42] <Caelum_> wait a sec. yo maggosh are you here or afk?
[14:36:09] <@troisnyxetienne> Maggosh ?
[14:36:14] <LightMouse> maggosh are AFK
[14:36:16] <the17master> Umm.. advertisement?
[14:36:26] <the17master> Our new wiki isn't much known
[14:36:31] <@maggosh> ?
[14:36:33] <DoorToLukahn> Okay, now I'm actually going to be right back--I'll be quick, and then I'll just start the meeting without Kryten, and he can get here when he does.
[14:36:35] <@troisnyxetienne> Alright.
[14:36:39] <Caelum_> oh ok just makin sure
[14:36:40] <DoorToLukahn> 'Til then, start thinking of points and topics to be discussed.
[14:36:40] <LightMouse> we need publish
[14:36:48] <@maggosh> What is it??
[14:36:50] <Asorailahd> I don't think the wiki really needs vandals to find
[14:36:55] <Caelum_> lol the meeting just started doorsey
[14:37:06] <the17master> Yeah, but Chitalian and Ninja would lose their job
[14:37:10] <LapisScarab> We need to make note of our move and new address on the Wikia Wiki's front page news section.
[14:37:10] <LightMouse> Auror,but among vandals we need users too
[14:37:13] <Caelum_> @maggosh: just making sure you weren't afk
[14:37:14] Synchblade [43e955fb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[14:37:18] <@troisnyxetienne> Twitter and YT are already bringing in traffic to KHW.
[14:37:24] <the17master> Hi Synchblade
[14:37:24] <@troisnyxetienne> That, I'm aware.
[14:37:28] <Asorailahd> I'm just okay with the small group of users who know what they're doing.
[14:37:28] <LightMouse> and FB
[14:37:31] <LightMouse> to
[14:37:33] <Asif> Search "Kingdom Hearts Wiki" on Google, and only Wikia info. comes up. That shouldn't be happenning.
[14:37:36] <LapisScarab> @Auror: If we need more traffic for the site to show up on google.
[14:37:43] <@troisnyxetienne> How sure are we that FB is working ?
[14:37:48] <@troisnyxetienne> Not many people know the  group very well....
[14:37:54] <ErryK> Oh that reminds me. I need to go change the link at the youtube page, cuz it links to the wikia wiki.
[14:38:00] <@troisnyxetienne> And is it still Wikia-affiliated, or is it belonging to the new KHW ?
[14:38:18] <Asif> Can it belong to both?
[14:38:30] <@troisnyxetienne> It may, but priority should be given to the new one.
[14:38:31] <LightMouse> We need to change much things,the peoples still are in wikia-kingdomhearts chat
[14:38:35] <Caelum_> sure, but we'd want more people to go to the new KHW
[14:38:45] <@troisnyxetienne> Where we can only put in one URL,
[14:38:46] <the17master> affiliated would be more proper, since Kryten and the others doens't want to bother with the old wiki as far as I know
[14:38:49] <@troisnyxetienne> it should be the new one.
[14:39:00] T_I|Zork [18a7f435@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as KRCCFNF
[14:39:15] <LightMouse> @TNE:we need redirect the old wiki to the new wiki,only it
[14:39:25] <the17master> ......No
[14:39:26] <@troisnyxetienne> I don't think we can.
[14:39:28] <@troisnyxetienne> >_>
[14:39:29] <LightMouse> and this will make the peoples know it
[14:39:35] <@troisnyxetienne> LM : The most we can do is link back —
[14:39:37] <Asif> We should make sure everyone who we are affiliated to on the old wiki links to the new one too.
[14:39:39] <@troisnyxetienne> we can't redirect an entire wiki.
[14:39:40] <LapisScarab> We can't redirect one web address to another
[14:39:41] <the17master> Oh you mean a link? There is already
[14:39:45] <@troisnyxetienne> Exactly.
[14:39:46] <Caelum_> we should put up a notice of some kind on the old wiki
[14:39:55] <Asif> Didn't we already do that?
[14:39:58] <the17master> There's already a notice there
[14:40:05] <the17master> But it's hardly noticeable
[14:40:06] <KRCCFNF> It was removed.
[14:40:08] <Caelum_> yeah but you can't see that on oasis
[14:40:09] <LapisScarab> There's already a link, but it isn't prominent enough. It's on the Recent changes page
[14:40:26] <the17master> Oh yeah, it's gone.
[14:40:28] <Caelum_> anons can only see oasis and oasis doesn't show the notice anyway
[14:40:31] <LapisScarab> Normal readers wouldn't think to go there, so it needs to be on the main page
[14:40:33] <@troisnyxetienne> Yeah.
[14:40:53] <LightMouse> normal peoples don't know we move ye
[14:40:55] <LightMouse> *yet
[14:40:59] <LapisScarab> Exactly.
[14:41:02] <Asif> Let's put it in bold at the top of the mainpage (not in the MediaWiki tab).
[14:41:10] <LightMouse> we need a thing to change it
[14:41:27] <@troisnyxetienne> Well, the best would be to have a notice on the main page.
[14:41:34] <Caelum_> we should keep a permanent notice that we left, but put it on something OTHER THAN the message notice board thing
[14:41:38] <@troisnyxetienne> And if Oasis still has "My Home", then we'll need to use it.
[14:41:41] <LightMouse> maybe a annoucement,no this is big,only a notice in the old wiki
[14:41:58] <@troisnyxetienne> LightMouse : I just said it....
[14:42:02] <LightMouse> to say "We move to"
[14:42:16] <Caelum_> yeah somethin like that will suffice
[14:42:23] <@troisnyxetienne> Caelum, just a question —
[14:42:29] <Caelum_> sure
[14:42:30] <@troisnyxetienne> Does Oasis still have My Home, or is it gone with Monaco ?
[14:42:31] <Asif> What if we put links to the new wiki on the old one for pages? As in, "For more on Sora, see..."
[14:42:35] <LightMouse> TNE:everytime I can reply things for don't understand some words who meant the same thing
[14:42:35] <Asorailahd> Oasis has "Wikia Activity". Monaco had "My home".
[14:42:43] <LapisScarab> Basically we just need to move the notice on the recent changes to the main page.
[14:42:54] <Asorailahd> There are minimal differences between the two, though.
[14:42:54] <Caelum_> yup
[14:42:58] <@troisnyxetienne> Wikia Activity... Can we modify that bit and throw in a notice ?
[14:42:59] <LightMouse> Asif:no this is bad
[14:43:10] <@troisnyxetienne> Asif : What he said.
[14:43:15] <the17master> There was a notice there before
[14:43:18] <Asorailahd> That's possible, but out of my power.
[14:43:23] <@troisnyxetienne> We risk overrunning our pages with unofficial stuff.
[14:43:31] <Caelum_> @17master the notice was removed
[14:43:36] <LapisScarab> We don;t want to detract from the entire Wikia Wiki.
[14:43:38] <@troisnyxetienne> Well, those of us who have been adminned there might be able to access it again.
[14:43:45] <the17master> ....Yeah, that's why I said "was" ._.
[14:43:46] <KRCCFNF> WAIT, KK removed the "we moved" thing from the Wiki Activity, if that tells you anything.
[14:43:52] <Caelum_> oh sorry
[14:44:11] <@troisnyxetienne> I suppose he wanted the purposes of both wikis to be different, but if that's the case,
[14:44:12] <LightMouse> KRCCFNF: WHAT?!
[14:44:13] <@troisnyxetienne> then how do we tell people ?
[14:44:15] <the17master> Maggosh is a bureaucrat in the old wiki
[14:44:23] <@maggosh> Yes.
[14:44:33] <LapisScarab> It wasn't telling anybody but freqeuent editors anyway.
[14:44:47] <the17master> So he can access it if the old admins can't.
[14:44:53] <@troisnyxetienne> Good.
[14:44:59] <LightMouse> @TNE:we have wikia's friends,to annoucement us move?
[14:45:04] <@troisnyxetienne> Well...
[14:45:09] <@troisnyxetienne> Only some know of the news.
[14:45:15] <@troisnyxetienne> Apart from Maggosh and a few others,
[14:45:23] <LightMouse> wow
[14:45:24] <@troisnyxetienne> I can't keep a tab on who's on Wikia AND the new KHW at the same time.
[14:45:40] <the17master> Maggosh and Roxas
[14:45:45] <Asif> You know how on the FF wiki info. on KH automatically links to Wikia? What if we got them to link it to the new one?
[14:45:51] <the17master> and Soxra, sometimes.
[14:45:56] <Asif> *sorry if that's a dumb idea*
[14:45:59] <Asorailahd> I'm still using both of the wikis, more or less Wikia wiki.
[14:46:10] <the17master> Wait, did FF wiki move as well?
[14:46:14] <Asorailahd> No.
[14:46:30] <the17master> Then yeah, we should ask someone there to change the link
[14:46:31] <LapisScarab> Actually, As if, that needs to be done
[14:46:42] Randomnessity [d07bf059@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[14:46:43] <LightMouse> who are editing the old wiki yet?
[14:46:46] <@troisnyxetienne> I must agree.
[14:46:56] <Asorailahd> Who is, not who are.
[14:47:03] <Dan36> On a related note, our affiliates still link back to the Wikia wiki.
[14:47:04] <the17master> Since KHWikia's not exactly Kingdom Hearts Wiki anymore
[14:47:11] <LightMouse> sorry Auror
[14:47:25] <LapisScarab> That all needs to be corrected.
[14:47:30] <Asorailahd> You don't need to apologize.
[14:47:39] <LightMouse> okay
[14:47:50] <Asorailahd> I just noticed you used "are" instead of  "is" most of the time.
[14:47:54] <the17master> Can normal members ask to correct the link or does it have to be admins?
[14:48:01] <Dan36> We'll need to ask all of our old affiliates if they want to affiliate with the new wiki then.
[14:48:06] <the17master> or bureaucrat or staffs?
[14:48:08] <@troisnyxetienne> Er, for policy reasons, it's often the admins...
[14:48:13] <@troisnyxetienne> Admins above, really.
[14:48:24] <Asif> Would make more sense that way.
[14:48:40] PhilosopherSDC [d07f13c8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: 
[14:48:41] <KRCCFNF> Just tell the affiliates that we moved addresses.
[14:48:50] <the17master> Okay... Would someone like to notify the affiliates?
[14:48:51] <Asorailahd> Well
[14:48:55] <KRCCFNF> Instead of having them link to BOTH
[14:49:07] <Dan36> They can link to both if they want to.
[14:49:17] <Dan36> We're two independent sites now.
[14:49:22] <KRCCFNF> But that defeats the purpose, really.
[14:49:22] <@troisnyxetienne> Yeah.
[14:49:24] <the17master> Why should they? The official one is
[14:49:35] <Asorailahd> 1. Spanish Kingdom Hearts Wiki was removed as an affilate, but we still consider Kingdom Hearts Wiki as an affilate, not KHWikia.
[14:49:47] <@troisnyxetienne> Alright.
[14:49:48] <Dan36> I'm not saying they HAVE to, but if they WANT to.
[14:50:02] <Asorailahd> Oh, that makes sense.
[14:50:05] <the17master> ....Right I figured that just now ._.
[14:50:12] <Asorailahd> We could just affilate with both of them.
[14:50:16] <Asif> One's a fansite, the other an encyclopedia. Let them choose one or the other (preferably the encyclopedia), but not both.
[14:50:23] <@troisnyxetienne> Yeah.
[14:50:24] <KRCCFNF> Most of them are fansites, who most likely would like to be affiliated with an informative source rather than another faniste.
[14:50:26] <Asorailahd> Fansite?
[14:50:27] <LapisScarab> If they want to affiliate with the Wikia Wiki later, that's their prerogative, but we need them to change the current link to the official KH WIki
[14:50:39] <Dan36> They can still choose both if they want to, though.
[14:50:47] <Dan36> That's not up to us to decide.
[14:50:57] <KRCCFNF> ^What Lapis said
[14:50:57] <Dan36> They can affiliate with anyone they like.
[14:51:09] <KRCCFNF> WE have moved.
[14:51:09] <Asorailahd> Well, TNE, what will you do with fr.kingdomhearts.?
[14:51:18] <KRCCFNF> They can choose the other later on.
[14:51:28] <LightMouse> So,but we decide how can us make our publish?
[14:51:42] <@troisnyxetienne> Well, I think we'll affiliate with the new KHW, but I'll ask Unbirth.
[14:51:54] <@troisnyxetienne> I imagine he would, but I can't give confirmation.
[14:52:11] <LightMouse> maggosh can't help with it?
[14:52:21] <Dan36> Also, are we going to affiliate with the Wikia wiki?
[14:52:29] <KRCCFNF> I say yes.
[14:52:34] <Asorailahd> I'd imagine no.
[14:52:36] <LightMouse> no
[14:52:37] <@troisnyxetienne> Erm...
[14:52:41] <Dan36> I think we should.
[14:52:44] <Caelum_> @Dan: you mean new KHW with Wikia Wiki?
[14:52:49] <LightMouse> plese,don't affiliate us to Wikia
[14:52:52] <Dan36> Yep.
[14:53:01] <the17master> Well... the Wikia WAS our "home"....
[14:53:06] <LapisScarab> Possibly. If they're on the new Wiki to begin with it probably wouldn't hurt our traffic much.
[14:53:11] <Caelum_> well i personally don't see any harm
[14:53:21] <LightMouse> but NOW our "home" is KHW
[14:53:26] <Caelum_> i mean they're to completely separate sites now
[14:53:37] <Caelum_> *two
[14:53:43] <@troisnyxetienne> Erm....
[14:53:53] <LightMouse> Caelum_: maybe they have to destroy one to show the other
[14:53:59] <Asif> I thought our goal was to separate them. Wouldn't affiliating them to each other run counter to that?
[14:54:01] <@troisnyxetienne> I think we'll let everyone come to a decision, and I'm not going to make it a simple majority —
[14:54:06] Sove [] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[14:54:07] <@troisnyxetienne> 2/3 majority or else, no affiliation.
[14:54:22] <Dan36> Right.
