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Saxisai Chat it up! — Do you remember

Unversed logo (removed) KHBBS.png "when the world was a simpler place?"Saxisai 03:59, February 3, 2010 (UTC)

This page displays all of the images and other works I have made for the wiki and for the people who inhabit it.

Talk Bubble Images

I Made all of these talk bubble images, but i only edited the second Sephiroth mugshot.

Perrytheplatypus.png Agent_P_mugshot.png ChibiRoxas.png CloudTalk.png Leon_KHII_Mugshot.png master_eraqus_days.png Saxisaimugshot-CoM.png Saxisai_Mugshot.png VincentTalk.png

ZackTalkAngry.png ZackTalkHidden.png DaysSephy.png Seph_Sprite.png vanisora_days-happy.png vanisora_days-masked.png VaniSora_BBS.png vanisora_days.png vanisora_days_surprised.png vanisora_days_thinking.png vaniroxas_days.png SonicMugshot.png ShadowMugshot.png SonictheWerehogmugshot.png WereSonicMug.png SuperSonicMugshot.png SuperShadowMugshot.png MetalSonicMugshot.png namine-days2.png sora-bubble.png roxas-days3.png auron_days.png CrisisZack2.png CrisisZack.png RikuBBSMug.png

Mobile Avatars


Other Images

Most of these are my signatures and avatars...

Show Signatures

signature.png myRikuSignature.png VATsignature2-edit2.png TimelessRiver-OldSchool.png

Show Avatars

SaxisaisigwithME.png avatar.png MasterEraqus.png

Show Other

VaniSora.png Saxisai-Archives.png