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Hello there everyone! I guess I should probably introduce myself since I've been on here for a bit now. My name is Becca, but you all may call me Shixoh on here if you would like. I have been playing the games since they first came out and the first game I had was a Japanese version. I have lived all over the world and finished my graduate studies in Finland. I am familiar with most of the Nordic languages and the ones listed down there in the userboxes. I travel quite a bit for my job since I work as a legal translator. If you have any other questions for me just drop me a note.

About Me
Real Name Becca
Location United States at the moment
Favorite Protagonists Riku and Lea
Favorite Antagonists Saïx and Demyx
Favorite Keyblade One-Winged Angel
Favorite Disney Movie Brave
Favorite Game Kingdom Hearts II

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