[14:54:24] <Caelum_> @LightMouse: :D we are NOT destroying Wikia wiki!
[14:54:28] <the17master> Then again, the KHWikia'll be something like "less tense KHWiki", so I don't really see any point of making it affiliate
[14:54:45] <KRCCFNF> It shouldn't be done immediatly, either.  After a while, once we are higher up in the google search ranking
[14:54:45] <LightMouse> @Caelum_: but we should do it
[14:54:50] <Caelum_> affiliating doesn't combine the sites, just makes them linked together
[14:55:13] <LightMouse> but this can be BAD to us
[14:55:16] <LapisScarab> We can't refuse to affiliate just because they're on Wikia, and I don't see it being particularly detrimental. I don't see any harm in it.
[14:55:26] <LapisScarab> How would it be bad, LM?
[14:55:32] <Asif> As long as they don't influence each other...
[14:55:36] <KRCCFNF> It shouldn't be done immediatly, either.  After a while, once we are higher up in the google search ranking.
[14:55:47] <LightMouse> if I move to new wiki I don't want to stay in my old wiki
[14:55:53] Rae_ [617c6d7a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[14:55:54] <LightMouse> this is my thinke
[14:55:56] <KRCCFNF> You don't have to.
[14:56:02] <Asorailahd> ^ What KRCCFNF said
[14:56:16] <LightMouse> yeah,I saw
[14:56:31] <LightMouse> but is weird
[14:56:36] <LapisScarab> I agree with KRCCFNF. Once we're higher up and the Wikia Wiki has decided what it'll be.
[14:56:36] <@troisnyxetienne> Affiliation does not mean that one becomes like the other.
[14:56:38] <the17master> My only concern that if we link the two sites, some new member might copy-pasta the articles
[14:56:45] <@troisnyxetienne> Well,
[14:56:49] <@troisnyxetienne> we let them know of the copyleft policy !
[14:56:53] <@troisnyxetienne> i'm sure Wikia does that too...
[14:56:55] <Asif> Then we'll give him a warning.
[14:56:55] <LapisScarab> All affiliation means is that we'll have a link to the site on ours.
[14:57:06] <@troisnyxetienne> Because even then, we had people copying our articles back when we were on Wikia,
[14:57:09] <@troisnyxetienne> and we gave warnings.
[14:57:09] <LightMouse> @the17master:I agree
[14:57:24] <Caelum_> brb
[14:57:29] <the17master> Really?I nver knew that ._.
[14:57:36] <@troisnyxetienne> Yes.
[14:57:40] <@troisnyxetienne> It was Disney Wiki.
[14:57:41] <Asorailahd> Oh wow
[14:57:42] <LightMouse> I never saw it
[14:57:42] <@maggosh> What is it?
[14:57:47] <LightMouse> WAS?
[14:57:53] <LapisScarab> I remember that...
[14:57:54] <@troisnyxetienne> Yes, it was.
[14:57:56] <Asorailahd> I've been on Kingdom Hearts Wiki for a year.
[14:58:01] <@troisnyxetienne> They copied one of our articles.
[14:58:04] <@maggosh> What's going on?
[14:58:06] <LightMouse> wow,I'm a newbie
[14:58:07] <@maggosh> Who pinged me?
[14:58:12] <@troisnyxetienne> I have no idea.
[14:58:14] <LapisScarab> @Asora: Kool.
[14:58:18] <LightMouse> me,A LONG TIME
[14:58:20] <@troisnyxetienne> Just stay alert... will you.
[14:58:25] <@maggosh> Sorry...
[14:58:29] <the17master> Oh yeah I saw Vanitas and Vetus's article on the Disney WIki
[14:58:37] <the17master> *Ventus
[14:59:01] <Dan36> Yeah.
[14:59:07] <@troisnyxetienne> Yes.
[14:59:18] <the17master> They put that "if you want more info on the article, you can visit..." thing though
[14:59:25] <@troisnyxetienne> Well, that was after we warned them.
[14:59:30] <@troisnyxetienne> The first time we came across that,
[14:59:31] <LightMouse> 17m,this is few
[14:59:32] <@troisnyxetienne> they did not do it.
[14:59:35] <Asif> So... let's add that to the rules on the Beginner's Rules think.
[14:59:48] <the17master> Ooh... I see.
[14:59:50] <Asif> "No copying/pasting from the new wiki."
[14:59:51] <@troisnyxetienne> Copyleft : If you want to copy something, do it with our permission,
[14:59:56] <LightMouse> 17m:WE HAVE TO BE THE OFFICIAL,
[14:59:56] <@troisnyxetienne> link back.
[15:00:07] <the17master> We ARE the official
[15:00:09] <KRCCFNF>!!!!  <---Here
[15:00:18] <KRCCFNF> NO we aren't
[15:00:30] <KRCCFNF> If we were, we'd be ownded by SE or Disney
[15:00:37] <Asif> Exactly.
[15:00:38] <KRCCFNF> *owned
[15:00:38] <the17master> Okay, semi-official... i guess.
[15:00:38] <@troisnyxetienne> Official in the sense that we are the database.
[15:00:40] <@troisnyxetienne> >_>
[15:00:59] <LightMouse> @17m:if you want more info on the article, you can visit...,IF YOU WANT GO TO THE TRULY WIKI GO TO...
[15:01:14] <LapisScarab> What are you talking about?
[15:01:23] <@troisnyxetienne> LightMouse : They linked back to us.
[15:01:24] <@troisnyxetienne> Leave them be !
[15:01:25] <LightMouse> good question
[15:01:35] <the17master> -_-"
[15:01:39] <LapisScarab> I was talking to you, LM.
[15:01:57] <Dan36> ... I've lost track of the discussion...
[15:02:01] <LightMouse> Lapis:I don't know,are much things to see
[15:02:05] <Asif> I haven't!
[15:02:22] <@troisnyxetienne> Well, if that's the case, let's resolve that bit here —
[15:02:30] <LightMouse> I think is about the 2 wiki be affiliated
[15:02:38] <@troisnyxetienne> In Beginner's Rules, we must bring everyone's attention to Copyleft.
[15:02:40] <@troisnyxetienne> And as for the affiliation,
[15:02:45] <@troisnyxetienne> there's no harm in putting a link.
[15:02:53] <@troisnyxetienne> As long as one wiki doesn't become the other.
[15:02:58] <Caelum_> yes
[15:02:58] <@troisnyxetienne> And vice versa.
[15:02:59] ErryK [~Erry@] is now known as ErryK|AC2
[15:03:00] <LightMouse> and about our publish?
[15:03:06] <@troisnyxetienne> Well, same as the above.
[15:03:16] <@troisnyxetienne> One is going to be a fansite of sorts,
[15:03:22] <Dan36> Okay.
[15:03:24] <Caelum_> they're pretty much two different sites not. we should treat old Wikia Wiki as we do with Heartstation
[15:03:24] <@troisnyxetienne> the other is going to be THE database for KH2.
[15:03:33] <@troisnyxetienne> Sort of.
[15:03:37] <LightMouse> WAIT
[15:03:42] <@troisnyxetienne> ?
[15:03:42] <LightMouse> KH2?
[15:03:42] <Caelum_> yeah?
[15:03:45] <LightMouse> ONLY IT?
[15:03:46] <@troisnyxetienne> KH*
[15:03:47] <the17master> Regarding the KHWikia, should we make some new rules for them or not?
[15:03:48] <@troisnyxetienne> Sorry
[15:03:53] <Caelum_> KH series
[15:03:55] <LightMouse> oh
[15:03:57] <DoorToLukahn> OKAY, BACK
[15:03:57] <@troisnyxetienne> LightMouse, it was just a typo, don't need to get hyper about it...
[15:04:04] <Caelum_> its ok trois. we all make mistakes
[15:04:06] <@troisnyxetienne> 17master : You may.
[15:04:23] <LapisScarab> Short of the genera Wikia rules (copyleft, etc.) we can't force rules on the Wikia Wiki.
[15:04:25] <@troisnyxetienne> Some policies may be a bit more relaxed on the Wikia side,
[15:04:30] <@troisnyxetienne> but the usual rules apply on KHW.
[15:04:35] <DoorToLukahn> wait wait wait
[15:04:36] <the17master> Okay... So, what kind of "fan contents" that should be in there?
[15:04:37] <DoorToLukahn> hold on.
[15:04:40] <DoorToLukahn> ... could someone fill me in?
[15:04:40] <LightMouse> huhuh
[15:04:44] <DoorToLukahn> c:
[15:04:45] <@troisnyxetienne> DTN :
[15:04:47] <Caelum_> on wat
[15:04:49] <Asorailahd> If I cared about what you say, wouldn't I have gave a damn earlier?
[15:05:03] <@troisnyxetienne> 1) Affiliation is allowed... as long as one wiki does not become the other.
[15:05:08] <LapisScarab> @Asora: What now?
[15:05:11] <the17master> Like, speculations, or what?
[15:05:13] <@troisnyxetienne> 2) We need to bring people's attention to the Copyleft rule.
[15:05:21] <DoorToLukahn> Copyleft?
[15:05:21] <@troisnyxetienne> 17m : Not too much.
[15:05:24] <LightMouse> and about the users:We will be on what wiki,KHW/Wikia/or the 2?
[15:05:26] <@troisnyxetienne> What is reasonably expected.
[15:05:29] <KRCCFNF> @DTN:!!!!
[15:05:33] <Caelum_> and the notice?
[15:05:37] <@troisnyxetienne> Include the exclamation marks please.
[15:05:47] <Dan36> 3) We need to contact our old affiliates and ask them to re-affiliate
[15:05:52] <@troisnyxetienne> Caelum : The notice... I think we'll leave everyone to decide on that.... I've no idea.
[15:05:58] <@troisnyxetienne> Thank you, Dan. : )
[15:06:04] <Dan36> No problem =)
[15:06:06] <LapisScarab> @LM: That's up to the users. We went through this during the move.
[15:06:07] <Caelum_> ok :)
[15:06:18] <LightMouse> huhuh,thanks
[15:06:25] <@maggosh> As an administrator at the Fanon wiki, we are obliged to re-affiliate.
[15:06:42] <Asif> brb
[15:06:47] <the17master> Nice. That's one down.
[15:06:48] <@troisnyxetienne> Alright.
[15:06:52] <Dan36> That's one sorted then.
[15:06:59] <@troisnyxetienne> KHFR shall reaffiliate, I believe.
[15:06:59] <DoorToLukahn> Okay, so we basically want to affiliate the two wikis, bring attention to the Copyleft rule to prevent the wikis from becoming the other and promote their separation, and get all of our old affiliates back.
[15:07:01] Evnyofdeath [b862a216@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[15:07:05] <Caelum_> ok affiliation, copyleft, whats next
[15:07:05] <@troisnyxetienne> Yes.
[15:07:06] <the17master> Hi Evny!
[15:07:08] <LightMouse> hi Envy
[15:07:09] <Caelum_> hey evny
[15:07:21] <@troisnyxetienne> EVNY
[15:07:23] <@troisnyxetienne> SALUT
[15:07:24] <@troisnyxetienne> :D
[15:07:28] <DoorToLukahn> Okay, I'd like to ask this: we are *technically* a new wiki, and a new organization, completely trying to separate from KHWikia.
[15:07:34] <LightMouse> and OUR publish,how we can be known by the others persons?
[15:07:39] <Evnyofdeath> Whats so important Auror? I said I didn't want to come here anymroe.
[15:07:46] <@maggosh> You don't have to.
[15:07:47] <the17master> KHWikia's rules and stuff?
[15:07:53] <LightMouse> because googel still show up the Wikia
[15:07:54] <Asorailahd> Oh
[15:07:55] <@maggosh> Leave if you want.
[15:07:56] <@troisnyxetienne> That too....
[15:07:57] <Evnyofdeath> *anymore
[15:07:59] <LightMouse> *Google
[15:08:00] <Caelum_> we're having a meeting concerning the old wikia wiki
[15:08:02] <DoorToLukahn> I'd like if it we cleared our our affiliates and did not assume any will re-join without a proper discussion or contact of the an admin on the affiliate site.
[15:08:11] <Evnyofdeath> Okay, then I will. I have nothing against you guys, its just, I don't feel welcome here anymore. Bye
[15:08:16] Evnyofdeath [b862a216@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #KHWiki-noticeboard
[15:08:19] <Caelum_> aww
[15:08:22] <@maggosh> Great, you see what you did? ;_;
[15:08:23] <Caelum_> anyway
[15:08:26] <DoorToLukahn> Anyway,
[15:08:26] <the17master> ._.
[15:08:29] <Asorailahd> ._.
[15:08:29] <@troisnyxetienne> Guys.
[15:08:32] <@troisnyxetienne> Keep calm and carry on.
[15:08:35] <LightMouse> DTN:CALM DOWN
[15:08:36] <Asorailahd> Well, back on topic.
[15:08:38] <DoorToLukahn> I'd like it if we would clear out our affiliate list.
[15:08:39] <LightMouse> ._.
[15:08:54] <@troisnyxetienne> Well, we already have two willing to affiliate with the new KHW.
[15:08:59] <DoorToLukahn> And not add any more of them without an admin's confirmation or a community consensus from prospective sites.
[15:09:08] <DoorToLukahn> So that would mean holding discussiosn on KHFW, KHFR, and KHWikia.
[15:09:11] <Dan36> I think we should make an effort to contact them, though. We don't want to lose all of our affiliates, do we?
[15:09:16] <Asorailahd> I'll ask the admins on es.kingdomhearts if they're even active, if we can link with the new wiki.
[15:09:17] <DoorToLukahn> And then I can ping all of the other sites.
[15:09:24] <DoorToLukahn> Thank you, Asorailiahd.
[15:09:36] <@troisnyxetienne> I'll discuss with KHFR's admins when they come on.
[15:09:39] <Asorailahd> Welcome.
[15:09:40] <Caelum_> you do that
[15:09:45] <Caelum_> :D
[15:09:52] <LightMouse> maybe I can do it on the pt.kingdomhearts.wikia
[15:09:55] <DoorToLukahn> Is this okay with everyone? I had a little feeling it wouldn't settle well, but I think it's the best way to go.
[15:10:09] <DoorToLukahn> LM: Portugues wiki? Oh yes, please do.
[15:10:13] <the17master> So, we clear out all of our affiliates?
[15:10:15] <LightMouse> for me is the better to do
[15:10:25] <Asif> Seems like the best thing to do.
[15:10:26] <@troisnyxetienne> I suppose — if they're confirmed, we put them in.
[15:10:28] <Dan36> As long as the other affiliates are pinged, that's fine with me.
[15:10:29] <Caelum_> it feels uneasy but it's probably the best
[15:10:33] <LightMouse> Portuguese*
[15:10:41] <LapisScarab> Sure, we'll just re-add them if they want us to.
[15:10:42] <Asorailahd> Dang
[15:10:46] <@maggosh> So, just to be clear, the Wikia and Wiki are NOT affiliating with each other?
[15:10:47] Asorailahd [4c696ece@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as Auror|Away
[15:10:53] <@troisnyxetienne> I have no idea.
[15:11:14] <Auror|Away> maggosh: We haven't exactly decided yet
[15:11:17] <Caelum_> ok who thinks we SHOULD affiliate wikia and wiki?
[15:11:19] <@troisnyxetienne> I felt a link would not be too bad as long as one wiki does not become like the other. But in light of what Kryten has done...
[15:11:28] <LightMouse> wow,the PT wiki have only 171 articles
[15:11:31] <Auror|Away> So?
[15:11:34] <Auror|Away> A wiki grows
[15:11:34] <Caelum_> ..
[15:11:35] <the17master> .....Sorry guys I just have to leave, it's way past my bedtime.
[15:11:39] <@troisnyxetienne> *nods*
[15:11:45] <the17master> Bye, and good luck with the discussion.
[15:11:47] <Caelum_> have fun with your sleep
[15:11:51] the17master [~chatzilla@] has quit IRC: Quit: 17MASTER AWAY
[15:11:54] <Asif> Goodnight.
[15:11:55] <DoorToLukahn> maggosh: It seems that they are, but that's not really our decision. It's KHWikia's. A discussion will be held there to see if that community approves or disapproves.
[15:12:02] <LapisScarab> They would need to be on our site to even see the link to the Wikia Wiki. I doubt it would hurt our traffic all that much.
[15:12:11] <DoorToLukahn> Until then, I'm going to right now clear our Affiliates list, replacing it with a little notice.
[15:12:16] <LapisScarab> So I would support it if the Wikia Wiki wants to affiliate.
[15:12:17] <@troisnyxetienne> Very well.
[15:12:30] <LightMouse> wait,Xabryn aren't for the our wiki?
[15:12:35] KRCCFNF [18a7f435@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as T_I|Away
[15:12:44] <LightMouse> OH GOD
[15:12:55] <@troisnyxetienne> I've no idea.
[15:12:58] <LapisScarab> Be back in a minute.
[15:12:59] <Caelum_> ?
[15:13:02] <T_I|Away> I'll be back, but it's probably dangerous for me to keep this window open... oh well.  NOBODY PING ME.
[15:13:04] <@troisnyxetienne> I thought Xabryn was there?
[15:13:05] <Caelum_> ..
[15:13:11] <LightMouse> was
[15:13:21] <@troisnyxetienne> Was indeed.....
[15:13:25] <@maggosh> Well, as I am the only active BC for KHWikia, I move.
[15:13:33] <@troisnyxetienne> *nods*
[15:13:50] Caelum_ nods
[15:14:15] <Caelum_> ok what other subject do we have in mind?
[15:14:24] <LightMouse> I have to ping him or in the KHW or in the Wikia
[15:14:30] <@troisnyxetienne> (Guys, I'll have to leave in 15mn.)
[15:14:37] <Caelum_> oh ok
[15:14:56] <Caelum_> so are there any more problems?
[15:14:59] <LightMouse> ok,;-;
[15:15:00] <Asif> Errm... how should we restructure the old wiki's articles?
[15:15:26] <Asif> Like, naming "Unnamed Heartless" "Red Eye" or something.
[15:15:30] <Caelum_> in the forums, i believe the idea was to add more fan material
[15:15:36] <Caelum_> yeah
[15:15:46] <@troisnyxetienne> *nods*
[15:15:56] <Caelum_> and an idea was to do more of a "Kingdom Hearts World" subject
[15:16:19] <Caelum_> like talking about the history of keyblades instead of HP
[15:16:36] <DoorToLukahn> Basically, kick out all the specific gameplay articles that are of no use to a fansite.
[15:16:46] <DoorToLukahn>
[15:16:48] <@troisnyxetienne> *nods*
[15:16:51] <Asif> Could we rename the Wikia wiki "Kingdom Hearts World"? Or something like that to distinguish the two wikis.
[15:17:09] <@troisnyxetienne> Asif : Another Wikia-based wiki has that name.
[15:17:13] <DoorToLukahn> We generally use the term "Kingdom Hearts Wikia" for that... place, now.
[15:17:14] <LapisScarab> That seems to be something that would be decided on the Wikia Wiki's channel, not this one.
[15:17:22] <Asif> Oh. Didn't know that.
[15:17:22] <Caelum_> yeah
[15:17:55] <Caelum_> but i think we should change the motto thingamajig
[15:17:56] <DoorToLukahn> Okay, so I'll ping the rest of our *former* affiliates later today to get their approval/disapproval.
[15:18:06] <@troisnyxetienne> Okay.
[15:18:10] <Auror|Away> Bebopkate. *sigh*
[15:18:15] <Auror|Away> Where did you go?
[15:18:28] <LapisScarab> Question: Is there any way for us to get the full Monaco skin back? This may have been answered elsewhere, but I can't remember.
[15:18:35] <Asif> No.
[15:18:39] <DoorToLukahn> A couple of users are supposedly working on it.
[15:18:45] <DoorToLukahn> We need to contact porple about it.
[15:18:47] <Caelum_> on the wikia, i think it's only if you're registered
[15:19:16] <LightMouse> Really:until DS knows Xabryn,I need contact him
[15:19:21] <@maggosh> Monaco's gone on the Wikia.
[15:19:22] <DoorToLukahn> We were looking at using the skin used on some NIWA wikis like WiKirby, but that fell apart due to users who have no clue how to edit CSS trying to totally rehash the skin.
[15:19:48] <DoorToLukahn> If we can get Monaco on the KHWiki, HUGE bonus.
[15:19:51] <LapisScarab> I have it set to our "Monaco" skin, and it's actually a variation of Monobook (I like it, but I prefer Monaco). But yeah, good to know we're working on it, sucks that it's not going well.
[15:19:52] <@troisnyxetienne> That's still open for questioning — I doubt the skin is finished.
[15:20:34] <DoorToLukahn> Not even close, TNE.
[15:20:40] <Dan36> Another ting I'd like to put forward:
[15:20:46] <DoorToLukahn> Also, I *really* want the extendable side-bars that we had on Monaco back.
[15:20:46] <@maggosh> Go ahead, Dan.
[15:20:56] <Asif> Me too.
[15:20:58] <Dan36> Community Portal.
[15:21:07] <Dan36> It needs a serious update.
[15:21:08] <DoorToLukahn> Yes, the community portal does need to be rehashed.
[15:21:15] <@troisnyxetienne> DTN : It isn't even close, no doubt, but I won't dismiss it.
[15:21:22] <@troisnyxetienne> And I'm alright about bringing back Monaco.
[15:21:23] <DoorToLukahn> Yes.
[15:21:27] <DoorToLukahn> ^
[15:21:43] <@troisnyxetienne> I know.
[15:22:16] <Dan36> Extendable sidebars. Yes.
[15:22:32] <@troisnyxetienne> *nods*
[15:22:35] <DoorToLukahn> We need a user or two similar to the few that worked the Mirage Arena to keep the Community Portal updated. Then again, I think that staff, now spawning 4,000+ admins or whatever number we're at now, should be able to handle it if it's made a priority.
[15:23:12] <@troisnyxetienne> *nods*
[15:23:22] <Dan36> I wouldn't mind helping out.
[15:24:00] <Caelum_> i'd love to help. do you have to be a staff member though?
[15:24:02] <DoorToLukahn> I'm fine with some users taking over, as long as the staff can change/add topics and modifications as needed.
[15:24:13] <DoorToLukahn> Dan36, you up for it?
[15:24:21] <Caelum_> and me :D
[15:24:29] <Dan36> Sure. I'll give it a shot.
[15:26:50] <DoorToLukahn> Alright,
[15:26:53] <DoorToLukahn> There you go!
[15:27:00] <DoorToLukahn> Asif , what were you saying?
[15:27:23] <Dan36> Town Mayors =P I like.
[15:27:40] <Dan36> I'll get to spruce-ing up.
[15:28:04] <DoorToLukahn> Yay--don't forgot to use the yellow hue on the front page!
[15:28:17] <DoorToLukahn> Asif : What was it you had to bring up?
[15:28:37] <Asif> What?
[15:28:48] <LightMouse> great,I contact him
[15:28:53] <LapisScarab> Wasn't Dan the one who said that?
[15:28:55] LevL [57d49611@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[15:29:17] <@troisnyxetienne> Guys, I must be off —
[15:29:19] <DoorToLukahn> Oh. I thought when he said "Me too" he meant he had something else to bring, not that he was agreeing to the sidebar thing.
[15:29:23] <@troisnyxetienne> I'll be back at about 10+ my time.
[15:29:28] <DoorToLukahn> Farewell, TNE, thanks for the input.
[15:29:29] <@troisnyxetienne> Please fill me in if I've missed the rest !
[15:29:30] <Auror|Away> Bye Trois.
[15:29:33] <LightMouse> bye
[15:29:37] Auror|Away [4c696ece@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as Asorailahd
[15:29:38] <@troisnyxetienne> See you soon ! ^_^
[15:29:38] <Asorailahd> WAIT
[15:29:38] <LightMouse> and brb
[15:29:43] <Asorailahd> Trois Wait!
[15:29:45] <@troisnyxetienne> What is it ?
[15:29:50] <Asorailahd> I forgot to show you.
[15:29:56] <@troisnyxetienne> ?
[15:30:06] <@troisnyxetienne> Hurry... I must go...
[15:30:24] <Dan36> I'd already started painting it yellow before you told me too. =P
[15:30:28] <Dan36> to*
[15:30:31] <@troisnyxetienne> Auror ?
[15:30:48] <Asif> On another note: what should we do about the Heartless Manufactory KK suggested.
[15:31:01] <LightMouse> back
[15:31:08] <DoorToLukahn> I like that idea.
[15:31:10] <@troisnyxetienne> Right — Please remind Auror about whatever she needs to show me...
[15:31:18] <@troisnyxetienne> I'll be back at 2200+ hours !
[15:31:20] <LightMouse> TNE:calm down
[15:31:20] <Caelum_> me to
[15:31:26] <LightMouse> wait for her
[15:31:31] <@troisnyxetienne> I must go...
[15:31:34] <Asorailahd> Dang it. I have to show you later.
[15:31:35] <LapisScarab> LM: ? Trois needs to go.
[15:31:40] <Asorailahd> Bye TNE. :)
[15:31:42] <LightMouse> hmm
[15:31:44] <@troisnyxetienne> See you guys later. :)
[15:31:44] <LapisScarab> Bye.
[15:31:45] <Caelum_> byes
[15:31:46] <LightMouse> ;-;
[15:31:49] <LightMouse> by
[15:31:50] <Synchblade> Bye
[15:31:50] troisnyxetienne hugs LM
[15:31:52] <LightMouse> *bye
[15:31:52] troisnyxetienne [] has quit IRC: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.15/20110303024726]
[15:31:54] <Dan36> Bye TNE
[15:31:59] <LightMouse> oh thanks
[15:32:03] Pteprocks [4c045a41@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[15:32:03] <Asif> Goodbye-oh, wait.
[15:32:22] <Caelum_> ok about the Heartless Manufactury
[15:32:49] <Caelum_> Should we call it that or Door to Darkness?
[15:32:50] <LightMouse> @maggosh:you can deop now
[15:32:54] <LapisScarab> Yeah, I like the idea. It's good to have a way to get rid of warnings.
[15:32:56] <DoorToLukahn> I like Heartless Manufactury.
[15:32:56] <LightMouse> DTD
[15:33:07] <DoorToLukahn> Because then we can have a logo with a bunch of Heartless.
[15:33:16] <Caelum_> umm, should we do a vote or something?
[15:33:37] <LightMouse> what is the "about"?
[15:33:40] <LapisScarab> Doesn't HM imply that we're making even more problems?
[15:33:59] <Caelum_> LM: huh?
[15:34:24] <LightMouse> what we have to vote?
[15:34:32] <LightMouse> the "ABOUT"
[15:34:39] <DoorToLukahn> You could just leave your opinions on the forum.
[15:34:47] <Asif> There were other names suggested: The Door to Darkness, Castle Oblivion...
[15:35:06] <LightMouse> FOR WHAT?
[15:35:30] <LapisScarab> Give me a second, I'll get a link.
[15:35:47] <LightMouse> aff
[15:35:51] Forgotten [47a346bc@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[15:35:56] <LapisScarab>
[15:36:00] Asorailahd [4c696ece@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[15:36:01] <LapisScarab> That.
[15:36:03] <LightMouse> hi Forgotten ?
[15:36:12] <LightMouse> okay
[15:36:16] <LightMouse> letmesee
[15:36:37] <@maggosh> See you.
[15:36:39] maggosh [461f4cc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #KHWiki-noticeboard
[15:36:48] <Forgotten> Oh hi, UnknownChaser here, sorry being late, had to got to the doctor
[15:37:17] <LightMouse> what this mean Lapis?
[15:37:31] <LightMouse> so bye?
[15:37:37] <LapisScarab> It's an idea Kryten had to resolve problems between users.
[15:37:39] Rae_ [617c6d7a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Im out as a party
[15:37:51] <LightMouse> oh
[15:38:07] <LightMouse> !
[15:38:08] <LightMouse> A HEARTLESS FIGHT
[15:38:15] <LightMouse> TO DESCARG THE ANGRY THERE?
[15:38:22] <LapisScarab> Basically after users have gotten into a personal argument, they have to work together to fix something and get their warnings removed.
[15:38:23] <DoorToLukahn> Well I'm pretty darn tired of users holding grudges and fighting over things that are supposed to make a wiki constructive.
[15:38:35] <DoorToLukahn> So I fully support, plus it forces users to do work.
[15:38:48] <LightMouse> oh,as a punish
[15:38:54] <Asif> Agreed.
[15:39:15] <LapisScarab> No, as a way to remove punishment.
[15:39:21] NinjaSheik [440b5863@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[15:39:25] <Caelum_> hey ninja
[15:39:29] <LapisScarab> Its constructive work on the Wiki to remove warnings.
[15:39:31] <NinjaSheik> Hey.
[15:39:32] <LapisScarab> Hi Ninja!
[15:39:41] Caelum_ high fives ninja
[15:39:44] <LightMouse> is a form to don't punish to bad,so okay,I agree
[15:39:45] <Asif> Hello, Ninja.
[15:39:49] <LightMouse> hi Ninja
[15:39:49] <NinjaSheik> Did anyone else had a power out around Louisiana?
[15:40:04] <Caelum_> sorry i don't live in Lousiana.
[15:40:08] <Caelum_> was it bad?
[15:40:11] <DoorToLukahn> Anyway, back to discussion.
[15:40:17] <NinjaSheik> Yeah, power was out for an hour and half/
[15:40:17] <DoorToLukahn> I'm concerned about the separation of the two wikis.
[15:40:24] <NinjaSheik> Crazy whether.
[15:40:26] Auror [4c696ece@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[15:40:34] <LapisScarab> What's the concern
[15:40:35] <LightMouse> we aren't separetad?
[15:40:40] <LightMouse> wb Auror
[15:40:40] <Auror> Uh, my bad.
[15:40:42] <DoorToLukahn> It seems that the old wiki hasn't changed much at all--though their activity level has greatly been reduced.
[15:40:53] <Caelum_> @ninja: Darn. @auror: hey
[15:41:06] <Caelum_> well aren't we still resyncing?
[15:41:09] <NinjaSheik> What are you guys talking about
[15:41:09] <LapisScarab> Should we organize a meeting like this for the wikia Wiki?
[15:41:14] <LightMouse> @DTN:yeah
[15:41:33] <Auror> Ninjasheik: We're basically talking
[15:41:40] <NinjaSheik> About?
[15:41:43] <Forgotten> Beside from random annon on the old wiki, everything is slow...
[15:41:48] <Caelum_> @Doorsey:We're still re-synching. when we're done, then we'd start changing KHWikia
[15:41:58] <Auror> about the new wiki, and fate of what there's left to deal with
[15:41:58] <NinjaSheik> Ah. I see.
[15:42:00] maggosh [461f4cc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[15:42:02] <Auror> Such as affilates
[15:42:03] <maggosh> Whoops.
[15:42:08] <LapisScarab> 1)We're going to blank our affiiates and make sure they all want to affiliate with this wiki.
[15:42:08] <Auror> Articles
[15:42:10] <LightMouse> wb maggosh!!!]
[15:42:12] <Auror> The Fansite
[15:42:16] <Auror> And etc.
[15:42:17] <NinjaSheik> Ah, I'm glad you mention affilates.
[15:42:21] <LightMouse> wrong channel?
[15:42:27] <LapisScarab> 2) We may affiliate with the Wikia Wiki.
[15:42:40] <NinjaSheik> I have a friend who goes to school with me. His name is Nick, and he's a member of the KHInsider.
[15:42:55] <maggosh> !
[15:42:56] <NinjaSheik> I told him to tell the members that the KH-Wiki moved.
[15:42:58] <maggosh> Ninja!
[15:43:01] <NinjaSheik> Yes?
[15:43:14] <Auror> What you did
[15:43:16] <Auror> was awesome
[15:43:17] <LapisScarab> 3) We're going to make our stance on copying our articles clearer.
[15:43:24] <LightMouse> he is happy to see you Ninja
[15:43:38] <LapisScarab> 4)We were discussing Kryten's Heartless Manufactury idea.
[15:43:40] <Caelum_> yeah. clearer meaning absolutely NO copyleft
[15:43:57] <LapisScarab> Hope I didn;t miss anything, and that's awesome NinjaSheik.
[15:44:10] <NinjaSheik> Well, I told Nick to tell the other members about the moving, and he said he did, but he's such a lazy bum.
[15:44:29] <Forgotten> So have we come to any agreement on Kryten idea?
[15:44:34] <Caelum_> oh and we WERE talking about the notice that we moved on the old wikia, but we haven't exactly decided on that yet
[15:44:46] <LightMouse> I agree with Kryten idea
[15:44:58] <LightMouse> *cut it*and with his cats
[15:45:04] <Caelum_> I think its unanimous that his idea's great. we just need to decide the name
[15:45:10] <NinjaSheik> I don't know what's it about, but I trust KrytenKoro 100%, no matter what.
[15:45:26] <Caelum_> Heartless Manufactory, Door to Darkness, Castle Oblivion
[15:45:32] <LightMouse> @Ninja:me too
[15:45:41] <LapisScarab> Here's the link if you want it, Ninja.
[15:45:58] <NinjaSheik> Thanks.
[15:46:05] <Auror> "KHWiki - The encyclopedia for information about the gaming series, Kingdom Hearts". Just an idea though.
[15:46:16] <Caelum_> KK's idea is a forum where two users who argued and got warnings can go to. the two users will do something and the warnings will be completely removed and never spoken of again
[15:46:17] <NinjaSheik> It's rather dull at the new KH-Wiki. Nothing to really do, no vandies. No updates in a while.
[15:46:21] RoxasXIIILK [ad30c4b8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[15:46:34] <Synchblade> Hi Roxas!
[15:46:35] <Caelum_> yo roxas
[15:46:41] <RoxasXIIILK> Hey guys
[15:46:50] <Forgotten> Roxas yo *tip hat*
[15:47:13] <RoxasXIIILK> hey **
[15:47:27] <Auror> Well, not truthfully.
[15:47:52] <Caelum_> ok so right now we're talking bout the heartless manufactory forum that Kryten proposed
[15:47:58] <Auror> There are still updates on SilverCrono's practice roundedblue skin and whatnot.
[15:48:08] <LightMouse> ** means potation,example 2**3=8
[15:48:29] <Caelum_> don't you mean notation?
[15:48:34] <Caelum_> lol
[15:48:35] <Asif> Or exponents?
[15:48:37] <LightMouse> yeah
[15:48:46] <LightMouse> but my English dunno it
[15:48:56] <RoxasXIIILK> I meant ^^ ;) and alright
[15:49:00] <LapisScarab> That's an exponent, and has nothing to do with the meeting.
[15:49:12] <Caelum_> ok lets drop that subject
[15:49:15] <Auror> If any of you were curious, this is what I wanted to show to Trois. Warning: Off-topic --->
[15:49:31] <Caelum_> woah
[15:49:32] <LightMouse> let me see
[15:49:37] <Caelum_> is that wat she looks like?
[15:49:49] <Asif> Yeah, waay off topic.  How accurate is that?
[15:49:55] <Auror> Yeah, I did mess up on some of her traits. I.E. Green eyes instead of brown eyes
[15:50:09] <Caelum_> well how about her holding a croissant? :D
[15:50:15] <LapisScarab> It cool, but please stay on topic everyone.
[15:50:29] <LapisScarab> *It's
[15:50:45] <DoorToLukahn> NOTE: Going to be leaving soon.
[15:50:49] <LightMouse> okay
[15:50:56] <LapisScarab> Oh crap.
[15:51:02] <Caelum_> should we decide the name of the Heartless Manufactury here or at the actual forum
[15:51:31] <Forgotten> So is it a vote for the name?
[15:51:37] <Caelum_> yeah
[15:51:44] <Caelum_> the idea is unanimously liked
[15:51:54] <Synchblade> The forum, I would think.
[15:51:57] <Caelum_> ok
[15:52:06] <DoorToLukahn> That's something to be handled on the forum, really.
[15:52:21] <NinjaSheik> I read the fourm.
[15:52:25] <DoorToLukahn> Let's kind of move away from that, there are better things to discussion with our main community here.
[15:52:27] <NinjaSheik> Sounds like an interesting idea.
[15:52:32] <NinjaSheik> I agree.
[15:52:42] <NinjaSheik> This way we could settle things a little more peacefully.
[15:52:51] <Caelum_> ok
[15:53:00] <Caelum_> what about the icon
[15:53:15] <LapisScarab> Forum
[15:53:25] <Caelum_> ._. ok
[15:53:34] <DoorToLukahn> LegoAlchemist said he was working on some icon designs for the URL, I'll remind him about that, if that's what you mean.
[15:53:41] <Caelum_> is that all then?
[15:53:47] <LapisScarab> All the discussion about the HM is aesthetic at this point, and should be on the forums.
[15:53:54] <DoorToLukahn> ^
[15:54:06] <DoorToLukahn> The status of the syncing of the wikis.
[15:54:16] <DoorToLukahn> This is a huge topic.
[15:54:24] <Forgotten> how far are we so far
[15:54:24] <DoorToLukahn>
[15:54:29] <Caelum_> unforunately, i cant help that.
[15:54:40] <Caelum_> I'm just WAAAAY to slow at syncing
[15:54:44] <NinjaSheik> So, just to make sure I got it down, bascially it's like a "do-you-time" type of thing where baddies go and get assigned a task, working with the one they're fighting with, and then get the warning off the page. Right?
[15:54:47] <DoorToLukahn> Most of the mainspace articles are done, and I have images to handle.
[15:55:08] <DoorToLukahn> Then we still have images, user images, uncategorized images, and the file list.
[15:55:12] <Caelum_> @ninja: yup. and its like the warning never even happened. a completely clean slate
[15:55:40] <DoorToLukahn> Then we need to do Templates and Cards.
[15:55:45] <NinjaSheik> Okay.
[15:55:46] <DoorToLukahn> Dang it, have to go
[15:55:51] <Caelum_> oh byes
[15:55:52] <Asif> And Walkthroughs.
[15:55:56] <Caelum_> see yas laters
[15:56:03] <DoorToLukahn> I'll be back in an hour or two--LapisScarab , keep this running a'smoothly.
[15:56:12] <DoorToLukahn> Thanks for coming guys, all input is appreciated!
[15:56:13] <NinjaSheik> I'm leaving, too.
[15:56:17] <LightMouse> bye
[15:56:23] <NinjaSheik> I feel like I'm intruding, so bye.
[15:56:24] <LightMouse> ;-...
[15:56:25] <LapisScarab> Bye, I'll do my best.
[15:56:27] <Caelum_> bye
[15:56:37] <NinjaSheik> Good luck, Lapis-kun/
[15:56:39] Caelum_ waves
[15:56:48] <LapisScarab> [waves with Caelum]
[15:56:49] NinjaSheik [440b5863@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[15:57:12] <DoorToLukahn> *disappears in a flash of Team Dai-Gurren logos*
[15:57:15] DoorToLukahn [] has quit IRC: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.13/20101203075014]
[15:57:31] <Caelum_> its so sad. Kryten never came
[15:57:48] <Caelum_> wonder if he got mugged or something
[15:58:03] <Auror> Wut? >>
[15:58:09] <Caelum_> lol nvm
[15:58:14] <Auror> He might have work or something.
[15:58:17] <Auror> No biggie.
[15:58:19] <Caelum_> work?
[15:58:28] <Caelum_> oh k
[15:58:31] <Auror> He said something about working on the weekends.
[15:58:39] <Asif> Too bad...
[15:58:49] <Caelum_> so how are we gonna get a bigger community in the KHWikia?
[15:58:53] <LapisScarab> We can't do anything about it. If he can come, he'll come.
[15:58:55] ShardofTruth [4db974fe@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[15:59:09] <Auror> ShardofTruth. :|
[15:59:10] ErryK|AC2 [~Erry@] is now known as ErryK
[15:59:21] <Asif> This conversation seems to be grinding to a halt, so I'll be leaving now, 'kay?
[15:59:29] Asif [] has quit IRC: 
[15:59:37] <LapisScarab> First we'd need to decide on the direction the Wikia Wiki will go. If it becomes a more relaxed fansite, people would probably join more.
[15:59:46] <Caelum_> ok
[15:59:58] <Caelum_> isn't that what this meeting was for?
[16:00:08] <Forgotten> how "relaxed" lapis?
[16:00:12] <LapisScarab> That's something to be decided on that Wiki or its channel, though. This meeting is for the newer KHWiki.
[16:00:16] <RoxasXIIILK> Well I'll say this a lot of user are joining but nothing is happening.
[16:00:21] ShardofTruth [4db974fe@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[16:00:22] <Caelum_> oh ok
[16:00:34] <Caelum_> wb shardone
[16:00:35] <Auror> Relaxed
[16:00:38] <Auror> Meaning
[16:00:47] LightMouse [bd6b08d5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as LM|AUNT
[16:00:49] <Auror> All kinds of images will be allowed
[16:00:55] <LM|AUNT> brb guys
[16:01:01] <Auror> There can be more than 10 quotes
[16:01:03] <Caelum_> except ones not pertaining to KH
[16:01:11] <Auror> No, all kinds are allowed.
[16:01:18] <Caelum_> really?
[16:01:28] <Auror> The image policy basically died.
[16:01:30] <LapisScarab> My understanding is that "relaxed" would mean allowing limited speculation, threories the images Auror mentioned, etc.
[16:01:44] <Caelum_> so anything except PopcORN?
[16:01:45] <LapisScarab> But again, that's something to decide on that Wiki.
[16:02:02] <Caelum_> yeah
[16:02:21] <Caelum_> so unless there's more things to talk about, wouldn't this meeting be over?
[16:02:29] <LapisScarab> I'm looking at the Re-synching forum right now.
[16:02:29] <Auror> Well
[16:02:39] Auror [4c696ece@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as Asorailahd
[16:03:02] <LapisScarab> We need to get that going more.
[16:03:29] <Caelum_> it seems like soxra's doing a lot of the remaining ones
[16:03:35] <LapisScarab> Like DTN said, there's still iimages to get through, for users and the wiki.
[16:03:56] <LapisScarab> Soxra has just listed the Templates that need to be done.
[16:04:08] <LapisScarab> He's not working on all of them right now.
[16:04:21] <LapisScarab> They're for all of us to work on.
[16:04:28] <LapisScarab> And then there's the Cards.
[16:04:29] <Caelum_> well even if he didn't do a lot, he still does them at a remarkable speed
[16:04:43] <Asorailahd> Lapis, link?
[16:04:53] <Caelum_>
[16:05:06] <Dan36> Good luck with the rest of the discussion, guys. I have all of it logged up to when DTN left, if someone could take over from there, it'd be great =D
[16:05:26] <Dan36> 'Night
[16:05:27] <ErryK> Don't worry, I have logged the whole thing.
[16:05:30] <ErryK> Night
[16:05:32] <Caelum_> night
[16:05:35] <Dan36> All right. =)
[16:05:37] <LapisScarab> @Caelum: Noted, but the point is that we all need to get that wrapped up.
[16:05:39] <Dan36> Bye
[16:05:43] <LapisScarab> Night Dan.
[16:05:43] Dan36 [d927425b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[16:05:43] <Caelum_> yeah
[16:05:57] <LapisScarab> Soxra may be fast, but it'll go faster with more of us.
[16:06:17] <Asorailahd> Alright
[16:06:23] <Asorailahd> I'm just going to blurt this out but
[16:06:24] <Caelum_> yup
[16:06:29] <Asorailahd> What can I do?
[16:06:34] <Asorailahd> To help out?
[16:06:37] <LapisScarab> The Wiki hasn't reall finished moving until that's done.
[16:06:42] <Caelum_>
[16:06:55] <LapisScarab> @Auror: go to the forum and help synch things.
[16:06:57] <Caelum_> you could resync the things in the list that soxra made at the bottom
[16:07:12] <Asorailahd> Resync?
[16:07:20] <Asorailahd> What is that exactly?
[16:07:21] <LapisScarab> Basically that means checking to make sure everything has been properly copied over from the original Wiki to here.
[16:07:48] <LapisScarab> No wacked out images or missing info.
[16:08:55] <LapisScarab> Most of that seems like it could be sorted out on the forums. Any other issues?
[16:09:10] <Caelum_> ok bottom line: we need to finish re-syncing. i dont believe there are
[16:09:43] <Caelum_> roxas, maggosh, forgotten, auror, shard, can you guys think of any other issues
[16:09:49] <Asorailahd> Well, for the Oueen of Hearts (Boss) article, the Chain of Memories boss video was removed.
[16:10:03] <Asorailahd> Other than that, the article's fine.
[16:10:05] <Caelum_> yeah its like that for all (or most) vids
[16:10:12] <LapisScarab> Assuming that didn't have to do with copyright or something, we should fix them.
[16:10:17] <RoxasXIIILK> @CLC Nope I got nothing for here.
[16:10:29] <Synchblade> I notice a lot of boss articles with missing videos.
[16:10:45] <LapisScarab> So that's something to bring up on the Resynch forum.
[16:10:56] <Forgotten> the video are simple to do, so that shouldnt take long
[16:11:04] <LapisScarab> We'll definitely need to organize another meeting like this for the Wikia Wiki later.
[16:11:11] <Caelum_> according to Porplemontage: Those "Video" namespace pages are from a Wikia feature that we don't have. They need to be converted to YouTube embeds.
[16:11:21] <RoxasXIIILK> Agreed Lapis
[16:11:43] <Caelum_> ok so is this meeting officially over?
[16:12:03] <Asorailahd> No
[16:12:10] <Asorailahd> It goes on for the rest of the day
[16:12:20] <Caelum_> ok what else needs to be decided?
[16:12:35] <LapisScarab> It goes on until we've covered everything, and I can't think of anything else pertaining to this Wiki.
[16:12:52] <Caelum_> can you think of anything auror?
[16:13:01] <LapisScarab> The Wikia Wiki, definitely, but everything about the current one seems to have been covered unless someone has some ideas.
[16:13:47] <Caelum_> ok when we're done, we strip the notice about this meeting and put on a new notice for a new meeting about KHWikia?
[16:14:29] <Asorailahd> Well, I've synched my first article
[16:14:45] <Caelum_> auror how'd you sync it?
[16:15:20] <Forgotten> what did you synched?
[16:15:33] <Asorailahd> You basically check the article, right?
[16:15:35] <Caelum_> easiest way is to: copy coding from KHWikia article, edit KHwiki article, paste, then click on See Changes
[16:15:43] <Asorailahd> Did I do something wrong?
[16:15:52] <Asorailahd> Oh
[16:15:57] LapisScarab_ [4464e778@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[16:16:03] <Caelum_> that way its faster and more accurate
[16:16:04] ErryK [~Erry@] has quit IRC: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[16:16:04] <LapisScarab_> Sorry, my computer flipped out.
[16:16:11] <Caelum_> oh dang
[16:16:16] <Caelum_> now you have a ghost
[16:16:20] <LapisScarab_> I'm back now.
[16:16:25] ErryK [~Erry@] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[16:16:45] <Asorailahd> ErryK, please, hold out a little more.
[16:16:50] Synchblade [43e955fb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[16:16:52] <Caelum_> ok i think this meeting should end now. you guys think the same?
[16:16:59] <ErryK> Hold out?
[16:17:15] LapisScarab [4464e778@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[16:17:28] <RoxasXIIILK> Yea Im bookin. I have work to do.
[16:17:32] <LapisScarab_> If no one has anything to add, it should prbably end. I need to go now, my parents are calling me.
[16:17:41] <Sove> Hi Roxas
[16:17:53] <Asorailahd> Alright
[16:18:05] Pteprocks [4c045a41@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[16:18:07] <RoxasXIIILK> sorry sove gats to go
[16:18:18] <Sove> ._.
[16:18:43] <RoxasXIIILK> leave me something on my page k. bye
[16:18:47] <maggosh> I've got nothing.
[16:18:51] <maggosh> Oh, and Roxas.
[16:18:53] <maggosh> Pfui.
[16:19:01] <RoxasXIIILK> huh??
[16:19:32] <Asorailahd> Trololololol
[16:19:37] <LapisScarab_> Right, so this meeting seems to be over for now. Thanks for the contributions guys, hope we covered everything.
[16:19:41] <Caelum_> ok
[16:19:47] <Caelum_> GROUP PICTURE!!
[16:20:05] RoxasXIIILK [ad30c4b8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[16:20:17] <Caelum_> pretty nice meeting
[16:20:26] <Caelum_> hope it was actually useful
[16:20:33] Caelum_ [46fd27d1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: hope it was useful
[16:20:51] <LapisScarab_> I'll talk to DTN about the other meeting on the KHWikia once he comes back. Bye.
[16:20:56] LapisScarab_ [4464e778@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
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[16:28:29] ErryK [~Erry@] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
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[16:40:47] T_I|Away [18a7f435@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[16:52:54] <Asorailahd> Be right back. Switching computers.
[16:53:53] Asorailahd [4c696ece@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[17:01:15] Chitalian [48e70bde@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[17:05:02] LegoAlchemist [47c1b8e2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[17:10:44] <LegoAlchemist> Has the meeting already occured?
[17:10:45] Randomnessity [d07bf059@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[17:19:19] <LegoAlchemist> Well,
[17:19:22] <LegoAlchemist> How did the meeting go?
[17:19:58] <LightMouse> time to mom come here in PC
[17:20:04] LightMouse [bd6b08d5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as LM|MOM
[17:20:14] DoorToLukahn [] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[17:20:28] <LegoAlchemist> Doorsey, hello.
[17:20:34] <LegoAlchemist> Did the meeting go okay?
[17:20:34] <DoorToLukahn> I'm baaaa--the meeting ended?
[17:20:42] <Randomnessity> Yes.
[17:20:43] <LegoAlchemist> I guess so -_-
[17:20:48] <DoorToLukahn> PLEASE tell me someone kept logs.
[17:20:50] <DoorToLukahn> PLEASE tell me someone kept logs.
[17:20:55] <DoorToLukahn> I was there for most of it.
[17:20:58] <DoorToLukahn> But someone should have been keeping logs.
[17:21:07] <LegoAlchemist> Crono probably has them
[17:21:12] <Randomnessity> He does.
[17:21:17] <Randomnessity> He said he would.
[17:21:19] <DoorToLukahn> Crono|Away : Do you have logs of the meeting?
[17:22:41] <Randomnessity> He's been away for a while, DTN.
[17:22:47] <Randomnessity> He said when he returned he would compile them.
[17:24:18] <Chitalian> Any major decisions made?
[17:35:17] Asorailahd [] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[17:36:36] LegoAlchemist [47c1b8e2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as Lego|Sims
[17:45:18] Asif [] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[17:55:58] KKD [184523da@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[17:56:01] <KKD> I totally missed the meeting, didn't I.
[17:56:14] <Asorailahd> Yup.
[17:56:22] <KKD> Greeaay.
[17:56:24] <KKD> great*
[17:58:11] <KKD> so what did I miss?
[17:58:15] DoorToLukahn [] has quit IRC: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.13/20101203075014]
[17:58:48] Soxra [] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
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[18:05:06] KRCCFNF [18a7f435@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[18:05:41] <KRCCFNF> Oh God, i was gone for a while.
[18:05:51] <KRCCFNF> Does anybody have the link to the logs?
[18:09:48] <KRCCFNF> Hello?
[18:10:22] Soxra pokes the channel
[18:10:25] <Soxra> i would require them as well!
[18:10:59] <KRCCFNF> Crono|Away Do you have the logs?
[18:12:57] KRCCFNF [18a7f435@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[18:16:19] <Randomnessity> Crono does.
[18:16:25] <Randomnessity> Be calm my compatriots.
[18:18:29] Chitalian [48e70bde@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[18:28:54] Randomnessity [d07bf059@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[18:58:42] Organization13 [562950e8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[18:59:21] <Organization13> Lego|Sims , sorry to bother, but I was out all day today, did I miss anything important?
[19:01:35] <Organization13> Anyone?
[19:02:48] <Asorailahd> Yeah
[19:02:50] <Asorailahd> You did
[19:02:53] <Asorailahd> The meeting
[19:03:12] DoorToLukahn [] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[19:03:55] <Asorailahd> Organization13
[19:03:57] <Asorailahd> You there?
[19:04:15] <Organization13> Ya
[19:04:18] <Asorailahd> If you want a log, please go to Crono|Away, when he returns.
[19:05:17] <Organization13> Gtg, bye.
[19:05:20] Organization13 [562950e8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[19:13:11] Asif [] has quit IRC: 
[19:21:49] LM|MOM [bd6b08d5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 245 seconds
[19:22:18] Neumannz [] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[19:27:15] <Neumannz> is the meeting over?
[19:27:40] <DoorToLukahn> Has been for a few hours.
[19:27:42] <DoorToLukahn> Crono has logs.
[19:27:45] <DoorToLukahn> Gotta go, bye!
[19:28:13] DoorToLukahn [] is now known as Lukahn|AWAY
[19:28:29] <Neumannz> where?
[19:36:59] Chitalian [48e70bde@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[19:37:05] <Chitalian> I missed teh meeting >.>
[19:37:16] <Neumannz> same
[19:37:43] <Chitalian> Anything of grave importance?
[19:38:06] Lukahn|AWAY [] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[19:38:17] <Neumannz> no idea
[19:38:33] <Neumannz> according to DTN, chrono has logs
[19:38:41] <Neumannz> but chrono appears to be away
[19:38:47] <Chitalian> Yup.
[19:38:53] <Chitalian> Should we try pinging him?
[19:39:12] <Neumannz> sure, give it a try
[19:39:23] <Asorailahd> I already did
[19:39:51] <Neumannz> then i guess we'll have to wait and see
[19:39:58] <Chitalian> ._.
[19:40:14] <Chitalian> I wonder if they talked about staffers for wikia.
[19:40:48] <Neumannz> dunno
[19:41:03] <Neumannz> i figured it would mostly be about the sync
[20:02:26] Chitalian [48e70bde@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[20:37:06] Demonic_Saint [~paradox@unaffiliated/demonic-saint/x-186367] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[20:37:34] maggosh [461f4cc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[20:37:46] maggosh [461f4cc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #KHWiki-noticeboard
[20:39:42] PhilosopherSDC [d07f13c8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[20:39:46] <PhilosopherSDC> Hi
[20:54:49] ErryK [~Erry@] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[21:03:05] Demonic_Saint [~paradox@unaffiliated/demonic-saint/x-186367] is now known as DS|Away
[21:04:29] FerreTrip [61588280@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[21:04:43] <FerreTrip> Hullo?
[21:05:14] <Neumannz> yo
[21:05:15] <ErryK> Hurllo.
[21:06:03] <FerreTrip> I was busy going back home from college--it's Spring Break for me now. (And we stopped by Madison on the way to see the protestors. It was interesting.) Did I totally miss the big discussion?
[21:06:44] <ErryK> Yes :|
[21:06:46] <Neumannz> ...yeah
[21:06:55] <FerreTrip> Damn.
[21:07:18] <FerreTrip> I'm one of the people working on re-syncing the Wiki--I'm cooperating with Dan. Did he mention me?
[21:07:40] <Neumannz> dunno, i wasn't there
[21:08:42] <FerreTrip> *waits to see if anyone else could answer*
[21:08:49] <FerreTrip> (Thanks, though =^^= )
[21:10:14] DS|Away [~paradox@unaffiliated/demonic-saint/x-186367] is now known as Demonic_Saint
[21:10:38] <ErryK> He was there, but I don't think he mentioned you.
[21:10:59] <ErryK> All the people really mentioned was Kryten, and he wasn't there.
[21:11:20] <ErryK> Because they were going to wait for him to come but he didn't so they started them meeting anyways.
[21:11:39] <Neumannz> ~_^ was DTN there, at least?
[21:11:50] <FerreTrip> Alright, then, if he didn't say anything, lemme:
[21:11:54] KrytenKoro [180d7d56@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[21:11:55] <KrytenKoro> I apologize
[21:12:00] <KrytenKoro> today was not good for me
[21:12:08] <FerreTrip> Hey, I'm late, too.
[21:12:09] <Neumannz> -_- wow, what timing
[21:12:37] <Demonic_Saint> Speaking of the Devil
[21:12:38] <Neumannz> ok, clearly it'll be faster to ask who WAS there for the meeting
[21:12:57] <KrytenKoro> did anyone show up?
[21:13:37] <Neumannz> yeah, at least DTN, chrono, and erryK
[21:13:39] <FerreTrip> Anyway: After I was recruited from the Wikia (it might well have been you, Kryten, I forget exactly), I saw they wanted people to help resync. The spots were taken, so I asked Dan if he needed help. We ended up splitting his part.
[21:13:55] <ErryK> DTN was there, yes.
[21:14:06] <ErryK> I have the logs incase you need them.
[21:14:15] <Neumannz> i would like them
[21:14:34] <KrytenKoro> I am really, really sorry I could not make it
[21:14:40] <KrytenKoro> did DTN at least get things in order?
[21:14:43] <FerreTrip> I took Block to Card Soldier. Currently, I've got 39 pages left to sync.
[21:14:56] <KrytenKoro> hrmm
[21:15:02] <KrytenKoro> no
[21:15:13] <ErryK> Okay I'll go get them.
[21:15:43] <FerreTrip> No to what? *nosey and clueless*
[21:16:17] <KrytenKoro> there are many, many more pages left to audit
[21:16:23] <FerreTrip> (Oh, and I'm done through Bunnymoon.)
[21:16:29] <KrytenKoro> oh, you side "I"
[21:16:30] <KrytenKoro> nevermind
[21:16:31] <FerreTrip> Well, I was talking about my part.
[21:16:33] <FerreTrip> Yeah ^^;
[21:17:26] <FerreTrip> I don't know whether Dan remembered to mention me, so if he did in the logs, I'm sorry for being redundant.
[21:17:36] <KrytenKoro> okay, it looks like this whole project may have gone to shit, but hopefully there are some people who can answer, at least
[21:17:47] <KrytenKoro> 1) what method are you using to sync the pages?
[21:19:13] <FerreTrip> 1) I've got two tabs open, one on each wiki. I click the link of the page needing to be synced on this one, then get to it in the wikia. If it's for a redirect check, I see if it redirects right and if so I leave it be. (cont)
[21:19:49] <ErryK> Here it is:
[21:20:26] <FerreTrip> If it's for a page check, I go to the edit page for both, then copy the wikia's version, replace the wiki's version with that, and click "Show Changes". If there aren't any changes, I leave it the way it was because it transferred fine. If it's got changes, I go and apply them (though mostly it's the same page but the wikia has no categories, so I put them back in >>; ).
[21:20:48] <FerreTrip> There. Wordy, but hey, that's me. ^^;
[21:21:33] <Neumannz> wow, that's almost verbatim your instructions, kryten

Meeting 3

Third Meeting - April 9th
[16:06:31] <KrytenKoro> heey guys
[16:06:55] <KrytenKoro> meeting still on?
[16:07:50] <KrytenKoro> What's the dizzle, my brizzles?
[16:08:12] <ErryK> DTN was here
[16:08:16] <ErryK> But he left a few minutes ago.
[16:08:32] <Dan36> There's a meeting?
[16:09:07] <KrytenKoro> according to the topic
[16:09:09] <ErryK> "Due to some difficutly in planning/being present on April 2nd, the meeting has been moved to April 9th."
[16:09:11] <KrytenKoro> I got here as soon as I could
[16:09:22] <ErryK> DTN moved it to today, but he left.
[16:09:25] <ErryK> :|
[16:09:49] <Dan36> What's the meeting to discuss this time?
[16:11:30] <KrytenKoro> Well
[16:11:42] <KrytenKoro> 1) We need to choose a featured article for this month, we're quite late
[16:11:53] <KrytenKoro> 2) we need volunteers to help finish Avatar Menu
[16:12:02] <KrytenKoro> 3) We need to discuss the Heartless Manufactory situation
[16:12:13] <KrytenKoro> 4) Progress report on the audit
[16:13:02] <Dan36> Okay.
[16:20:07] ENX [45b7e719@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[16:21:35] <KrytenKoro> soooo....
[16:21:37] <KrytenKoro> anyway
[16:21:49] <KrytenKoro> where the hell is everybody?
[16:21:52] Asorailahd [~Asorailah@wikia/Auror-Andrachome] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[16:22:01] <ENX> I, for one, am right here.
[16:22:13] <Asorailahd> ENX, long time no see.
[16:22:22] <KrytenKoro> be right back
[16:22:23] <ENX> Indeed, Asorailahd.
[16:22:25] KrytenKoro [0c350ae2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as KKoro|Away
[16:25:10] ErryK [~Erry@] is now known as ErryK|CCFF7
[16:28:41] Dan36 [d57a88ac@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[16:43:36] <KKoro|Away> back
[16:43:41] <KKoro|Away> |nick KrytenKoro
[16:46:04] <Asorailahd> "/nick KrytenKoro"
[17:02:48] PhilosopherSDC [d07f13c8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as SDC|OblivionMod
[17:27:00] ENX [45b7e719@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[17:31:53] Asorailahd [~Asorailah@wikia/Auror-Andrachome] is now known as Auror|Away
[17:32:37] DoorToNothing [] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[17:40:58] Auror|Away [~Asorailah@wikia/Auror-Andrachome] is now known as Asorailahd
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[17:43:05] BlackSoulBlade [] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[17:43:07] <BlackSoulBlade> Heyoo
[17:46:31] RandomRanaun_ [46365c88@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
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[17:47:18] RandomRanaun [46365c88@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[17:48:09] LiR [~chatzilla@] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[17:48:09] Alcatraz [nobody@uncyclopedia/GEORGIEGIBBONS] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[17:48:28] LiR [~chatzilla@] has left #KHWiki-noticeboard
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[17:48:39] RandomRanaun [46365c88@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #KHWiki-noticeboard
[17:55:32] <KKoro|Away> why did you guys all come and then leave?
[17:55:35] <KKoro|Away> and who the hell are you?
[17:55:42] <Asorailahd> Sorry Kryten. :/
[17:55:48] <Asorailahd> Just some fools from #wikia-sims.
[17:57:21] <KKoro|Away> ah
[17:57:23] <KKoro|Away> anyway
[17:57:25] <KKoro|Away> are we all here?
[17:57:28] <KKoro|Away> are we doing this?
[17:59:58] <Asorailahd> Uh, I don't think we're all here just yet.
[18:02:28] Xion4ever [4b75deba@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[18:08:24] <DoorToNothing> We're all here.
[18:08:32] <DoorToNothing> Xion can't be here forever, so let's get started.
[18:08:40] <Xion4ever> "Hail hail the gang's all here."
[18:14:52] KKoro|Away [0c350ae2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as KrytenKoro
[18:14:54] <KrytenKoro> me es stupido
[18:14:55] <KrytenKoro> anyway
[18:15:03] <KrytenKoro> [16:12] <KrytenKoro> 1) We need to choose a featured article for this month, we're quite late [16:12] <KrytenKoro> 2) we need volunteers to help finish Avatar Menu [16:12] <KrytenKoro> 3) We need to discuss the Heartless Manufactory situation [16:12] <KrytenKoro> 4) Progress report on the audit
[18:15:20] <KrytenKoro> At this point, it's clear that Avatar Menu will not be finished anytime soon
[18:15:27] <KrytenKoro> so, there's no way it's the featured article for April
[18:15:41] <KrytenKoro> I suggest an article that is small, but still good enough to be featured
[18:15:46] <DoorToNothing> Also the Featured Media for this month SUCKS.
[18:15:54] <DoorToNothing> Just felt that I needed to throw that in.
[18:15:58] <DoorToNothing> Anyway, featured article.
[18:16:19] <DoorToNothing> What's really model-worthy is the question.
[18:17:08] <Xion4ever> Last few months have been world, weapon, and gameplay element...Maybe a character?
[18:17:22] <DoorToNothing> Eh.
[18:17:45] <DoorToNothing> I'm still hesitant on choosing a character for the reasons stated at the top of the Featured Article page.
[18:18:08] <DoorToNothing> Hey, we haven't done a Heartless in a long time.
[18:18:19] <DoorToNothing> KrytenKoro, you're our enemy specialist, what's lookin' good right now?
[18:21:56] <DoorToNothing> ... I guess I 'll see what can be found.
[18:22:15] <Xion4ever> We've already had Guard Armor and Shadow.
[18:22:57] <DoorToNothing> Large Body is popular.
[18:23:10] <DoorToNothing> As well as the most annoying thing in perhaps existence for the first two worlds of Re:coded.
[18:23:10] <KrytenKoro> is complete, I think
[18:23:18] <DoorToNothing> A Nobody, cool.
[18:23:30] <DoorToNothing> We've only featured a Nobody enemy once.
[18:23:35] <DoorToNothing> And Dragoons are awesome, after all.
[18:23:38] <DoorToNothing> See also: Kain Highwind
[18:23:38] <KrytenKoro> I think it's actually the article being used as the enemy template for the Items project
[18:23:39] <KrytenKoro> so
[18:23:47] <DoorToNothing> Alright.
[18:23:51] <DoorToNothing> I'll start that up right now.
[18:24:07] <KrytenKoro> wait
[18:24:12] <KrytenKoro> something's wrong with the Enemy template
[18:24:19] <KrytenKoro> (dammit, I still need to fix that)
[18:25:53] <DoorToNothing> Oh, the stats in the coliseum are messed up in the resistances/weaknesses.
[18:25:55] <DoorToNothing> :/
[18:31:03] <Xion4ever> (Side bar:If I am forced to log off, I will try to get back on.)
[18:32:02] <DoorToNothing> KrytenKoro , what's missing here, just to give me an idea of what to look for in a case like this or to approve?
[18:33:04] <KrytenKoro> Nothing that I can see, although I dislike the trivia bit being in the lead
[18:33:26] <KrytenKoro> it seems rather useless to me, and possibly untrue if we consider the Replica Data, Absent Silhouettes, or Replica to be Nobodies
[18:42:06] <KrytenKoro> I fixed the error on Dragoon's tempalte
[18:42:08] <KrytenKoro> *template
[18:43:16] DoctorReeves [47c1b8e2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[18:43:47] <Xion4ever> Hey there, Lego.
[18:44:01] <DoctorReeves> Xion, greetings
[18:44:21] <DoctorReeves> You haven't been online in a while.
[18:44:24] <DoctorReeves> Good to see you :]
[18:44:33] <Xion4ever> Same to you. ^_^
[18:44:48] ErryK|CCFF7 [~Erry@] is now known as ErryK|CCFF7|Rec
[18:53:26] <Xion4ever> Parents coming in, gotta go. I'll try to come back on.
[18:53:43] Xion4ever [4b75deba@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: 
[18:54:52] <DoctorReeves> Dang :|
[18:58:38] <KrytenKoro> so, anyway
[18:58:40] <KrytenKoro> Dragoon is fixed
[18:59:00] <KrytenKoro> it's a complete article, as far as I can tell, unless Dragoons appear in cutscenes somewhere in KH2
[18:59:41] <KrytenKoro> The only other improvement I can think of is finding a non-watermarked image of its card:
[19:00:13] DoorToNothing [] is now known as Doorsey|JaneEyre
[19:00:18] <Doorsey|JaneEyre> Dammit, wrong nick.
[19:00:30] Doorsey|JaneEyre [] is now known as Doorsey|AWAY
[19:03:03] <KrytenKoro> soooo..what?
[19:03:07] <KrytenKoro> what's going on here?
[19:03:09] <KrytenKoro> peoples?
[19:03:12] ErryK|CCFF7|Rec [~Erry@] is now known as ErryK|CCFF7
[19:07:01] <KrytenKoro> hoookay
[19:07:03] <KrytenKoro> anyway
[19:07:08] <KrytenKoro> Avatar Menu:
[19:07:15] <KrytenKoro> Who the hell here has Re:coded?
[19:08:39] ErryK|CCFF7 [~Erry@] is now known as ErryK
[19:08:49] <ErryK> Mw.
[19:08:51] <ErryK> Me*
[19:11:08] <KrytenKoro> awesssome
[19:11:15] <KrytenKoro> how far are you in the Avatar Sector?
[19:11:34] <ErryK> It's been the same all this time. :|
[19:12:05] <KrytenKoro> ah
[19:12:10] <KrytenKoro> anyone else?
[19:12:51] maggosh [461f4cc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[19:14:16] <KrytenKoro> anyway
[19:14:28] <DoctorReeves> I have an idea.
[19:14:32] <DoctorReeves> For the card articles.
[19:14:33] <KrytenKoro> mkay
[19:14:38] <DoctorReeves> Get rid of them.
[19:14:43] <KrytenKoro> (oh yea, don't we tab them or something?)
[19:14:45] <KrytenKoro> what.
[19:14:46] <KrytenKoro> no.
[19:14:46] <DoctorReeves> but
[19:15:03] <DoctorReeves> We add the card info to their respectve article's infoboxes.
[19:15:05] <DoctorReeves> As a tab or something.
[19:15:07] <maggosh> Oh, so we're not executing Lego yet?
[19:15:20] <KrytenKoro> hrm...
[19:15:23] <DoctorReeves> So the Card info for "Sora" would be under the article "Sora", but on his infobox.
[19:15:25] <DoctorReeves> On another tab.
[19:15:39] <KrytenKoro> a lot of the infobox info is wrapped up in categorization, though
[19:15:46] <DoctorReeves> Hrm.
[19:16:00] <ErryK> Why don't we just make one page for the card articles?
[19:16:04] <KrytenKoro> *infobox code
[19:16:08] <DoctorReeves> And we couldn't exactly categorize character articles under the card sphere.
[19:16:26] <DoctorReeves> Does you know if anyone actually uses the card-space?
[19:16:35] <DoctorReeves> Like, for actual card purposes?
[19:16:44] <maggosh> Well, me once being an average user never used it.
[19:17:01] <maggosh> In fact, I didn't know there was a TCG until I joined the wiki.
[19:17:09] <maggosh> And even then, I had to do some looking.
[19:17:26] <KrytenKoro> as for merging them all into one page - that would totally disrupt how the card pages link to each other
[19:17:36] <DoctorReeves> Hrm.
[19:17:47] <maggosh> Hmm.
[19:17:49] <DoctorReeves> What about just putting all of the sets onto one page?
[19:17:49] <maggosh> Idea.
[19:17:58] <DoctorReeves> Like "Base Set - cardlist"
[19:18:04] <DoctorReeves> Or Base Set/Cardlist
[19:18:05] <maggosh> Oh, that's a good idea.
[19:18:18] <DoctorReeves> And then just have all the cards with the tabbed infoboxes on that page.
[19:18:27] <DoctorReeves> Rather than having a ton of Card articles that we never use.
[19:18:40] <KrytenKoro>
[19:18:47] <DoctorReeves> That'll make it easier to keep track of 'em all.
[19:18:56] <KrytenKoro> one of the uses of the categorization is to help you search for certain types of cards easily
[19:19:01] <maggosh> Yeah, consolidate it, lessens the clutter.
[19:19:04] <KrytenKoro> having them all on one page would totally make that useless
[19:19:11] <DoctorReeves> True.
[19:19:18] <KrytenKoro>
[19:19:25] <KrytenKoro> This is an example of linking to specific other cards
[19:19:42] <DoctorReeves> Hmm.
[19:19:58] <KrytenKoro> We could have pages that listed all the cards in each set, sure (probably one for the whole series, actually), but merging every card onto one page seems like it would be completely useless.
[19:19:59] <ErryK> What would make them being on one page so useless?
[19:20:08] <KrytenKoro> How would you search?
[19:20:34] <ErryK> Ctrl+F
[19:20:36] <ErryK> Duh.
[19:20:42] <KrytenKoro> It's the same reason we don't put all item types on one page, people wouldn't be able to search for specific types of items.
[19:20:44] <KrytenKoro>
[19:20:47] <DoctorReeves> not everyone is that savvy, Erry.
[19:20:54] <KrytenKoro> Okay, first off, tabs make that unworkable
[19:21:09] <DoctorReeves> Kryten: Game mechanics and a not very heard of card game are a little different cases.
[19:21:13] <ErryK> Or we could do what Lego said.
[19:21:19] <KrytenKoro> Second off...If you want a list of all Dark cards, how would you find it?
[19:21:35] <KrytenKoro> Right now, you just click on "Category:Dark Cards (TCG)", or whatever the category is named
[19:21:39] <DoctorReeves> Yeah, you're right, Kryten.
[19:21:41] <KrytenKoro> yours, you would have to dig through every tab
[19:21:59] <ErryK> Just put all the cards as a "/" of a main cards page.
[19:22:13] <KrytenKoro> That's not any different, practically, then what we have now
[19:22:14] <maggosh> Ooh, even better.
[19:22:15] <DoctorReeves> The card articles, to me, just seem like kind of a hassle.
[19:22:22] <ErryK> Instead of being separate articles
[19:22:27] <DoctorReeves> I was trying to come up with an alternative way of dealing with them.
[19:22:29] <KrytenKoro> In fact, the only difference is changing : to /
[19:22:38] <maggosh> We're planning to get rid of them on the old wiki.
[19:22:42] <KrytenKoro> it doesn't change anything about how many pages there are, or how they function
[19:23:28] <KrytenKoro> And if you bring them back into the mainspace, you'd make it harder to search for specific things, as non-related mainspace pages would show up too
[19:24:39] <KrytenKoro> okay, if you want to merge the cards with the character/enemy/world/item infoboxes, there's a few issues to deal with that I can see, but aesthetically, it would make sense:
[19:25:10] <KrytenKoro> 1) It would drastically increase the amount of categories on mainspace pages
[19:25:31] <KrytenKoro> 2) the tabs simply couldn't be template coded in. they'd have to be hand-applied for each page
[19:25:56] <KrytenKoro> 3) It would mean that all affected pages would need even more work to be considered "filled in and good"
[19:26:43] <DoctorReeves> Also, the card infobox settings would have to be imported in directly with the "Enemy" template.
[19:26:47] <DoctorReeves> Which could be hell.
[19:27:00] <KrytenKoro> 4) The linking from one card to another would be somewhat more difficult, because the reader would need to know to go past the first tab to the card tabs
[19:27:03] <KrytenKoro> no, that was (2)
[19:27:06] <DoctorReeves> Oh
[19:27:17] <KrytenKoro> there's simply no way to add them to the enemy template, or any of the other infobox templates
[19:27:28] <KrytenKoro> they would have to be hand-divved, like Keyblades are
[19:28:05] <KrytenKoro> 5) Many of the cards represent items that don't have any sort of infobox at present, like Magic spells - we'd have to figure out where to put the card infoboxes there
[19:28:16] <DoctorReeves> What about another alternative?
[19:28:22] <KrytenKoro> shoot
[19:28:38] <DoctorReeves> I am referring to my other suggestions stated above.
[19:28:51] <KrytenKoro> merging them all into one page?
[19:28:57] <DoctorReeves> Such as just sticking separate sets onto one page.
[19:29:00] <DoctorReeves> Yeah.
[19:29:14] <KrytenKoro> I don't see how that would do anything but cripple their present functionality
[19:29:21] <KrytenKoro> The tabs, for one, would be horrendous
[19:29:32] <DoctorReeves> That's the other point I'm trying to get at:
[19:29:39] <DoctorReeves> Does anyone actually USE their present functionality?
[19:30:14] <KrytenKoro> (I'm going to try real hard to stay level here)
[19:30:22] <DoctorReeves> mmm, I can drop it, if you like.
[19:30:25] <KrytenKoro> Not that I know of, no.
[19:30:29] <DoctorReeves> it isn't that big of a deal.
[19:31:01] <DoctorReeves> Perhaps a forum should be opened that brings this up.
[19:31:12] <DoctorReeves> We could get a little community feedback.
[19:31:16] <DoctorReeves> See what everyne thinks.
[19:31:18] <DoctorReeves> *everyone
[19:31:22] <KrytenKoro> about what?
[19:31:36] <DoctorReeves> Changing the layout of the Card namespace?
[19:31:45] <DoctorReeves> Forget about my idea of putting cards on mainspace pages.
[19:32:51] <KrytenKoro> Sure, start a forum, but I really don't see any way in which your previous suggestions would improve the wiki's coverage
[19:34:56] <DoctorReeves> Make things less cluttered; more organized; and hopefully a little more aesthetically pleasing.
[19:35:00] <DoctorReeves> Other than that, nothing, really.
[19:35:14] <DoctorReeves> Just forget I mentioned anything.
[19:38:22] <KrytenKoro> go ahead and start a forum if you want to
[19:38:30] <KrytenKoro> I'm just saying that I, personally, don't understand
[19:41:56] Doorsey|AWAY [] is now known as DoorToNothing
[19:42:31] <maggosh> Yes, we've long established that.
[19:42:40] <DoorToNothing> Whee, good.
[19:44:03] <maggosh> Geez, and people say /I'm/ not around here too often.
[19:45:00] <ErryK> I'm talking about social... :|
[19:45:18] <DoorToNothing> Don't start, seriously.
[19:45:57] <DoorToNothing> Anyway, I agree with Kryten, after reading the logs of the conversation. A lot of work has been put into the cardspace, and their navigation getting blown to pieces is a huge waste of previous work.
[19:46:13] <DoorToNothing> Plus, that merges two rather separate features of the series.
[19:46:17] <DoorToNothing> brb
[19:46:48] <maggosh> Not even five minutes...
[19:46:51] maggosh [461f4cc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as maggosh|Walk
[19:48:54] <KrytenKoro> o.k....
[19:48:55] <KrytenKoro> anyway
[19:49:04] <KrytenKoro> Fine, so there's going to be a forum or something on that
[19:49:15] <KrytenKoro> next topic: AVATAR MENU CHALLENGE CODES
[19:49:19] <KrytenKoro> seriously what the hell
[19:50:29] ErryK [~Erry@] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[19:52:31] <KrytenKoro> okay, fine, skip that for now
[19:52:46] <KrytenKoro> Heartless Manufactory
[19:55:38] <DoorToNothing> I will totally do that tonight.
[19:55:46] <DoorToNothing> I can get to my Wii, YES.
[19:55:53] <DoorToNothing> Okay, I am MAJOR confused on the HM.
[19:55:54] <DoorToNothing> I love the idea.
[19:55:56] <DoorToNothing> It's great.
[19:56:00] <DoorToNothing> But a few questions:
[19:56:12] <DoorToNothing> (1) Does the HM apply solely to personal attacks or all vandalism as well?
[19:56:31] <DoorToNothing> (2) Do the "attackers" set up a forum in the HM, or do we?
[19:56:44] <DoorToNothing> (2a) If the latter, are we to be contacted first?
[19:56:57] <DoorToNothing> (3) Why have we yet to use it? There's been a few cases already, methinks.
[19:58:18] <KrytenKoro> (1) personal attacks
[19:58:33] <KrytenKoro> (2) the attackers are supposed to, theoretically
[19:58:47] <KrytenKoro> (3) Roxas is trying to, but Oavatos apparently doesn't care
[19:58:52] <KrytenKoro> , and that's part of the question
[19:59:34] <KrytenKoro> what do we do if not both people want to do?
[20:00:12] <DoorToNothing> ahh.
[20:00:15] <DoorToNothing> That's a problem indeed.
[20:01:45] <DoorToNothing> Hm.
[20:02:03] ErryK [~Erry@] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[20:02:08] <DoorToNothing> Let me ask this before I say my opinion so that I can clarify something,
[20:02:17] <DoorToNothing> The purpose of the Heartless Manufactory is to _______________________________________.
[20:04:11] <DoorToNothing> KrytenKoro
[20:04:40] BlackSoulBlade [] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[20:06:48] <KrytenKoro> get users with issues with each other to work together so that they understand the other users are indeed useful
[20:10:17] <Asorailahd> Yes, but
[20:10:29] <Asorailahd> I really don't it's needed for me and Roxas to work together
[20:10:43] <Asorailahd> We've already apologized to one another
[20:11:13] <KrytenKoro> also, workhorsing
[20:11:19] <KrytenKoro> lovely, lovely workhorsing
[20:11:56] <Asorailahd> I'm guessing that workhorsing has to do something with mainspace editing, and whatnot.
[20:13:52] <KrytenKoro> yes
[20:14:04] <KrytenKoro>
[20:14:27] <KrytenKoro> specifically: "Feeding, caring for and shoeing a 2,000 lb (910 kg) purebred draft is costly. The draft horse’s metabolism is often similar to that of ponies in that Draft horses have lower needs per bodyweight than light horse breeds, but because of their size, most are fed a significant amount of feed and hay per day. A grain feeding of only .3% of body weight is all drafts need.[2] Drafts not subjected to extreme en
[20:15:01] <KrytenKoro> anyway
[20:15:40] <KrytenKoro> there was some discussion yesterday about upping the penalty of personal attacks, possibly to a temp block for each offense
[20:16:06] <KrytenKoro> they were very adamant about a "HM or block" type of stance
[20:16:28] <KrytenKoro> now, in my mind, that is something that absolutely needs community discussion, either here or in a forum
[20:16:55] Tabbeh [~ASTOS@] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[20:17:08] <KrytenKoro> I'm not really a people guy, so I'll profess ignorance of the effects in action, but it seems to me that this could drive away editors
[20:17:34] <KrytenKoro> though, right now we have the opposite extreme, of people with PA warnings not really caring because there's no immediate threat of a block
[20:17:59] <KrytenKoro> so, editors who deal with other editors a lot: what do you think?
[20:19:15] <Asorailahd> Eh..
[20:28:26] <DoorToNothing> So sorry.
[20:28:29] <DoorToNothing> I have to leave.
[20:28:33] <DoorToNothing> Really really sorry.
[20:28:35] DoorToNothing [] is now known as Doorsey|AWAY
[20:34:08] Xion4ever [4b75deba@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[20:35:29] <KrytenKoro> anyone?
[20:36:36] <Xion4ever> What matter are we on now, Kryten?
[20:39:02] <DoctorReeves> Welcome back
[20:39:06] <KrytenKoro> [20:16] <KrytenKoro> there was some discussion yesterday about upping the penalty of personal attacks, possibly to a temp block for each offense [20:16] <KrytenKoro> they were very adamant about a "HM or block" type of stance [20:16] <KrytenKoro> now, in my mind, that is something that absolutely needs community discussion, either here or in a forum [20:17] == Tabbeh [~ASTOS@] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[20:39:12] <KrytenKoro> effects in action, but it seems to me that this could drive away editors [20:18] <KrytenKoro> though, right now we have the opposite extreme, of people with PA warnings not really caring because there's no immediate threat of a block [20:18] <KrytenKoro> so, editors who deal with other editors a lot: what do you think?
[20:41:32] <Xion4ever> To be frank, last night was choas...I don't believe everyone was thinking with clear heads.
[20:41:55] <Xion4ever> If an attack gets too vicious or uncalled for then yes, by all means, ban the jerk.
[20:42:38] <Xion4ever> But if it's a argument that appears from no where, surely there must be a better way.
[20:44:04] <Xion4ever> If we ban/block people for every slanderous thing they say, be it on here or the Wiki, then we're just being jerks.
[20:44:30] <DoctorReeves> I agree with Xion.
[20:46:05] DoctorReeves [47c1b8e2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as Reeves|Away
[20:46:16] Reeves|Away [47c1b8e2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as Reeves|AFK
[20:46:26] <Xion4ever> Don't think I'm playing devil's advocate, I just don't see a reason in being strict disciplinarian for minor disputes.
[20:46:28] maggosh|Walk [461f4cc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as maggosh
[20:47:16] <Reeves|AFK> I think that it should be up to the people in question to work it out.
[20:47:44] <Reeves|AFK> As long as it isn't like an edit war or something else that directly harms the wiki, the admins shouldn't get involved.
[20:47:48] <Reeves|AFK> Unless it's REALLY bad.
[20:48:25] <Xion4ever> On that note: if there's a dispute and it looks like no one is calming down/stepping in, then staff should get involved.
[20:48:26] <Reeves|AFK> I've gotten into some qualms with RoxasXIIILK before, and we were able to work it out.
[20:48:35] <Reeves|AFK> Yes.
[20:48:46] <KrytenKoro> mkay
[20:48:57] <Xion4ever> But then again, staff can get involved without using their position: being a user. Remember: staff members are users too.
[20:49:12] <KrytenKoro> rogjt
[20:49:14] <KrytenKoro> right
[20:49:22] <KrytenKoro> okay, next thing: audit progress
[20:52:05] <KrytenKoro> what is it?
[20:52:38] <Xion4ever> Audit? You mean with the old Wiki?
[20:53:51] <KrytenKoro> yonder new one, but yes
[20:54:13] <Xion4ever> No idea what our status is on that...maggosh?
[20:59:23] <Crono|Away> Whoa
[20:59:30] <Crono|Away> I missed the Roundtable?
[20:59:35] <Crono|Away> Well, I've logged it, so.. yeah.
[20:59:41] <maggosh> You were here?
[20:59:42] <Xion4ever> It's still going on.
[20:59:43] <Crono|Away> Still on? Or should I log it?
[20:59:46] <Crono|Away> Oh, okay.
[20:59:58] <maggosh> What status again?
[21:00:27] <Xion4ever> [20:49] <KrytenKoro> okay, next thing: audit progress [20:52] <Xion4ever> Audit? You mean with the old Wiki? [20:54] <KrytenKoro> yonder new one, but yes
[21:00:55] <maggosh> Oh.
[21:01:40] <maggosh> Well, the discussion is still going on.
[21:01:45] <Crono|Away> We're still doing this?
[21:01:51] <Crono|Away> I thought we had all the audits done.
[21:02:06] Crono|Away [] is now known as SilverCrono
[21:03:00] <Xion4ever> Crap, gotta go.
[21:03:23] <Xion4ever> If anyone needs me, just Facebook/e-mail me.
[21:03:26] Xion4ever [4b75deba@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: 
[21:04:04] <SilverCrono> ;-;
[21:05:12] <KrytenKoro> okay, so, what still needs to be done with the audit?
[21:05:18] <KrytenKoro> is anybody handling that right now?
[21:10:49] Tabbeh [~ASTOS@] has left #KHWiki-noticeboard
[21:24:16] <KrytenKoro> nobody?
[21:25:26] <maggosh> Well, I can tell you not me.
[21:28:16] KRCCFNF [18a7f435@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[21:28:16] <SilverCrono> I'm not.
[21:28:21] <SilverCrono> Hey T_I
[21:28:34] <KRCCFNF> Hey Silva
[21:28:46] <KrytenKoro> so, yeah
[21:28:52] <KrytenKoro> one of us should get on that
[21:29:40] Asif [4576ec6e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[21:32:30] Mikazuki_Neko [] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[21:33:38] <SilverCrono> Uh.. maybe a new forum, KKoro?
[21:33:41] <SilverCrono> Or bump the old one?
[21:33:57] <SilverCrono> And specify what needs to be done, because I'll be willing to do it if I know what is left
[21:34:16] <KRCCFNF> What must be done, if I may ask?
[21:35:11] <maggosh> Theaudit.
[21:35:15] <SilverCrono> -_-
[21:35:16] <maggosh> *The audit.
[21:35:58] <Asif> Well, we're almost done with mainspace, right?
[21:36:25] <Asif> Now we just need to finish images, cards...
[21:36:56] <SilverCrono> Cards don't need audit
[21:37:00] <SilverCrono> Nobody edits them (sadly)
[21:37:11] <SilverCrono> And I'm 100% sure they haven't been touched since the split
[21:37:24] <Asif> Gotcha.
[21:38:15] <Asif> And I'm pretty sure we don't need to audit the userspace either.
[21:38:37] <Asif> Not that it's not been touched, but it gets changed a lot.
[21:39:20] <KRCCFNF> That would be up to individual users.
[21:39:21] <maggosh> Yeah, it's under the user's jurisdiction.
[21:39:32] <maggosh> If they want to change their pages, it's up to them.
[21:39:50] <KRCCFNF> Wait... was there a roundtable yesterday?
[21:40:34] <SilverCrono> its today.
[21:40:36] <SilverCrono> still goin' on.
[21:40:47] <Asif> Sorry I missed so much of it.
[21:40:49] <KRCCFNF> Oh...
[21:40:58] <KRCCFNF> I was at a concert...
[21:41:05] <KRCCFNF> Well, I'm here now.
[21:41:52] <KRCCFNF> I noticed ENX messaged Ninja saying that the staff wished to discuss what may be allowed on userpages.  Did you guys decide anything?
[21:43:09] <SilverCrono> I was away for 98% of it.
[21:43:15] <SilverCrono> But KVIrc logs, so I have logs for it.
[21:43:21] <SilverCrono> Once KKoro says its done, I'll post 'em.
[21:43:34] <SilverCrono> KrytenKoro should have info on what happened
[21:43:35] <Asif> Please do.
[21:46:46] <KrytenKoro> the audit is not just with stuff touched since the split
[21:46:53] <KrytenKoro> I already handled everything touched since the split
[21:47:18] <KrytenKoro> however, the data-dump that wikia gave us was buggy, with some deletions from months ago being brought back, and some moves and stuff not going through
[21:47:34] <KrytenKoro> the point of the audit is to catch the insidious stuff like that
[21:48:48] KRCCFNF [18a7f435@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as T_I|Darkspore
[21:51:19] T_I|Darkspore_ [18a7f435@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[21:51:36] <T_I|Darkspore_> Can some one kick my ghost?
[21:51:39] <T_I|Darkspore_> *someone
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[21:51:59] <maggosh> There you go.
[21:52:03] <T_I|Darkspore_> Thanks!
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[21:57:48] <T_I|DarkSpore> I hope to read the logs soon.
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[21:58:39] <Asif> Same here.
[21:58:45] Asif [4576ec6e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[22:16:10] <ErryK>  O_O Darkspore is out?
[22:19:09] <KrytenKoro> okay, so
[22:19:17] <KrytenKoro> what's going on, then?
[22:19:19] <KrytenKoro> about the audit
[22:19:26] <KrytenKoro> we really need someone to take a look at that
[22:23:03] <KrytenKoro> seriously guys
[22:27:14] <KrytenKoro> gotdammit somebody reply this is pissing me off
[22:34:28] <KrytenKoro> Asorailahd Doorsey|AWAY ErryK maggosh Mikazuki)Neko Reeves|AFK SDC|OblivionMod SilverCrono Sove PAY ATTENTION WE ARE HAVING A MEETING YOU FUCKERS
[22:34:39] <Sove> You're having a meeting at a very unpleasant time
[22:34:59] <Sove> I'm very tired
[22:34:59] <Sove> It's 5:35AM
[22:35:00] <Sove> -_-
[22:35:00] <ErryK> 5:35am, not a good time.
[22:35:01] <KrytenKoro> we've been trying to have it since noon, and nobody's been payign any gotdamn attention
[22:35:10] <Mikazuki_Neko> Theres a meeting?
[22:35:18] <KrytenKoro> we would have been done a long time ago if any of you would freaking respond to the discussion
[22:35:32] <Sove> Kryten, my attention gets distracted by a single noise
[22:35:38] <maggosh> God damn...
[22:35:46] <KrytenKoro> we've been stalled on the audit question for three hours now
[22:36:08] <SilverCrono> I'm back
[22:36:11] <SilverCrono> Geez, Kryten
[22:36:12] <maggosh> I already tossed my two bits; I'm not doing it.
[22:36:13] <SilverCrono> Calm yo' shit
[22:36:17] <SilverCrono> I was eating
[22:36:32] <SilverCrono> And I have no idea wtf is going on with the audit.
[22:36:43] <SilverCrono> I audit'd about 130 images a while back and haven't touched it since.
[22:36:46] <ErryK> Neither do I.
[22:36:54] <KrytenKoro> well then we need to assign someone to actually take a look at it and see what needs doing
[22:37:06] <KrytenKoro> I am in the middle of looking for a job, I don't have time to
[22:37:09] <maggosh> So am I.
[22:40:11] <KrytenKoro> fine
[22:40:26] <KrytenKoro> DTN, you get to do it
[22:41:16] <KrytenKoro> Last order of business: Avatar Menu
[22:41:32] <KrytenKoro> who here has Re:coded, besides Erry and me
[22:41:43] <SilverCrono> I lent it to a friend
[22:41:48] <SilverCrono> So yeah, can't help you there
[22:42:00] <maggosh> I never got it.
[22:50:09] <Sove> Meeting or not, I'm going to bed now
[22:50:13] <Sove> Sooo tired
[22:50:51] Sove [] has quit IRC: Quit: Sleep
[23:01:46] SilverCrono [~ENUO@unaffiliated/silvercrono] is now known as Crono|Bath
[23:02:40] <KrytenKoro> fine
[23:02:42] <KrytenKoro> g'night, everyone
[23:02:50] <Asorailahd> G'night.
[23:03:12] <maggosh> Night.
[23:15:22] <KrytenKoro> oh, wait
[23:15:29] <KrytenKoro> we need to make monaco the default skin for the wiki
[23:15:46] <KrytenKoro> also, maggosh, you need to make sure that when the wiki changes its name, it does it at the base level
[23:16:05] <KrytenKoro> you'll have to talk to wikia - your project pages should end up renamed with teh "The Keyhole:" prefix
[23:16:08] <maggosh> Define "base level".
[23:16:25] <KrytenKoro> like, Halopedia changed its name to "Halo Nation" on all their accessible files
[23:16:41] <KrytenKoro> but the site is still named "Halopedia, powered by wikia", because that's how wikia has it on their servers
[23:17:04] <KrytenKoro> I'd say something like "The Keyhole, a Kingdom Hearts Wiki"
[23:17:09] <KrytenKoro> or possibly just "The Keyhole"
[23:17:16] <maggosh> How would I go about this?
[23:21:11] <KrytenKoro> talk to sannse or other wikia staff, I think
[23:21:26] <KrytenKoro> I'm going to go grab dinner, I'll be back in a bit
[23:21:26] ErryK [~Erry@] has quit IRC: Quit: My tubes got tied.
[23:21:33] KrytenKoro [0c350ae2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as KKoro|Away
[23:25:39] Crono|Bath [~ENUO@unaffiliated/silvercrono] is now known as SilverCrono
[23:47:04] SilverCrono [~ENUO@unaffiliated/silvercrono] is now known as Crono|Writing
[23:49:19] Demonic_Saint [~paradox@unaffiliated/demonic-saint/x-186367] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[00:07:13] Doorsey|AWAY is back.
[00:07:14] <Doorsey|AWAY> OKAY.
[00:07:16] Doorsey|AWAY [] is now known as DoorToNothing
[00:30:09] <KKoro|Away> anyway
[00:30:18] <KKoro|Away> DTN, you gotta work on the Challenge Codes, too
[00:30:26] <KKoro|Away> I should have some time to finish the shoes tomorrow
[00:30:41] <KKoro|Away> but then it's all up to you, ENX, and Shard for the Scratch Cards
[00:30:49] <DoorToNothing> Yessir!
[00:30:55] <DoorToNothing> What of the Scratch Cards?
[00:36:08] <KKoro|Away> Shard is handling it, last I checked
[00:36:26] <KKoro|Away> oh, and also, we all decided you are responsible for assessing how close we are to done with the audit, and making sure it gets completed
[00:36:46] <DoorToNothing> So, I just go through the Avatar Sector and document what I get after each floor completed?
[00:39:10] <KKoro|Away> No
[00:39:21] <KKoro|Away> Nononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononono
[00:39:27] <KKoro|Away> Okay
[00:39:33] <KKoro|Away> when you go into Tag Mode, right?
[00:39:44] <KKoro|Away> It lists a number of Challenges which you can choose to broadcast,
[00:39:48] <KKoro|Away> These are Challenge Codes
[00:39:51] <KKoro|Away> you have 3 right now
[00:40:04] <KKoro|Away> you need to check which ones you get after beating floors
[00:46:04] <DoorToNothing> Okay.
[00:46:17] <DoorToNothing> So they won't change, I just get new additions to what I already have?
[00:46:38] Demonic_Saint [~paradox@unaffiliated/demonic-saint/x-186367] has quit IRC: Quit: I must go back to the Limbo! But I shall return to supervise you mortals!
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[00:54:49] Asorailahd [~Asorailah@wikia/Auror-Andrachome] is now known as Auror|Away
[00:58:35] <KKoro|Away> oh, sorry
[00:58:35] <KKoro|Away> yes
[00:58:39] <KKoro|Away> you get more and more
[00:58:40] <KKoro|Away> up to 32
[01:21:53] <KKoro|Away> hokay
[01:26:25] <DoorToNothing> Alright, Wii is system updating.
[01:26:28] <DoorToNothing> Then it's all good.
[01:27:00] <maggosh> Did you get yours at a PetsMart?
[01:29:10] <DoorToNothing> Nope.
[01:29:28] <maggosh> I know someone who did.
[01:31:30] Mikazuki_Neko [475c601a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
[01:36:17] <KKoro|Away> ah
[01:36:23] <KKoro|Away> well, I want to sleep, badly
[01:36:32] <KKoro|Away> I'll work on the Shoes tomorrow
[01:36:44] <DoorToNothing> Cool.
[01:36:48] <KKoro|Away> and can someone who was here the whole time post the logs for tonight on the roundtable page?
[01:37:09] <KKoro|Away> preferably with a summary of all the points we hit
[01:37:09] <KKoro|Away> remember - monaco needs to be made default skin
[01:38:02] <maggosh> What's the status on that?
[01:39:02] <Crono|Writing> I was here
[01:39:06] <Crono|Writing> I'll post the logs in a minute